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[Podcast] Fourth Turning – What The Coming War Means for Pan-Africanism

[Podcast] Fourth Turning – What The Coming War Means for Pan-Africanism

Welcome to a brand new episode of one of the best Black podcasts on the airwaves! In this episode of United Black America Radio, we expose the real power behind the Trump Administration, and what his disturbing vision for the future means for Pan-Africanism!

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In This Show You Will Discover…

★ How to turn every episode of these podcasts and every book you read into tools to change your life.

★ Proof that the first explorers on the American Continent came from Africa. We will be reading from They Came Before Columbus in our Do the Knowledge Segment

★ The 4 types of wars, and why they are important for us to understand as Pan-Africans

★The difference between Pharaoh, Suten, and how Pianki, Shabaka, and Taharka (from the Biblical account found in  2 Kings 19:9) launched wars of liberation to save Kemet from Arab and white invaders

★ What would happen if the United States went to war with China, and the effects war would have on the African Diaspora

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