The Pan-African Alliance is a global Black organization with real people putting in real work. Since 2013 thousands of Pan-Africans like you have subscribed to and joined the Alliance.

✓ If you want to gain knowledge of self and learn the truth about who you are
✓ If you want to create generational wealth, learn to invest, and build a Black owned business
✓ If you want to reach more people in your community and become a better leader for your family and yourself…

Then this organization is for you. No matter your religion, political philosophy, level of education, or net worth, you will find a home here. Welcome to your new Family!

About The Pan African Alliance

Who We Are And What We Believe

The Pan-African Alliance is a Black organization with members and chapters across the African Diaspora. For more than 10 years we have worked to bring education for liberation to the 1.35 Billion Black people on the planet.

The Pan-African Alliance is the parent organization of United Black America, the Black Healers Guild, and the Khepera Council. United Black America was founded in 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia by Asad Malik.


We believe that we do not need to be uniformed in our opinion, our ethnicity, or our nationality to be unified in our intentions.

The African Continent and the African Diaspora include is the most diverse of any other group on the planet. While our Members represent many cultures and many perspectives, we are all unified by one mission:

to help Africans manifest their highest potential.

About The Pan African Alliance

Our Principles And Values

Even in the earliest days of our organization we have lived according to five values represented by five Black stars on the bottom of our shield:

✭ independence
✭ balance
✭ unity
✭ courage
✭ and knowledge.

These values guide our operations and the decision making processes of our leadership. And it is because of our strong values that we do not accept grants, loans, or donations from individuals or institutions that do not share our values.

Our Customs, Culture, and Way of Life

The importance of one’s culture cannot be overstated. One’s culture is your link to the past, and through the knowledge and maintenance of your culture you are able to access the thousands of years of shared experiences from the group that your belong to. How we dress, the language we speak, and the symbols that represent us must be reclaimed if we are to return to our true selves.

That is why the official language of the Pan African Alliance is kiSwahili – a Bantu language  widely spoken across the African Continent.

That is also why we have chosen the red, black, and green Pan-African flag as a symbol to represent us. This flag has been adopted by many African nations, and it has been used to represent the thousands of Black organizations that carry on the struggle for freedom.

About The Pan African Alliance

Take The Next Step On Your Journey

About The Pan African Alliance

This website is one of many resources that we provide for our people, but our work is far from done. Together, you and I will help our people become the light of the world that we were meant to be. Consider this your invitation to walk with us. We are the future of Black History. And we have been waiting for you.