7 Black Owned Clothing Lines That Will Inspire You To Launch Your Own Company

Bfyne Swimwear

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The Story

From the website:

Designer, entrepreneur and Nigerian-American, Buki Ade is changing the fashion industry through her culturally inclusive designs. She was inspired to start a swimwear line after searching for a unique swimsuit while on vacation; there she realized the industry lacked creativity and representation of African designers. One swimsuit and more than 200 thousand social media followers later, Bfyne swimwear has been featured on the pages of Vogue, Glamour and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Her line, an unapologetic tribute to women’s curves and confidence, with purposely-cut lines and strategically placed seams, make even the most boyish figure alluring.

7 Black Owned Clothing Lines That Will Inspire You To Launch Your Own Company

Buki didn’t think of herself as a designer but knew she was different. Growing up, she never wanted to look like everyone else, putting her fine gal style on everything she wore. Her humble background and innovative mindset set the foundation for the future entrepreneur. As a designer and stylist, she lives by the company motto of “unleash your inner Fynebabe” taking risks with her own personal style, she effortlessly incorporates the latest trends in African culture and the confidence of a queen.

Why This Brand Works

Bfyne is bold, eccentric, cohesive and consistent, which encompasses the personality of its cofounder, designer Buki Ade. Bfyne is all about creating super-sexy, flattering designs with awesome colors & prints. With her love for dressing to the nines for every occasion, her undying passion for fashion, and her risk taking chances takes this brand to another level.

On one end of the spectrum, very simple designs work well. But if you invest time, energy, and creative talent into developing sophisticated designs, you will do equally well. And this is yet another example of riches in niches. They ONLY sell items made for the beach or the pool.


7 Black Owned Clothing Lines That Will Inspire You To Launch Your Own Company

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Brother, I just browsed the items here and there’s a lot of feminist, LGBT, and ICE related messaging. I don’t think this clothing company is panafrican or black focused.


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