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How To Promote And Earn (Step By Step)

Step 1: Click on the tab that reads ‘Affiliate URLs’ here (this link opens in a new tab so you can save your spot here)

Step 2: Enter this url  in the PAGE URL space as shown in the image below

Step 3: Click the GENERATE URL button as shown in the image below

Affiliate Area

Step 4: Copy the new link generated after you click the button and share it. Here is a quick list of places you can share this link

Where Should I Share My Link?

Email lists and social media platforms are the best places to share your link. Forums are less effective over the short term, but are worth the effort over the long term. All the links open in a new window so you can come right back here.

Click here to see all your Facebook groups

Click here for Twitter. Here is how your Tweets should look

Affiliate Area

Click here for Blaggenuf

Click here for Black Junction

Click here for Pinterest

Click here for Instagram (to add link to your bio)

Click here for LinkedIn

Click here for Abibitumi Forums

Click here for Lipstick Alley Forums

Click here for Destee Forums

What Should I Post To Make Sure I Make The Most Money? 

Every post should have three elements:

  • An emoji that helps your post stand out from others. I use ?? ⚠️  and ?. often.
  • A link to the course
  • A few words that describe why the course is right for your audience or the reason you think others should take the course
  • A call to action that tells your audience what action to take. A call to action might be “click this link to register” or “click to view the curriculum”

Pre-Made Tweets

Here is how your tweets should look.

Affiliate Area

Copy and paste the premade tweets below or create your own

?? {{{Enter your link here}}} ?? Gain knowledge of self, learn to protect yourself against the weapons of white supremacy, and discover the truth about who you are with the most comprehensive Black Consciousness course ever created. Click the link below to learn more

?? {{{Enter your link here}}} ??  I am taking the Keys to Black Consciousness Course and I want you to join me. This is a live course that you can attend from anywhere in the world. Learn more and get started here

How Do I Get Paid? 

We pay you via Paypal or bank transfer on the first day of each month.

You will receive all earnings within 2-14 days and will be notified by email when your earnings are deposited.

To get paid by Paypal, go to the Settings Tab above and enter your Paypal email address in the field shown. You can also see your earnings by clicking on Statistics above.

To get paid by direct deposit, follow these instructions:

In order for you to be paid through the Payouts Service, you must register your payment details. You can register your payment account by logging in to the Affiliate Area then clicking on the Settings tab above. On that screen they will be shown a registration form if you have not yet registered:

Affiliate AreaTo register your account, the requested information needs to be filled out and the form submitted. Upon submitting the form, you will be taken to a screen that looks like this:

Affiliate AreaHere you will enter your bank account or debit card information for where you wish your affiliate earnings to be deposited. Once your payment details are submitted successfully, you will be returned to the Affiliate Area on the website and shown a screen like this:

Affiliate AreaIf at anytime you want to change the bank account or debit card attached to your account, you can click the link shown after the Want to change your payout method?. That will send you an email with instructions on how to change your payout destination.

How Much Money Can I Make? 

Course students have three options they can choose to take the course: making a one time payment, joining at the monthly Suten Level, or joining at the monthly Neter Level. See the table below for what you can earn for each type of sale you make.

For 1 Sale You Earn… For 5 Sales You Earn… For 10 Sales You Earn… For 20 Sales You Earn… For 50 Sales You Earn…
One Time $29.50 $147.50 $295.00 $590.00 $1475.00
Suten Level $6.00 $30.00 $60.00 $120.00 $300.00
Neter Level $19.50 $97.50 $190.50 $390.00 $975.00