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Black News Weekly Roundup

Black News Weekly Roundup

Black News Weekly Roundup

Black news from across the African Diaspora this week. Here are 5 interesting headlines for June 29th, 2018.

China Is Increasing Its Military Presence In Africa

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Beijing established its first military base in Africa last year and it is now expected that more will follow as joint exercises increase across the continent, especially in countries where the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative has made significant investments. At the first China-Africa Defense and Security Forum this week, China promised “comprehensive support” on piracy and counterterrorism through the provision of technology, equipment, personnel, and training.

This increase also coincides with China’s overtaking of the U.S. in terms of arms sales to the continent, a change that has been credited to China’s willingness to sell arms with less oversight or fewer conditions. Ultimately, China’s improved military position on the continent will safeguard its massive economic interests.


Our Thoughts: This is all bad. We are witnessing the same slap-stupid mistakes being made in real time that led Africa to the current state of underdevelopment that it is in today. China is not a force for good in Africa. Read more about why here: How China Is Colonizing Africa Using Trade, Aid, and Debt-Trap Diplomacy

South Africa Gets Its First Bitcoin ATM

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According to a report, there is an estimated “200 000 to 300 000 people in South Africa involved in cryptocurrencies” as of the end of 2017.

The new bitcoin cash machine for South Africa will allow trade and purchases of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, which is the most popular virtual currency. CCN reported this week that about 47% of South Africans plan to invest in cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency mining.

According to those spearheading it, the ATM will “take away much of the frustration of buying and selling cryptocurrency, and hopefully help make cryptocurrencies” breakthrough onto the mainstream as trade, investment and payment options.

A website www.coinatmradar.com which tracks crypto ATMs across the world mentions Djibouti and Zimbabwe as the other African countries that have bitcoin cash machines. The website says there are about 3042 bitcoin ATMs in about 68 countries across the world, highlighting that these are run by about 424 operators.


Our Thoughts: I keep telling you this bitcoin thing aint going nowhere. There was a huge run-up and sell off, but now that the market is stabilizing crypto is going to be the wave of the future. You can invest in bitcoin with as little as $5. Click here and I can even throw a few extra bitcoin your way!

DJ Switch, 10-Year-Old Winner Of Ghana DJ Awards, Is A Viral Sensation

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Erica Tandoh is DJ Switch, an award-winning musician from Ghana who has become a household name around the world.

Just 10 years old, DJ Switch already made history by becoming the youngest-ever winner of the annual DJ Awards for 2018 in her home country of Ghana.

The Ghanaian musician also won TV3’s Talented Kids contest in 2017.

Soft-spoken and self-assured, DJ Switch told the BBC that she loves music, but wants to be a gynecologist when she grows up because she “wants to help women.”


Our Thoughts: She definitely has more swag than I do. (Do the kids still say swag? LOL)

Black American Men Die Sooner Than Any Other Race Or Gender

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Black men, on average, live six years less than white men in the United States ― a grim disparity in lifespan that’s been evident since the government began collecting the data in the early 1900s.

But a new report is trying to change that, by first showing how modern-day social stressors contribute to the early deaths and poor health of men of color.

While researchers have long known that social stressors like structural racism (i.e. the weapons of white supremacy) contribute to men of color’s poor health, the report published June 18 by the American Psychological Association offered a new and compelling analysis about how this happens.

Researchers also detailed how people on the ground can advocate for health care and public policies that will improve the health and lifespan of men of color.


Our Thoughts: It isnt just stress killing Black boys and men. Can we get cops to stop shooting us in the back?

No More Coups In Zimbabwe

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Responding to questions during a public lecture on the late Vice-President Joshua Nkomo at the University of Zimbabwe yesterday, Chiwenga, who led last year’s military intervention as Zimbabwe Defence Commander, said the military would never intervene in politics again.

“What mechanisms are we putting in place to avoid a recurrence (of Operation Restore Legacy) now? There will not be a recurrence, let me assure you… we had created a situation which was bad for ourselves and that will not happen again,” he said.

Chiwenga said Operation Restore Legacy happened because constitutional power had been usurped by non-State actors and the economy had been allowed to collapse.

Chiwenga and his wife were both injured when a bomb exploded near them during a rally earlier this week. The intended target was likely President Emerson Mnangagwa.


Our Thoughts: Say what you want, but the success of the coup will be copied by another strongman in the future. It worked for you, it will work for them.

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