The Pan African Alliance is a global collective of Black organizations committed to helping members of the African Diaspora find and fulfill their highest purpose.

Expanding Black Consciousness

Black Consciousness – also called knowledge of self – is an understanding of who you are, how you came to be, the world around you, and your place in that world.

Understanding The 5 Elements Of Life

Every part of you and everything that you are, were, or will be can be broken down into 5 elements. These ‘Elements of Life’ form the first pillar of Black Consciousness.

Fighting The 9 Weapons of White Supremacy

For 500 years, the African Diaspora has been plagued by the 9 weapons of a system of political, economic, and social domination known as white supremacy.


Pan-Africanism is a global Black movement born out of colonialism and white supremacy. Although the Pan-African movement is primarily political, the philosophy has expanded to cover every area and element of life.

About The Pan-African Alliance
The Future of Black History
The Untold History and Meaning of the RBG Flag
Our Community

The Pan African Alliance empowers Black men, women, and children to find and fulfill their highest purpose with resources that are authentic to the Black experience. 

The Pan African Monument - also known as the African Resistance monument - located in Senegal, Africa.
Our Collective

In the spirit of the Black struggles of the past, our organization works to protect and advance the ideals of Pan-Africanism on the continent and around the world. 

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