10 YEARS of courses, podcasts, and ebooks in one collection...

For 10 years we have challenged the lies of white supremacy and elevated the teachings of our Ancestors. And now, you can own these sacred teachings forever.

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Algorithmic Oppression - Why our content was From Facebook, Itunes, and Google

In 2018 our podcasts were deleted from Itunes. In 2019 our Youtube videos were demonetized. And in 2020 Facebook locked our account and Google removed our top pages. This is the algorithmic oppression that we warned about back in 2018. Black sites are being banned while major corporations release whitewashed content.

We wont let the same thing happen to us. So we have placed all of our work into The Vault for those seeking the TRUTH. This is an incredible collection that you can own forever. Here is what you get….

40+ Hours of Video Courses Included ​

Since 2015 we have taught more than 5,000 students from around the world. Our lesson plans are always based on the teachings of our Ancestors and delivered live. Click on any button below to see the curriculum.

Open the 10 Year Anniversary Vault

Ancient kemetic spirituality For Beginners Course

8.5 hours | 8 Segments | $79 Value

1 - Genesis and the Ancient Egyptian Creation Story

2 - The 9 Parts of the Kemetic Soul

3 - The Khepera Approach To Divine Knowledge

4 - Rules For Walking the Path of the Hidden Light

5 - Removing Obstacles To Ascension

6 - Transcending Illusions of Self

7 - Connecting to the Infinite Intelligence of the Akhu

8 - Applying the Teachings: Walking The Ancient Path In Modern Times

The Keys To Black Consciousness Masterclass​

21 hours | 8 Segments | $249 Value

1 - Education, Miseducation, and the Four Pillars of Knowledge of Self

2 - Group Economics, Fraud, and the Black Wealth Blueprint

3 - Defeating Infection and Intoxication with Natural Healing

4 - Black Relationships, Eugenics and White Supremacy

5 - Cults, Religion, and Metaphysics

6 - Decolonizing and Reclaiming Black Culture

7 - Asafo: 5000 Years of Pan African Warfare

8 - The Past Present and Future of Pan Africanism

Open the 10 Year Anniversary Vault
Open the 10 Year Anniversary Vault


10 hours | 5 Segments | $99 Value

Innerstanding, Self Direction,  And Purposeful Alignment For Light Workers

  1. The Relationship Element -

    Harmonizing The Four Circles Of Sentient Vibration

  2. The Academic Element -

    Manifesting Your Nia Through Kheper

  3. The Physical Element -

    Achieving radiant health through indigenous healing modalities

  4. The Metaphysical Element -

    From Cults of Delusion to Innerstanding The 5th Density

  5. The Resources Element -

    Poverty, Powernomics, and Generational Wealth

Reclaiming our stolen legacy - 300,000 years of untold black history Course

16 hours | 6 Segments | $159 Value

1 - The Keys To Consciousness

2 - Gods On Earth and the Nile Valley Civilizations

3 - When Melanin Ruled The World From Moorish Europe to Black Civilizations In America

4 - The Golden Age of Black Civilization

5 - The Destruction of Black Civilization

6 - Resistance Revolution and Liberation

African History Online Certification Course

Listen To 120+ Banned Podcasts With Legendary Master Teachers

Open the 10 Year Anniversary Vault

Itunes deleted our podcasts, but we will not be silenced. Now you can access 5 years of content with Dr. Phil Valentine, Queen Afua, Baba Ashra Kwesi, Jay Morrison, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing and many others!

Open the 10 Year Anniversary Vault
Open the 10 Year Anniversary Vault
Black Consciousness Podcast

These courses and podcasts will NEVER be available anywhere else again!

Bonus: 2 Free Workbooks as a thank you for your support!


Open the 10 Year Anniversary Vault

Grow your business from idea to a full time income

Whether you are frustrated because you have failed in the past, or you want to replace your day job with a side hustle you love, this workbook shows you exactly how, step by step, from those of us who have proven results.

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Develop creative ideas that really make money

Beat copycats by building a unique, exciting business that stands out - even in crowded marketplaces.

Open the 10 Year Anniversary Vault

set up systems that make money for you while you sleep

Focus on doing what you want to do and let your system handle everything else with people, products, and processes.

Open the 10 Year Anniversary Vault

Watch your Income grow by tracking the right numbers

Learn to use simple math to track the numbers that generate the biggest returns on your investments.

Open the 10 Year Anniversary Vault

Hire smart people from around the world who charge less to do more

Website designers, video editors, and article writers are ready to help you build your empire for less than the cost of a meal.


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Bring all 5 elements of your life into alignment

This is a downloadable version of the exact same book we published and shipped to members in 2020. A $39 value – yours free! Here is how you can use this workbook to change your life:

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Create a personalized learning plan for your life

Use the 'self syllabus' in this ebook to find, organize, and learn skills that matter to you without fluff or useless course.

Open the 10 Year Anniversary Vault

Find mentors and build better personal relationships

Identify the personal and professional relationships that you need to elevate your life

Open the 10 Year Anniversary Vault

Master your time, money, and resources

Put every minute of your time and every penny you earn to work for you so you can experience more of life.

Open the 10 Year Anniversary Vault

Create a spiritual path and practice tailored to you

Strengthen your 'spiritual anatomy' by bringing metaphysics into your everyday life

Who we are and what we teach

Open the 10 Year Anniversary Vault
Open the 10 Year Anniversary Vault

The Pan-African Alliance and its sister organization United Black America is a global collective of more than 400 members.

Before 2020, our mission was to spread Black consciousness, fight white supremacy, and support the establishment of a Pan-African state.

Since then we have transformed into the premier learning platform for members of the African Diaspora while staying true to our activist background. Our members have served on the front lines of uprisings that included:

And with your support we will continue to create the Future of Black history!

"PAA gives me hope for the future and that we are on the right path."

Real Reviews From Real Members

Whatever my worries could have been, I have always found hope and motivation from you You may not know what impact your podcasts have had on my life, but the fact is that every time I'm faced with a situation, I always opt for one of your many podcasts just to relate with your personal experiences
Open the 10 Year Anniversary Vault
Jaramogi Khalfani Adofo Odhiambo
I joined the Pan African Alliance about a year ago when I began to research and explore about Pan Africanism. PAA became a village for me with immense resources and support. It is truly a family affair at PAA with elders and other like minded people who truly want the best for our community. Joining PAA helped me find my purpose and I couldn’t be any happier. PAA gives me hope for the future and that we are on the right path.
Open the 10 Year Anniversary Vault
Chinemelu Kodili
Being part of the Pan African Alliance has definitely guided me to some amazing books. I was always one who loved learning new things and the new amazing things I've learned via this alliance is so uplifting and motivating that I am even more proud to be who I am. There are so many great possibilities out there for us that I was unaware of before joining the family and I am so thankful to be a member.
Open the 10 Year Anniversary Vault
Carolyn J.

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