7 Things That Should Change In The Black Community For 2020 and Beyond

7 Things That Should Change In The Black Community For 2020 and Beyond

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In his must-read book Powernomics, Dr. Claud Anderson writes “Can modern black America do what 18 previous generations failed to do or were not allowed to do? It will require Black Americans to make drastic behavior changes.” He goes on to say that The first key to empowerment is to know your culture. “Culture usually refers to the norms or systems of behavior and shared values that are passed on from one generation to another. It is through culture that members of a group know who and what they are, and how to behave.” The bad news for the Black Diaspora and Africa is that we are the victims of cultural warfare. Other groups have spent hundreds of years and billions of dollars to destroy or take control of Black culture. From the music we hear and the standards of beauty we admire to the religion we practice and the language we speak, our culture has been destroyed. Read Also: How Black Celebrities Became Weapons In The War on Black Culture Why would other groups invest so much effort in changing Black culture? Because they understand that our culture is a form of group behavior. They understand that if you change the culture of a group, you change the behavior of that group. If we replace our cultures – our group behaviors – with white, Arab, or Asian cultures, then we begin to work in the best interest of these alien groups. This is the impact that western Christianity, integration, individualism, and miseducation has had on our community. And that has led to behaviors that are killing us from the inside out. The good news is that if we stop behaviors that reflect alien values, and if we begin to behave in ways that reflect who we truly are, then we can begin to take our culture back. Here are the 7 bad behaviors the Black community should put an end to.

Turning the Other Cheek

7 Things That Should Change In The Black Community For 2020 and Beyond When I was a very young child, my Grandmother took me to church religiously. I learned all of the ‘golden rules’ of Christianity – specifically, that you should turn the other cheek when someone crossed you.
Matthew 5:38-40 New International Version (NIV) 38 “You have heard that it was said, ‘Eye for eye, and tooth for tooth.’[a] 39 But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also. 40 And if anyone wants to sue you and take your shirt, hand over your coat as well.
Later, when I started primary school I got my ass beat by the playground bully. Repeatedly. Every time he made a demand, I remembered what I learned in Church – turn the other cheek. But the more cheeks I turned to him, the more I got my ass beat, my money taken, my jacket taken, and my dignity taken. One day I got sick of it. I hid a skinny lead pipe from home in my jacket and waited for that a**hole. Sure enough, at recess he made his way in a straight line towards me. I waited until he got within arms reach. My heart was pounding in my ears. I knew I couldn’t take him in a fair fight, so I had to make sure when I started this battle it would be the end of it. Everything happened in a flash – he raised his arm to grab me. I snatched out my pipe. I took a big step forward with one leg. And I cranked my upper body around and swung like a baseball player cracking a ball. I was too short to connect with his head, but I got his upper arm. The bully was stunned but not out. I swung like a madman, hitting any and every part of his body that I could. Knees, arms, outstretched fingers. Somewhere in the blur I saw blood. I had swiped his nose. Bloodlust took over and I went berserk. Screaming, lunging forward, and putting all 90 pounds of my weight behind every blow. He did everything he could to get away from me. The only thing that saved his life was a teacher that had scooped me up from behind. My disciplinary hearing was set for three days later. But for the three days before then, I was a king and a legend. No one even thought about crossing me. My reputation for fighting back stayed with me until I graduated from high school. What is the lesson here? Passivity breeds exploitation. The more we offer up our behinds to be murdered and exploited, the more those behaviors will continue. What would have happened to me if I had never fought the bully that made my life a living hell? I could have been beaten to death. I could have grown up without the courage to stand up against evil. I would have been an easy mark for anyone who wanted to take whats mine. Western style christianity has trained the Black community to be passive, long suffering, obedient, and blind to the truth. We have been taught that even when our babies are murdered, even when we should be filled with righteous anger, we should forgive our enemy. The courts certainly dont forgive criminal behavior. The United States and any other self respecting nation doesn’t forgive criminal behavior. Why do we? Even those outside of the Pan-African Community are wondering why Blacks don’t stand up for themselves. The following articles are from major news outlets written by non-Black journalists: For Black shooting victims, sometimes anger (not forgiveness) is the best response The problem with always asking Black people to forgive The One-Sided Nature of Black Forgiveness What will the future look like for our children if we continue “turning the other cheek” to police brutality, Presidents-For-Life, forgiving white supremacist mass murders, and trying to appease those who wish to destroy us? Hit the NEXT tab to see the next behavior we should put a stop to!

Co-Signing Other Causes And Agendas

The Black Community is quick to throw a cape on and come to the defense of causes outside of the Black community. From gay rights and feminism to ice bucket challenges, it seems the Black Community would rather distract ourselves from our own issues to support other groups that dont want or dont need our help. 7 Things That Should Change In The Black Community For 2020 and Beyond Feminism, homosexuality, and dogma all destroy unity by back-seating the collective Black struggle. The Intersectional Activist allows his sexual, religious, or political identity to put him at odds with the ideals of the Black Community. This is not to say that each of these groups dont have reasonable concerns that warrant our attention – Gay Africans are being murdered in Uganda. But when addressing those issues become an end rather than means, we undermine the ultimate objectives of the Pan-African Movement. When we co-sign other movements, we take our resources away from our own priorities. Before helping others, we should help ourselves. Hit the NEXT tab to see the next behavior we should put a stop to!

Putting Political Personalities Over Policies

The Black community seems to be more impressed with personalities than the policies that people represent. And because of that, rappers, entertainers, and athletes are more likely to win elections than the best economic, legal, or philosophical minds within the society. This is the reason why George Weah – a soccer player footballer – is now the President of Liberia. This is why Bobbi Wine – a rapper – is the leading candidate for the presidency of Uganda. And this is why Barack Obama – a man with a magnetic personality and excellent speaking abilities – became the first Black President of the United States. We prefer people with winning personalities over those with winning policies. If you ask supporters of George Weah, Bobbi Wine, or Barack Obama about the policies of the person they support, they would likely draw a blank. This is how politics have become a popularity contest.
“We play politics just to play. Others play for the benefits of winning or being in the winner’s circle…We should stay out of any political game that promises that we will get nothing even when our candidate wins.” Powernomics by Dr. Claude Anderson
And when it comes to political parties, we are just as bad at identifying the groups that work in our best interest because we are more attracted to their marketing material than their policy stance. Who is better for Black Americans – Democrats or Republicans? Who is better for Black Canadians – the Liberal Party or the Conservative Party? Who is better for Black Brazilians – the Partido dos Trabalhadores or the Partido do Movimento Democrático Brasileiro? The answer in all three cases is neither. Democrats, Liberals, and Partido do Movimento Democrático Brasileiro politicians have taken the Black vote for granted for decades. These are political parties filled with old white men that are owned and operated by the major white-owned corporations. In almost every case, politicians on both sides may talk about taking opposing positions, but the legislation they support and pass is the exact same regardless of political orientation. Left wing. Right wing. Same dirty bird. The only political orientation that makes sense for Blacks in America and everywhere else is Pan-Africanism: advocacy for laws and representation that benefit Africans at home and across the Diaspora. Until we stop being distracted by personalities and pretty suits, the people will remain powerless. Instead, we must focus on defining, setting, and achieving our own Pan-African political agenda. And once that agenda has been set, we must screen candidates and political parties according to our grassroots standards. Hit the NEXT tab to see the next behavior we should put a stop to!

Blaming Ourselves And Our Ancestors For What Others Have Done To Us

“Africans sold other Africans into slavery!” “Every person who has done me wrong has been Black!” “Coons and sellouts and Nigerians are why we cant get ahead!” Have you ever heard someone use those criticisms? Maybe you have even used them yourself. These are forms of self-blame that are psychologically destructive to Black communities. Self-blame is one of the most toxic forms of emotional abuse. It amplifies our perceived inadequacies, whether real or imagined, and paralyzes us before we can even begin to move forward. If this emotional abuse is allowed to fester, self-hatred sets in. Over the long term, that self-hatred begins to influence every area of your life. You look for relationships that reinforce your low self-esteem. You attack those who look like you because you are motivated by self hatred. And you tend to let the true perpetrators off the hook – you forgive them – because after all, you have internalized blame. Read the above paragraph again and let it sink in. We blame ourselves for Black on Black crime. We blame ourselves for our mental condition. We blame ourselves for our own poverty. But blame is the mother of guilt and comes from holding ourselves collectively responsible for events that are not under our control. If we are not in control of our circumstances, then who or what is to blame? Blaming Africans for handing over other Africans into slavery is like blaming the robbery victim for being robbed. Our ancestors were held at gunpoint while white slavers demanded Black bodies. This victim blaming is part and parcel of the system of white supremacy. White supremacy has miseducated us, thus creating a distorted identity. White supremacy has murdered us, making us afraid of fighting back. White supremacy has infected and intoxicated us, taking us out of our right minds and destroying our health. White supremacy has defrauded us, eroding our wealth from slavery in the past to sky high interest rates in the present. Putting blame where it belongs is not dodging personal responsibility. It is holding all parties accountable for their behavior. Hit the NEXT tab to see the next behavior we should put a stop to!

Putting Religion over Spirituality and Morality

7 Things That Should Change In The Black Community For 2020 and Beyond History has shown us that religion has the power to unify people who share the same cultural values. The Umayyad Caliphate made the Moorish Empire possible. The religion based on Kemetic Spirituality made the greatest Black Civilization in history possible. And Haitian Vodou gave our Ancestors the strength to defeat the French and establish the first Black Republic. But we are in a new age. Across the Pan-African Diaspora, we see Black Muslims killing Black Christians, and Black Christians attacking Ifa as ‘witchcraft’. Religions have the power to unite communities that have similar backgrounds, but religions do not hold diverse societies together. Morality does. Morality is a set of behaviors concerning the distinction between right and wrong behavior. Religion, on the other hand, is a system – just like white supremacy.Religion is not a substitute for morality. It may be right in the context of religion for Christian minister Creflo Dollar to take money from impoverished congregations to buy a jet. After all, the system is built to elevate the person at the top. It may be right for Boko Haram to kill non-believers and take child brides. After all, that is how their system is built. In both examples, the behaviors of Black Christians and Black Muslims may be right according to religion, but their behaviors are morally wrong. Going forward, our entire community should have more discussions across religious lines about the difference between right and wrong – not in the context of religious doctrine but in the context of what is right and wrong for the Black community regardless of religion. Hit the NEXT tab to see the next behavior we should put a stop to!

Burning Bridges Between Black Relationships

There is no Black unity and no Black community without Black relationships. We all know that divide and conquer is a powerful and often used strategy that groups use to defeat their enemies. If Black relationships are the only way that we can achieve real unity, then it is in the best interest of our enemies to attack those relationships. That is why in the United States, policies like child support are widespread. Child support is enslaving Black men, destroying Black children, and keeping Black women dependent on the State. If women are on state assistance, the state will go after the father, and does not need the woman’s permission to do so. However, many women voluntarily assist the State in prosecuting the man at the risk of him being jailed or imprisoned. With an arrest record, it is unlikely for that man to find decent employment leading him right back to jail in a never ending doom loop. Black Women become the right hand of white supremacy when they hand over control of their families to the same system that works to destroy the Black family. And its not just the family unit that is under attack. Interracial dating and miscegenation have become weapons of white supremacy. Read Also: The Truth Behind White Supremacy And Interracial Dating Since the beginning of time, interracial groups have been used as ‘buffer classes’ – tools used by the white ruling class to control the Black masses. Biracial Americans during slavery, Mulattoes in Sao Tome and Principe, the Tutsi in Rwanda, ‘Pardos’ in Brazil, and even mixed race groups in Ancient Kemet were given higher qualities of life than the Black masses. 7 Things That Should Change In The Black Community For 2020 and Beyond This racism led to a desire on the part of some members of the Black community to choose white or light skinned partners to have children with. Fast forward to today and women in Ghana are taking pills to skin-bleach their unborn babies. Black men and women are attracted to other races because of their own internalized racism. We have literally been taught by society to hate ourselves – and with good reason: the Black family is the first measure of Black unity. A unified Black society threatens the supremacy of white society. We cannot wonder why there is disunity in the Black community when we turn our backs on Black relationships. What else should we stop doing as a community? Leave your comments below.
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Jessica Nicole Wade

Love this. A lot of our people need to wake up to these steps, if not, we’re doomed to being modern-day slaves in and out of Africa.