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The United Black America Story

In 2009, United Black America was established by Asad Malik as an underground group to discuss the issues important to Black men and women.

Black men and women are the only group that open their communities to other races. As a result, other races take advantage of Black communities, enrich themselves, and do nothing to benefit Black men and women. From the gay rights movement, and the feminist movement to Civil Rights of the 1960s, Blacks have integrated with other groups and have been destroyed as a result.

When United Black America was launched, it was not meant to be a mass movement, nor was it meant to be a place “open to all” – United Black America focused solely on overcoming the challenges faced by Blacks and Blacks only. The teachings that were shared in small groups of friends were based on factual research and philosophies passed down from great Black leaders and thinkers.

The original United Black America logo

The original United Black America logo

Our motto, as a group, was ‘We dont have to be uniformed in our opinion to be unified in our intention!‘ The group began to grow through word of mouth until it became necessary to build a curriculum for teaching Black consciousness and coordinating activity in an organized way.

In 2013, control of the organization was handed over to an ineffective leader, and the organization was destroyed in a matter of days. Religious infighting swept through the ranks, and education was put aside in favor of dueling egos. Asad Malik was restored to office in 2014, and joined forces with the Pan-African Alliance to rebuild and strengthen United Black America.

Today, United Black America focuses on addressing the 5 major illnesses that the African Diaspora suffers from with the following approaches:

Problem Our Approach
Cross Conscious Cooperation and Pan-Africanism has deteriorated since the Civil Rights and Black Power Era. We create coalitions (temporary or long term agreements with other groups to participate in joint actions) and enable communications and collaboration amongst individuals and organizations within the Conscious Community.
Blacks worldwide suffer the highest casualties from preventable physical illnesses such as AIDS, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer. We produce events (such as health and wellness fairs and lectures), instructional material, goods, and services that have immediate local impact on the physical health of our people. We deploy therapists and physicians whose holistic and Afrocentric approach support the ideals of the Conscious community.
Euro-centric academia has failed to acknowledge and teach Blacks the true nature of our culture and civilization, and continues a centuries-old campaign of mis-education. We fund research projects and expeditions designed to reveal the lost history of the Original Man. We promote efforts in the direction of re-educating Blacks worldwide (including, but not limited to, establishing schools and producing lecture series and academic products). We work to formalize the means by which Consciousness and true knowledge are taught. Finally, we actively disrupt campaigns of mis-information within Black communities.
The political and justice systems of the world wrongly imprison (as in the cases of Robert King, Albert Woodfox, and Mumia Abu-Jamal) and kill young, innocent, unarmed Black men (Oscar Grant, Sean Bell, Michael Brown). We aggressively lobby for prison reform and we create oversight and accountability committees for the purposes of regulating local police activity. Using lobbyists, political participation drives, and voter blocs (voter groups motivated by a specific concern or group of concerns that determine how we vote in elections), we monitor, report, and subpoena instances of abuse and racially motivated violence against our people.
Without our ability to control the economy of our community  in response to our own needs, none of the above is possible. Additionally, Blacks and Hispanics are three times as likely to be poor as whites; earn 62 cents for every dollar whites earn; and median net worth of whites in 2007 was $170,400, compared with $27,800 for blacks and Hispanics Via our Powernomics Initiative, we create, fund, and participate in projects that turn Black consumers into providers and producers, that turn Black employees into Black employers, and  efforts that promote commerce amongst Black businesses. We teach, produce events, and provide goods and services that support individual sustainability, financial freedom, and financial literacy locally.


United Black America believes that the path to power for Africans at home and abroad is in the spread of Consciousness, and the complete and total unification of the efforts of the people – economically, academically, socially, politically, and physically.

Join us in the fight by adding your name and email in the form below. You will receive books that teach you the truth about miseducation, group economics, and the secret organizations that run the world behind the scenes – all for free.

What is The Pan-African Alliance?


While United Black America serves Black men and women on the American continent, The Pan-African Alliance brings organizations from all over the world together to create a Black United Front. Different organizations possess different strengths, and the Pan-African Alliance combines those strengths into a force for the establishment of a United States of Africa.

If you have questions about how you or your organization can participate, please leave us a message using the contact form below.

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