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Khalid Abdul Muhammad: The Life of A Pan-African Legend

Khalid Abdul Muhammad: The Life of A Pan-African Legend

Organization Affiliation: New Black Panther Party, Nation of Islam
Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad Birthdate: January 12, 1948
Dr. Khalid Muhammad Wife: Queen Nefertari Muhammad
Dr. Khalid Muhammad Date of Transition: February 17, 2001


Of all figures in Black Consciousness, few were as controversial as the former Supreme Captain of the Nation of Islam and Chairman of the New Black Panther Party. Minister Khalid Abdul Muhammad was a towering intellect, a true warrior of Pan-Africanism, and a courageous visionary. He dared to speak truth to power in the face of his critics and adversaries, and ultimately gave his life in the service of a free and redeemed African peoples.

Those who feared the power of Minister Khalid Abdul Muhammad would like us to forget him. Those who hated the truth that Minister Khalid Abdul Muhammad spoke would like us to ignore his message. Those who rejected Minister Khalid Abdul Muhammad would like us to avoid following in his footsteps.

It is for those very reasons that we will remember, study, and follow the example of Minister Khalid Abdul Muhammad.


At a very early age, Khalid Abdul Muhammad (born name Harold Moore, Jr.) demonstrated exceptional intelligence and athleticism. He was a star quarterback, an Eagle Scout, the President of the Houston Methodist Youth Fellowship, and a talented debater. Upon graduating from Phyllis Wheatley High School in his hometown of Huston, Texas, Khalid was awarded a scholarship to Dillard University (Louisiana) .

Even as a full-time student, Khalid would minister sermons at nearby Sloan Memorial Methodist Church. He would continue to minister and study theology until a fateful day in 1970 when he heard the voice of Minister Louis Farrakhan – then the National Representative of Elijah Muhammad.

The future Minister Khalid Muhammad became a devout Muslim, and was so moved by the message of the Honorable Muhammad that he began evangelizing to anyone and everyone nearby. His passion resulted in a surge in Nation of Islam recruiting throughout the Southern United States, and his devotion earned him the attention of Minister Louis Farrakhan, who enlisted him as his protegé and changed his name to Brother Harold X.

Rise to Power

As Minister Khalid Abdul Muhammad rose through the ranks of the Nation of Islam, he also rose through the ranks of academia. He traveled to Los Angeles, where he continued his education at Pepperdine University. His academic performance there earned him an Intensive Studies fellowship at Harvard, Yale, and Columbia Universities.

His education complete, Dr. Muhammad was then promoted within the Nation of Islam to the position of Western Regional Minister in charge of Mosque #27 in Los Angeles. The relationship between him and Minister Louis Farrakhan continued to grow as he proved his loyalty to both the Nation of Islam and the interests of African men and women at home and abroad.

In 1975, Elijah Muhammad passed into legend, leaving the Nation of Islam divided. Some wanted a more moderate Nation. Others wanted a nation that focused on Orthodox Islamic practice, and nothing more. Some wanted a more militant and activist organization. Such was the case with Louis Farrakhan and Minister Khalid Abdul Muhammad. Both men joined forces, along with a small handful of others, to rebuild the Nation of Islam, establish a military force within the organization, and gain greater visibility on the world stage.

With these objectives in mind, in 1978 Minister Muhammad began traveling the world and training in revolutionary movements. While in Libya, the Minister became well acquainted with Muammar al-Gaddafi, and raised a substantial amount of money for the nation. While in South Africa, the Minister fought alongside anti-apartheid movements, and preached a need to drive out white influence from both the country of South Africa and the continent of Africa itself.  He embarked on numerous fact-finding missions to Kemet (Egypt), Jerusalem, and Sub-Saharan Africa. He completed the sacred pilgrimage to the Holy City, Mecca, several times, earning him the title El Hajj Khallid Abdul Muhammad.

Minister Khalid became a popular world figure – his message was well-received by the crowds that gathered wherever he went, his friendship with Minister Louis Farrakhan cemented, and he became the National Spokesman for the Nation of Islam. In 1983 Minister Louis Farrakhan named him Khallid after the Islamic General Khallid ibn Walid, his name meaning “sword of Allah”.

The year was 1984, and Dr. Minister Khalid Abdul Muhammad’s ascension in the Nation of Islam was complete.

 Black Hitler

For all of Minister Khalid Abdul Muhammad’s merits, his flaws are what most of the world knew him for. Its unclear when Khalid took such a hateful and confrontational stance against Jews specifically, but he had become a confirmed anti-Semite. His speeches became increasingly more hateful and confrontational, much to the disagreement of the Leader of the Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan.

These speeches all came to a head when, in Minister Muhammad delivered a speech at New Jersey’s Kean College in November 1993. The speech, called The Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews, was an explosive and fiery oration that attacked the morality, intentions, and involvement of Jews in affairs detrimental to African-Americans.

Muhammad referred to Jews as people whose ancestors were cannibals who “crawled around on all fours in the caves and hills of Europe” and “slept in [their] urination and [their] defecation … for 2,000 years.” He characterized contemporary Jews as “slumlords in the black community” who were busy “sucking our [blacks’] blood on a daily and consistent basis.” He said that Jews had provoked Adolf Hitler when they “went in there, in Germany, the way they do everywhere they go, and they supplanted, they usurped.” And he declared that blacks, in retribution against South African whites of the apartheid era, should “kill the women,…kill the children,…kill the babies,…kill the blind,…kill the crippled,…kill the faggot,…kill the lesbian,…kill them all.”

Rather than declining in popularity after making these statements, Khalid Abdul Muhammad became a sought after speaker on college campuses.  In January 1994 he stated that blacks should slaughter all white South Africans, bury them, and then dig up their bodies and mutilate them further. A month after that, he was invited to speak at Howard University, the preeminent traditionally black university in the United States.

He called Black Conservatives “boot-licking, butt-licking, bamboozled, half-baked, half-fried, sissified, punkified, pasteurized, homogenized Niggers.” On May 21, 1997 he told a San Francisco State University audience that the “white man” is “a no-good bastard. He’s not devil, the white man is the Devil.” In September 1997 he said, “If you say you’re white, goddammit I’m against you. If you’re a Jew, I’m against you. Whatever the hell you want to call yourself, I’m against you.”

“When white folks can’t defeat you,” he said, “they’ll always find some Negro, some boot-licking, butt-licking, bamboozled, half-baked, half-fried, sissified, punkified, pasteurized, homogenized Nigger that they can trot out in front of you.”

“Never will I say I am not an anti-Semite,” Muhammad told an audience in Baltimore in February 1998. “Whatever he (the Jew) is, goddamn it, I’m against him. I pray for my enemy all the time. I pray that God will kill my enemy and take him off the face of the planet Earth.”

Khalid Abdul Muhammad had become a Black Hitler in his anti-Semitism and racism. Now, not only was Khalid Abdul Muhammad a Supreme Leader within the Nation of Islam – he was also a wildly popular media figure among the Black Left. Unfortunately, as is often the case, this fairy tale of Black solidarity would not last long.

A New Life With The New Black Panthers

Following Muhammad’s speech at Kean College in 1993, The United States Senate unanimously passed House Resolution 343 on delivered in February 1994 condemning his speech. Muhammad became the only private citizen in American history to be officially condemned by means of a resolution. Immediately after the United States rejected the Minister, so too did Louis Farrakhan. Farrakhan removed Khalid Abdul Muhammad from his position as second in command, silenced him, and reassigned him to Chicago headquarters. Louis Farrakhan then addressed the NOI with this statement on the Kean College Speech:

“I found the speech, after listening to it in context, vile in manner, repugnant, malicious, mean-spirited and spoken in mockery of individuals and people, which is against the spirit of Islam.  While I stand by the truths that he spoke, I must condemn in the strongest terms the manner in which those truths were represented.”

Khalid was unofficially removed from all positions of authority within the Nation, but he was far from silenced. Muhammad praised Colin Ferguson, a Black man who shot and killed 6 white commuters in 1993 on a New York commuter train, as a hero who possessed the courage to “just kill every goddamn cracker that he saw.” The Minister hit the airwaves and told members of the Donahue television audience in May 1994 that “there is a little bit of Hitler in all white people.” He headed back to California where he gave a rousing speech at the at the University of California at Riverside on May 29, 1994. In attendance was a former Nation of Islam member, James Bess.

According to the police report, James Edward Bess, 49, of Tacoma, Washington approached Minister Khalid as he exited the venue and fired a volley of shots from a concealed 9 millimeter pistol. Three bullets struck Khalid in the leg (Doctors would remove two bullet fragments from just below Muhammad’s left knee in a two-hour operation). Four of Mr. Muhammad’s security guards and a bystander were also shot – none fatally. Mr. Muhammad’s then 9-year-old son, Farrakhan (who now goes by the name of Farrah Gray), was standing nearby when the shooting started but was not injured.

The audience attacked James as he attempted to close in on the stage. His gun was seized, and the students in attendance savagely beat him. The Los Angeles Times reported that he “suffered from a severe beating by the audience that had come to hear Mr. Muhammad’s speech. Mr. Bess had a broken shoulder and internal injures and had lost several teeth.”

Dr. Khalid Muhammad at the Muhammad during the Million Youth March

Dr. Khalid Muhammad during the Million Youth March in Harlem in September, 1999. (Ozier Muhammad/The New York Times)

Khalid Abdul Muhammad underwent a speedy recovery, and found a new organizational home beyond the Nation of Islam as the Chairman of the New Black Panthers (NBPP). Prior to his involvement, the New Black Panthers had struggled with finding their organizational footing, but  Muhammad brought the NBPP national media exposure when he led the organization in a menacing public protest – featuring some 50 men wearing fatigues and berets, and brandishing assault rifles and shotguns – in response to the racially motivated, June 1998 murder of a black man named James Byrd in Jasper, Texas.

His second in command, Malik Zulu Shabazz, gave the organization its administrative and philosophical footing, and the organization continues to stand strong today.

Minister Khalid Abdul Muhammad continued to fight aggressively on behalf of Pan-African principles and spoke truth to power until his sudden death at the age of 53. Statements claim that his death was due to a brain aneurism, but others believe poisoning and foul play were the true causes.

Minister Khallid Abdul Muhammad left behind  his wife, Queen Nefertari Muhammad, his three sisters; Gloria Glenn from Los Angeles, Cynthia Moore Kelly from Los Angeles, KaShelia Moore Jackson from Houston, Texas; his two brothers, Frank Moore Claybourne from Los Angeles, Darington Moore Smith from Los Angeles; father-in-law, Mr. Thomas Ambush of Cedric Maryland; and his children, David and mother Mattie Morris Van, Khalfani and mother Mahasin Rushiddin, and Farrakhan Khallid (Farrah Gray), Malik, Kiki, Amir, Ali and mother Khallidah Muhammad; four grandchildren and a host of nieces, nephews, friends, and all of us.

Dr. Khalid Muhammad Quotes

“Look these bastards in the eyes, and if anyone attacks you, already decide who will be the one to disconnect the railing where you are, and beat the hell out of them, the no-good bastards! In self-defense, if they attack you, take their goddamn guns from them and use their guns on them!” – Million Youth March (5 September 1998)

“The white race is absolutely disagreeable to get along with in peace. No other people on the face of the earth have been able to get along with white people since white people have been on our planet.”

“I was born to give the white man hell, and I will give him hell from the cradle to the grave!” – Dr. Khalid Muhammad  –  Click to Tweet This

“There is a little bit of Hitler in all white people.” – Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad – Click to Tweet This

“When white folks can’t defeat you they’ll always find some Negro—some boot-licking, butt-licking, buck-dancing, bamboozled, half-baked, half-fried, sissified, punkified, pasteurized, homogenized nigger—that they can trot out in front of you.”

“Who are the slumlords in the Black community? The so-called Jews… Who is it sucking our blood in the Black community? A white imposter Arab and a white imposter Jew.”

“We don’t owe the white man nothing in South Africa. He’s killed millions of our women, our children, our babies, our elders.… If he won’t get out of town by sundown, we kill everything white that ain’t right that’s in sight in South Africa. We kill the women, we kill the children, we kill the babies. We kill the blind, we kill the crippled, we kill them all … and kill them a-god-damn-gain because they didn’t die hard enough.”

Dr Khalid Muhammad Quotes


“He has in his life and his death brought us together. That is one of his greatest legacies: that he has brought us together from all segments of the African world.… He was a constant soldier, a warrior … He wanted power for black people. That’s why he reaffirmed what we taught in the sixties: Black power! … He believed we have a right to self-determination — as our organization US said — self-determination, self-respect and self-defense.” – Maulana Karenga at Khalid’s funeral service (24 February 2001)

The Legacy of Minister Khalid Abdul Muhammad

The New Black Panther Party has been rejected, criticized, and clowned. Negroes have called the New Black Panther Party extremist. Insane. Militant. Dangerous. Cowardly negroes have always called for peace and quiet in the face of injustice, genocide, and deadly racism.

The New Black Panthers are the legacy of Minister Khalid Abdul Muhammad. While even the original Black Panther Party has rejected the party and the Minister, while even the Nation of Islam has condemned Minister Khalid Abdul Muhammad, while Black mainstream culture has laughed at Minister Khalid Abdul Muhammad, and while even his own family members have abandoned the example set by Minister Khalid Abdul Muhammad, he and his organization stand alone as shining examples of courage.

United Black America acknowledges the New Black Panther Party as the successor to the Black Panther Party for Self Defense. And it is for his dedication to duty, exceptional leadership by example, and unselfish service to his people that we commemorate the Born Day of El Hajj Doctor Minister Khalid Abdul Muhammad as a Pan-African holiday.

You may call him a homophobe, a racist, an extremist, a terrorist, and an anti-Semite. But Khalid gave his life in service. Never had Khalid shed any blood. Never had Khalid failed to help his people whenever and wherever it was needed. Never did he back down. For these reasons, we remember him. We honor him. We Salute him.

He deserves no less. We deserve no less.

Photo ofDr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad
Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad
(Khalid Muhammad)
Job Title
New Black Panther Party

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  1. added on 26 Sep, 2012

    No wonder I never heard much about this brother! Thanks again.
    I have one small correction to offer: Khalid ibn Waleed doesn’t mean “Sword of Allah”. Saifullah means “Sword of Allah”, and that was Khalid ibn Waleed’s nickname.

    • added on 27 Sep, 2012

      Daniel, always a pleasure to hear from you. Thanks for expanding our knowledge. Its a shame that so many of our heroes are pushed into the anals of history, but thats what United Black America is here for. We wont let it happen!

  2. Diana
    added on 10 Aug, 2013

    A true warrior Prince. My Word…this is an legacy

  3. Nabil Al-Murabit
    added on 12 Apr, 2016

    Great man, but if you’re not following the 5 pillars of Islam, then you’re not a Muslim

    • Merciful
      added on 11 Apr, 2017

      Arabs don’t own Islam we are all Muslims by nature

  4. tERRELL r
    added on 12 Sep, 2016

    I wished Brother Khalid WAS HERE TODAY. My only complaint is the hitler paragraph. khalid didn’t have any flaws in my humble opinion. it’s fair, love and war when dealing with oppression. people may disagree how he said it. But they couldn’t deny the facts. the problem is the people, most are unwilling to fight against a racist governmental regime

  5. abdul muhammad
    added on 17 Mar, 2017

    the most incredible, undeniable, truthful, factful, undebatable, unrivaled, master of selfless courAGE in the interest for his people all around the world IS THE MOST HONOURAble and beautiful brother khalid abdul muhammad. I believe your death was a planed murder and a cover up by many. It is very odd nobody who knows your talks about this wonderful human being in a significent and meaningful way, and I mean nobody not even his so called son farrakhan muhammad who has now foresakend that name. I have watched videos of him meeting with presidents and others the very people his dad had issues with absolute disgrace. it’s all a total shamble. I heard him say his dad would be pleased with his success I don’t think so, never!!! farrah gray as he now calls himself was always by the side of his father whenever he speaks. everyone seems to be quite about the passing of this khalid this unique very special worrier who will always have a very special place in my heart forever he will be remembered never be forgotten by millions around the entire world. I have to say my peace in support of this bro. I am black and oh so proud in all my glory of blackness. black power to you great one khalid the power of love and consideration when you spoke was so immense.

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