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The Pan-African Alliance has been built on 5 values that lead us in our mission:
★ Independence ★ B alance ★ U nity ★ Courage ★ Knowledge


The Pan-African Alliance and all subordinate organizations adhere to three tenets; Do no harm to your people, help your people when they are in their time of need, and hold the line.


The mission of the Pan-African Alliance is to spread Black Consciousness, Fight white supremacy, and to support the establishment of an independent Pan-African State.


Based on Dr. Neely Fuller's 9 Areas of People Activity, these are the areas that we concentrate our efforts.


We will establish international economic alliances and marketing agreements between individuals and member nations of the African Diaspora.


We will reverse miseducation by teaching the African Diaspora a TRUE knowledge of self.


We will gain control of our media, and develop forms of expression true to Black Consciousness and free from the stigma of white supremacy


We will devote our labor first to the liberation and salvation of ourselves, and for the good of the Greater African Diaspora.


We will bring justice to the global legal system of white supremacy. We will fight the unjust prosecution of Africans worldwide and defeat the new Jim Crow.


We will train and support representatives that work for the benefit of Africans in the Diaspora, regardless of the political parties of their current nations.


We will re-evaluate existing spiritual systems and innovate, adapt, or re-adopt traditional systems to suit the unique needs of members of the greater African community.


We will create a gender inclusive movement, restore the Black family as the nucleus of Black unity.


We will support the African's right to self-preservation by peaceful means if possible, but through warfare if necessary.

Gain Knowledge of Self With Online Courses!

Learn how to correct your own miseducation and develop TRUE knowledge of self, the secret history of Eugenics, how we can move from religion to true Spirituality, and the Black History you were NEVER taught in school!


What will become of the Negro in another five hundred years if he does not organize now to develop and to protect himself? The answer is that he will be exterminated for the purpose of making room for the other races that will be strong enough to hold their own!

Marcus Garvey

Founder - Universal Negro Improvement Association

Now I see that some of you fear to go forward to fight... Is it true that the bravery of Asante is no more? I cannot believe it. It cannot be! I must say this: if you, the men of Asante, will not go forward, then we will. We, the women, will. I shall call upon my fellow women. We will fight! We will fight till the last of us falls in the battlefields.

Yaa Asantewaa

Queen Mother of Ejisu in the Ashanti Empire

It is clear that we must find an African solution to our problems, and that this can only be found in African unity. Divided we are weak; united, Africa could become one of the greatest forces for good in the world.

Kwame Nkrumah

Pan-African and First President of Ghana

It is our duty to fight for our freedom. It is our duty to win. We must love each other and support each other. We have nothing to lose but our chains.

Assata Shakur

Black Panther Party and Black Liberation Army Veteran