78 Swahili Language Words And Phrases For The Classroom

Chances are, if you are learning Swahili in a classroom, you will come across the same words and phrases repeatedly. If you are struggling to remember how to say “good morning” in Swahili, it can be hard to move on to more complicated phrases.

Before you learn Swahili in a classroom setting, get a head start with some common words and phrases. The more you know upfront, the faster you will graduate from beginner Swahili to more advanced words and phrases.

Learn How To Speak Swahili
When Mwalimu asks you to Jibu Kwa Kiswahili…

If you are a member of the Pan-African Alliance, you know our official language is Kiswahili. So if you are joining our family, you will need to refer to this list often. Bookmark this post or save the link to make it easier to access.

Ready to learn Kiswahili? Click any of the the phrases below for a drop down with vocabulary words and phrases.

Bahati Njema!

Basic Classroom Vocabulary

English: Yes
Swahili Word or Phrase: Ndiyo

English: No
Swahili Word or Phrase: You can use the word ‘Hapana’ or just say ‘La’

English: Good / Very Good / Good Work
Swahili Word or Phrase: Vizuri / Vizuri Sana / Kazi Nzuri

English: Homework
Swahili Word or Phrase: Kazi Ya Nyumbani

English: Translate
Swahili Word or Phrase: Tafsiri

English: Answer
Swahili Word or Phrase: Jibu

English: Ask
Swahili Word or Phrase: Uliza

English: Question
Swahili Word or Phrase: Swali

English: Listen (singular) / Listen (plural)
Swahili Word or Phrase: Sikiliza / Sikilizeni

English: Please
Swahili Word or Phrase: Tafadhali

English: Go ahead
Swahili Word or Phrase: Enda

English: Slowly
Swahili Word or Phrase: Polepole

English: Read; Study
Swahili Word or Phrase: Soma

English: Write
Swahili Word or Phrase: Andika

English: Remember (Sing.) / Remember (Pl.)
Swahili Word or Phrase: Mnakumbuka

English: Remember (Sing.) / Remember (Pl.)
Swahili Word or Phrase: Mnakumbuka

English: Try
Swahili Word or Phrase: Jaribu

English: Again
Swahili Word or Phrase: Tena

Basic Greetings And Responses

“Good Morning” in Swahili is “Habari za asubuhi

“Good Afternoon” in Swahili is “Habari za mchana

“Good Evening” in Swahili is “Habari za jioni

“Hello” in Swahili is “Jambo

A good general greeting in Swahili is  “Habari Gani?

“Welcome” in Swahili is “Karibu

“Good bye” in Swahili is “Kwaheri

“Goodbye, Hope To See You Tomorrow” in Swahili is “Kwaheri, Tutaonana Kesho

“Goodbye, Hope To See You Later” in Swahili is “Kwaheri, Tutaonana Baadaye

“Thank you” in Swahili is “Asante

“Thank you very much” in Swahili is “Asante Sana

Swahili Classroom Statements

English: Today We Will Learn _____.
Swahili Word or Phrase: Leo Tutasoma _____.

English: Excuse Me
Swahili Word or Phrase: Samahani

English: Teacher, I Have A Question
Swahili Word or Phrase: Mwalimu, Nina Swali

English: I Do Not Know
Swahili Word or Phrase: Sijui

English: Please Repeat
Swahili Word or Phrase: Tafadhali Rudia

English: Please, Speak In English
Swahili Word or Phrase: Tafadhali,Sema Katika Kiingereza

English: Please, Respond In Kiswahili
Swahili Word or Phrase: Tafadhali, Jibu Kwa Kiswahili

English: Please, Speak In Kiswahili
Swahili Word or Phrase: Tafadhali, Sema Katika Kiswahili

English: Write In Kiswahili
Swahili Word or Phrase: Andika Kwa Kiswahili

English: Please Read
Swahili Word or Phrase: Tafadhali Soma

English: Try Again
Swahili Word or Phrase: Jaribu Tena

English: Please Try
Swahili Word or Phrase: Tafadhali Jaribu

Swahili Classroom Questions and Answers

English: What Is “Crying” In Kiwahili?
Swahili Word or Phrase: “Crying” Ni Nini Kwa Kiswahili?

English: Do You Understand? Or Do You All Understand?
Swahili Word or Phrase: Unaelewa? Or Mnaelewa?

English: I Understand/ I Do Not Understand
Swahili Word or Phrase: Naelewa/Sielewi

English: Does Anyone Have A Question?
Swahili Word or Phrase: Mna Swali?

English: Excuse Me, Teacher, I Have A Question
Swahili Word or Phrase: Samahani, Mwalimu, Nina Swali

English: What Did We Learn/Study Yesterday?
Swahili Word or Phrase: Jana Tulisoma Nini?

English: What Have We Learned/Studied Today?
Swahili Word or Phrase: Leo Tumesoma Nini?

English: Please, Speak Slowly
Swahili Word or Phrase: Tafadhali, Zungumza Sema Polepole

Ready To Step Your Kiswahili Game Up?

Vocabulary words and phrases will only take you so far. If you want to become fluent, here are the top three resources we use to learn Swahili online:

  1. 17 Languages – This is the resource that will give you the best results in the least amount of time. Not only does 17 Languages have Swahili online courses, they also have hundreds of other languages. Click here to see their learning programs.
  2. Udemy – Udemy is the world’s largest online classroom. If you prefer to learn by video, this option is for you. This course is taught at your own pace by a native Kenyan. Click here to see if Udemy is right for you.
  3. Living Languages – This is the resource used by the leader of the United Black America Khepera Council. You can download the MP3s or purchase physical CDs. Click the box below to see if this option is right for you.
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Written by Asad Malik

Asad is the Executive Officer of The Pan-African Alliance, and the Founder of United Black America.

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