These Apps Are Creating New Opportunities For Building Black Wealth

This article is part of our Black Wealth series on financial literacy. According to the Financial Literacy and Education Commission, there are five key components of financial literacy: Having all five of the keys above are critical to building Black wealth. If your financial house is weak in one of these areas, you are less likely to achieve your financial goals. And when it comes to investing, if you missed out on the last major bull markets then you left life changing money on the table. In our community it is universally understood that the next phase of our movement must be fought on the economic front. Unfortunately, most of our people are still abysmal when it comes to taking action. But here is the good news: technology has made it easier to change your financial destiny than it has ever been in human history. I have personally used all of the apps below, and all four of them have earned me more money than my bank ever has. As always, you should consult a professional before you take my advice. I am not a financial expert, and when you use the links below we earn a small referral fee. Money moves movements, and since we never accept corporate funding, you are helping us while helping yourself. While I suggest you download and use all of the apps below, pick at least one app to start your Black wealth journey. As you gain experience and profits, come back to this list and download the rest.

Public App – The Best Way To Invest In Stocks For Beginners (Our #1 Pick)

Public App Basics

  • Invest in stocks and funds with just $1
  • Beautiful, easy to use design
  • $0 to buy or sell stocks
  • Backed by Morgan Debaun (Blavity) and Will Smith (Jada Pinkett-Smith’s husband)

According to their website, Public App is “the investing social network where members can own fractional shares of stocks and ETFs, follow popular creators, and share ideas within a community of investors.”

You might have heard of the Public App from the Breakfast Club radio show. Listen to what they had to say about it the video below.

Public is my #1 pick for new investors. You can buy slices of stocks with just $1 to start with, and they charge ZERO commissions when you want to buy or sell your stock and collect your gains. 

Instead of making money off of you, Public app makes its money by collecting interest from uninvested funds sitting around in people’s accounts.

I also liked how easy it was to get started. Just enter your mobile phone number and the app downloads itself and walks you through the sign up process.

Public App brought on an all star team of backers and investors that include Actor Will Smith and Morgan Debaun (Blavity).

The only downside to the Public App is that they do not allow day trading. You also dont have access to Crypto investing, so you will need one of the Crypto apps we recommend below if you want bitcoin, Dogecoin, or Ethereum.

You can literally get in the game before you get out of bed. Click the button below or use this link to try Public App for yourself.

Coinbase – The Best Way To Invest In Crypto For Beginners

Coinbase Basics

  • Easily buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin
  • Available in 100+ Countries
  • Legitimate company listed on the US NASDAQ Stock Exchange

I suggested Coinbase to our Members back in 2017. If you had taken my advice back then, your money would have increased by 1805.964% today.

Today I am suggesting Coinbase again. Are you going to sit this one out too?

Coinbase is by far the safest way to buy Cryptocurrency today. Not only are they backed by the FDIC in the United States, they also offer a hack-proof way to store your coins.

The only downside to Coinbase is that they dont allow you to trade cryptocurrencies that are not legit (like Dogecoin – which I would stay away from anyway).

Another downside: you will pay a fee every time you buy and every time you sell crypto. The fee is small (0.50% + a coinbase fee of up to $2.99), but if you plan on trading often, these fees do add up. So make sure you are ready to buy and hold for the long term.

Titan – The Best Passive Stock Investing App

These Apps Are Creating New Opportunities For Building Black WealthThese Apps Are Creating New Opportunities For Building Black Wealth

Titan Investment App Basics

  • $100 minimum investment
  • 1.0% Annual fee
  • Built in short positions protect you from market downturns (How?)

Titan is a robo investing app that makes it easy to build Black wealth passively.

According to their website, Titan lets you “grow your capital at a high rate of return over a long period.”

They do this by choosing 15 – 20 stocks that they believe will outperform the market, and then they automatically invest your money where they think you will get the most upside.

Thats what makes Titan passive – you dont have to do anything to build your wealth but set up automatic deposits.

Click here to watch a short video and see proof of their performance.

Why should you invest with Titan? Because they outperform the market by a long shot.


Nobody else comes close to these numbers:

  • Their Flagship fund has an annualized return of 20.9%
  • Their Opportunities fund has an annualized return of 96.4%
  • and when compared to other Brokerages, Titan has an 83% return – thats after fees!

Plus, Titan has an Overseas Fund that gives you exposure to overseas markets (unlike Public App above).

Even if you choose one of the other apps on this list, I highly suggest you download Titan as a safe, passive, long term way to invest.

Blockfi App – The Best Passive Crypto Investing App

Blockfi App Basics

  • Earn 8% on crypto passively
  • Withdrawals processed in 1 – 2 business days
  • Worlds first Bitcoin Rewards Credit Card (!) with 1.5% cash back in bitcoin on purchases

Blockfi is the only app on this list that offers a Bitcoin Rewards Credit Card. That means you can shop with your bitcoin the same way that you use your normal bank credit or debit cards.

Plus, you get 1.5% back in bitcoin on every single purchase. It’s that simple. Your bitcoin rewards will be transferred into your account once a month.

Those benefits alone make Blockfi a great option if you want more liquidity from your cryptocurrency.

But we are not in the business of spending our investments, and thats where the BlockFi Interest Account comes in. According to their website:

“The BlockFi Interest Account (BIA) is an interest-bearing account, which provides market-leading yields to crypto investors who store their crypto at BlockFi.

Clients can deposit crypto and they will be paid monthly compounding interest! Your interest begins accruing the day after you deposit, and Interest Payments go out by the first business day of each month.

Additionally, we have no withdrawal restrictions or lock up periods so you can always withdraw at any time. Withdrawals are processed in 1-2 business days.”

When you combine compound interest with cash back on bitcoin card purchases, Blockfi should absolutely have a spot in your financial life.


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