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[Podcast] Health and Wealth: The Dr. Sebi Nutritional Guide and Group Economics with Evan Jefferson

[Podcast] Health and Wealth: The Dr. Sebi Nutritional Guide and Group Economics with Evan Jefferson

In this episode, we are combining two topics that should be the center of attention in the conscious community – health and wealth!

4 to 6 of the leading causes of death in the Black community are health and diet related, so its important that we recognize that without a healthy nation, we wont have a nation!

Thus, we will be reading from the Dr. Sebi Nutritional Guide in our Do the Knowledge segment, then we roll out the red, Black, and green carpet for True Detergent distributor Evan Jefferson who brings us an opportunity to support Black business while also making some money for yourself!

True detergent is one of the first and only Black owned laundry detergent companies out there. This is a product that ALL of us use (laundry detergent) and something that we need on a regular basis.

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In This Show You Will Discover…

  • How to commit dietary suicide – and the deadly foods that you should be avoiding…
  • The fastest way to change your health, and the best water to drink to make that happen…
  • The true purpose of education, the etymology of the word, and a new approach we should be taking to teaching our children knowledge of self…
  • Dr. Sebi’s definition of disease and the relationship between foods and disease
  • How to cleanse all 100 trillion cells of your body using the Dr Sebi Nutritional Guide
  • How wholeselling and distributorships work, and how we can put it to work for us!

…and later in this episode, we roll out the red, black and green carpet for Evan Jefferson – A True Detergent Distributor and Financial Coach!

Mentioned In This Episode

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Some Toughts (5)

  1. josh smith
    added on 24 Mar, 2017

    this was a dope interview. the brotha was dynamic. peace!!

  2. charles mcclaire
    added on 28 Mar, 2017

    That wshh video the other day was not a good look for dr. sebi’s products. apologies for all caps. for some reason, i couldn’t take them off.

    • added on 29 Mar, 2017

      Which video were you referring to? Could you paste the link here?

  3. charles mcclaire
    added on 29 Mar, 2017

    Great interview with Evan Jefferson!!

    • added on 29 Mar, 2017

      Thank you! He is a beast in the making! Had you heard about him before? Or have you heard about True detergent?

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