7 Black Owned Clothing Lines That Will Inspire You To Launch Your Own Company

All Dem Shades

The Website


The Story

According to the website, All Dem’ Shades was designed to celebrate the powerful, fly & unapologetically black woman. Emerging in 2016, ADS has created bold statement pieces for all shades and sizes, kinks and coils, of black women all over the globe.Where fashion meets a social movement, our apparel celebrates our melanin, natural hair, and Black Girl Magic.


alldemshades Black Clothing line

Why This Brand Works

This is a predominantly women’s line. The designs are simple and versatile, meaning they can be worn with almost anything. There are a few fashion forward pieces that are cut in ways that you cant find anywhere else. They also created an entire line specifically for curvy women, appealing to a larger demographic than the average line.

The lesson here is that you can build a very successful line with very simple designs.

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Written by Asad Malik

Asad is the Executive Officer of The Pan-African Alliance, and the Founder of United Black America.

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Brother, I just browsed the items here and there’s a lot of feminist, LGBT, and ICE related messaging. I don’t think this clothing company is panafrican or black focused.