Our members reflect the diversity of the African Diaspora. We work side by side with the understanding that we dont need to be uniformed in our backgrounds or opinions to be unified in our intention.

With the leverage of our combined economic power, we pool our resources together to bring our poorest members into prosperity, and to bring the wealthiest of our members into a position of influence to teach others.

With the knowledge that the worlds religions originated in Africa, our Christian members unify with their Muslim Brothers and Sisters. Atheists and Agnostics are able to learn from the Kemetic Sciences and Yoruba philosophies as part of their African heritage. We encourage one another to pursue spiritual development – regardless of the system one chooses – as a means of strengthening knowledge of self.

Our members are warriors and scholars. Militants and free spirits. All unified to create a better world for our people.

Everything that we believe in is encoded in our logo – known to us as our shield.

The Official Seal of the Pan-African Alliance

The single gold ring that holds our shield together is our mission which is to spread Black Consciousness, to fight white supremacy, and to support the establishment of a United States of Africa.

The 5 Black Stars on our shield represent our 5 values of Independence, Balance, Unity, Courage, and Knowledge. The Black stars also pay homage to Marcus Garvey’s Black Star Line – the greatest grass roots economic feat in modern times.

At the center of our shield, Africa represents our political philosophy of Pan-Africanism which is a belief in the laws and representation that benefit Africans in the Diaspora.

Behind Africa is the Red, Black, and Green banner that represents the flag of our people.

Red: The color of fire, aggression, and blood.

Red represents the blood of our martyrs, the 100 Million men and women who have given their lives for the cause of liberty, unification, and redemption.

Red compels us to remember the Oscar Grants, the Trayvon Martins, the Sean Bells, the Troy Davises alongside the Malcolm Xs, the Martin Luther King Jrs, the Huey P. Newtons, and the Denmark Veseys.

Red represents the passion and the aggression born within every Black man and woman, the life forces that must be tapped to release the collective energy that we will need to achieve our divine purpose on this planet.

Black: The color of the infinite, the mysterious, the unified, the definitive. The color of the most fertile soil from which all life springs forth, and to which all life must return.

Black represents the color of the Original people. It compels us to remember that we Black men and women are all unified as members of one family.

Black represents the uniformity of our intentions. Black also represents the ignorance – the void – from which we must emerge before we are able to lead and enlighten the rest of the world.

Green: The color of fertility, productivity, and prosperity.

Green represents the fertile cradle of Africa in all her prosperous glory. Green reminds us of our mission as Pan-Africanists; the unification of Africa into one mighty nation – protected, self-sustaining, and developed to her full potential.