4 African Kings Who Ruled India That Have Been Erased From History

Jamal al-Din Yaqut (ca 1200)

4 African Kings Who Ruled India That Have Been Erased From History

Jamal began his rise to power in Delhi as a habshi, one of many enslaved Africans of East African descent frequently employed by Muslim monarchs as mercenaries and members of royal security teams. Shortly after his employ began, the then reigning sovereign Queen Raziya (1236- 1240) the first female monarch of Delhi took a liking to him. He was subsequently promoted to a royal courtier and later rose to occupy the important post of superintendent of the royal stables.

She awarded him the honorific title Amir-al-Khayl (Amir of Horses) and later the much higher Amir-al-Umara (Amir of Amirs), much to the discontent of the Turkish nobility who at the time also had dealings in the region.

Already resented for being a woman ruler by the Muslim nobles and clerics, Razia’s proximity to an Abyssinian slave (considered racially inferior to the Turkish nobles who ruled the Sultanate) alienated the nobility and clerics and soon provoked open rebellion and conspiracy.

Jamal al-Din Yaqut was eventually killed off by his haters.

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Khemi HendrixXx

Title is misleading. Just because your dark skinned doesn’t make you African. If people migrated from Africa, went to India and established a civilization decades to a century later, they’re Indian. It kills me how a dark hued person can be called African no matter how far renoved they are, but no one else is; even though we all are believed to have come into existence in Africa. If Dravidians and Naga were African, so were the Tudors.


African-American after 400 years and 14 (30 yr) generations and many of us are of various hues. It’s about bloodline. You can graft onto the branches but the root remains unchanged. So your point of skin color is moot.

Bradley Reeves

Not to be combative but you’re wrong. Genetically, modern Dravidian Indians bear the closest familial similarity to East Africans. Both cultures began using clarified butter, also known as ghee, before the rest of the world and Sanskrit is thought by many linguists to have had ancient African roots. These are facts, not conjecture.

Bradley Reeves

And being Homo Sapiens, the Tudors had African origins, as do all humans. Humanity is African.

James Anderson

It has been scientifically proven that the Dravidian people of India have the same blood lineage as East Africans. They are closely related to Ethiopians. So YES that proves they are AFRICAN by lineage. Not accepting these facts do not make it any less true.


This was quite an interesting read. Any sources you can share?


What can I say. You have some informative information about “black history” but to leave out The Honorable Elijah Muhamned is “sinful”


This is not a binary system, we cannot call everything we do sinful or not sinful. This is bullshit and narrow brainer idea. Someone has shared his research, you can do it too.

Matsebe Lucas Lekalakala

As a Genealogical Researcher, I am forced to say that i am indeed blown up by the information i have just read on this website. In fact, i have learnt a lot. This is an indication that a lot has to be done in digging up the history of our African people which has been buried more than six feet underground.Therefore, i concur with the call that African History should be re-written.

By Matsebe Lucas Lekalakala
(Genealogical Researcher, Author & Teacher)

Maria Darku

There is time for everything.
Like it or not we will know the history
Well done


Love to know more on your efforts in digging out African history that are not based in sentiments rather through genuine research on the hidden treasures of history,as most of us believe that in Africa civilization started.
But the question is how did it stopped and who and who that stopped it that made the whole continent a dark one as we reseeded backwardly to the great beyond?