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Do For Self: A Primer on Black Collectivism

Do For Self: A Primer on Black Collectivism

REAL Black men stand united!

A few months back I started the first “Accountability Group” for young Black men and women who are trying to make things happen in my city. This concept is similar to Tiger 21, where individuals meet, lay out their goals for the upcoming week, and are held accountable for the goals that they set for themselves the week prior. A few people rejected the invitation to the group, saying  “I dont need help from anybody, I do for self”.

Thats that bullshit.

The same people who I tried to convince to participate in a Black Business Cooperative.

The same people who think they can build whole empires and movements on their own.


  • The “do for self” cats hate to network.
  • They hate to ask for customers.
  • They hate to be held accountable and exposed to the light of day.
  • They hate to be a part of a group of other intelligent and dynamic Black men and Women since it damages their fragile egos.
  • These people hate to give props to any other Black Man or Woman with a good idea or good connections since they didnt have the idea themselves.

Realize that there is no such thing as a self-made millionaire. There is no such thing as a one man movement. There is no one person that you have ever heard of who has reached the mountaintop alone.And we sure as hell aren’t going to accomplish anything as individuals!

Movements are made up of people. Companies are made up of people. Commerce takes place when goods and services are transferred between people. So dont confuse isolation with “doing for self”. Like players on a football team, nobody can lift the weights, run the drills, or learn the plays for anybody else – the player has to do that for himself.  But when its time to get on the field and play, I dont give a damn how good the guy is in the gym, how talented he is alone – he aint winning ish by himself against a well coordinated team of talented players. Thats what “do for self” means.

Those of us who are Black and Conscious encourage networking. We encourage the formation of Black Business Cooperatives. We hold each other accountable. We build institutions collectively. Thats how we DO FOR SELF!