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South Africa Land Wars, China Conquers Djibouti, and Algeria Breaks Heat Records

South Africa Land Wars, China Conquers Djibouti, and Algeria Breaks Heat Records

South Africa Land Wars, China Conquers Djibouti, and Algeria Breaks Heat Records

Black news from across the African Diaspora this week. Here are 5 interesting headlines for July 6th, 2018.

Algeria Sets All Time Record For Hottest Temperature In African History

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Its 124.3-degree temperature surpassed Africa’s previous highest reliable temperature measurement of 123.3 degrees (50.7 Celsius) set July 13, 1961, in Morocco.

This probable all-time heat record is one of many set over the past 10 days because of numerous intense heat domes scattered around the Northern Hemisphere.

While no single heat record, in isolation, can be attributed to global warming, collectively, this large group is consistent with the kind of extreme heat we expect to see increase in a warming world.

Higher temperatures previously measured in Africa have either been invalidated or climate experts find them dubious. This one is legit.


Our Thoughts: Climate change is real and this is just the beginning. If we keep disrespecting Big Momma Earth in the name of profit, I dont think we want to see the consequences.

What Do The 10 Richest South Africans Have In Common? They Are ALL White

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Entrepreneur Magazine recently published its latest ranking of the richest people in South Africa, which includes the widely-known dollar billionaires mentioned above, along with many others who have amassed fortunes locally and abroad.

Finding South Africa’s richest people is a tricky affair…since their fortunes are not in publicly held companies, it makes it difficult to track.


Our Thoughts:South Africa has been in the news for the growing Land Rights conflict that is brewing. Whites in the nation are making the argument that they have a right to the land and wealth that they stole.

Political apartheid may have ended, but economic apartheid is alive and well.

China’s Debt Trap Diplomacy Comes To Djbouti

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Djibouti on Thursday launched the first phase of Africa’s biggest free-trade zone, seeking to capitalise on its strategic position on one of the world’s busiest trade routes.

A row of Djiboutian and Chinese flags fluttered side by side above the freshly painted bright yellow walls surrounding the expansive project — a symbol of the tiny country’s close ties to the Asian giant whose loans have funded its lightning-fast infrastructure growth.

Djibouti — which is also the site of China’s only overseas military base — is a critical part of China’s “Belt and Road” global infrastructure initiative and in a prime position along what has been dubbed the “Maritime Silk Road”.

The free trade zone is being run by Djibouti, the majority shareholder, along with three Chinese companies: the China Merchants Group, Dalian Port Authority and Chinese big data company IZP.


Our Thoughts: This is not a win. China is practicing ‘debt trap diplomacy‘. This is what neocolonialism looks like.

South African Land Reform: Everything You Need To Know In One Tweet

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Our Thoughts: Millions of people all over the world have been displaced from their homes and property. Dispossessed individuals and communities often lose more than the physical structures they live in and their material belongings, they are also denied their dignity. These are dignity takings, and land dispossessions occurring in South Africa during colonialism and apartheid are quintessential examples. There have been numerous examples of dignity takings throughout the world, but South Africa stands apart.

Congolese Woman Climbs The Statue Of Liberty To Defy America’s Hypocrisy

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Her name is Therese Okoumou

Therese Okoumou, an immigrant from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, sat on the base of the statue for three hours on July 4 to protest America’s zero tolerance immigration policy.

Our Thoughts: If half of us had half the courage of #TheresePatriciaOkoumou we would be free overnight.

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