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These 3 Ancient African Kingdoms Changed The World – So Why Are They Not Taught In Classrooms?

In this system of white supremacy non-whites are taught that Africa and Africans had no civilization. They are also taught that what we built in our glorious past pales in comparison to that of Europeans.

These are lies.

Africa’s contribution to human civilization was white washed or erased. And as an African, your legacy was stolen from you when you were told that Black civilization is either inferior to that of non-white groups or nonexistent altogether.

Your intellectual birthright is stolen from you when non white groups know your truth, hide it from you, and then take credit for your ancestral achievements.

The result is that your esteem is destroyed, and not only do you come to believe the lies, you start to discredit your own people when they reveal our hidden colors to you.


Today, we strike another blow against this ignorance, this plagiarism, and this intellectual assault. If you are ready to reclaim your stolen legacy, keep reading and share this article to wake others up.

Here are 3 powerful, little known African Civilizations that changed the world.

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