7 Black Owned Clothing Lines That Will Inspire You To Launch Your Own Company

The Marathon Clothing

The Website

The Story

This is Nipsey Hustle’s brand. The store behind the brand is one of the only ‘smart stores’ in the culture. The video below is definitely worth a watch.

Why This Brand Works

There are riches in niches. Nipsey was hyper-focused on his hood and his base, and it has paid off. Almost all the designs are simple (one word). What makes the brand work are the colorway combinations and the font. You can do the same for your line by finding a dope font and making it yours. Use sites like DaFont to get ideas.

Click next below to see the other designs.

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Written by Asad Malik

Asad is the Executive Officer of The Pan-African Alliance, and the Founder of United Black America.

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