African Spirituality and Black Zen Podcast

The Keys to Black Consciousness Podcast

African Spirituality and Black Zen Podcast

For the first official episode of the Keys to Black Consciousness Podcast we roll out the red black and green carpet for the team. Here are some of the topics you will hear about:

☀️ The definition of African Spirituality and how it is different from other forms of spirituality.

☀️ Where chakra balancing, crystal work, and sound baths fit into meditation practice.

☀️ How culture builds civilizations, and the 5 values that differentiate Western and Indigenous spiritual systems.

☀️ What we should do about other groups appropriating our spiritual systems…

…and how to transcend into the 5th dimension!

P.S. Make sure you visit our guest and let them know you heard them at the Pan-African Alliance. You can find their site at Black Zen

About Black Zen

From their website, Black Zen was specifically created to remove the social and financial barriers that restrict black and brown communities from discovering the benefits of meditation, and allow our community to feel included in wellness-based practices.

Their approach to meditation is non-religious based and focuses only on the practice of sitting and intentionally quieting the mind for personal growth.

Black Zen’s founders have over 15 years of meditation experience and study (both formal and informal), and draw from those collective insights, lessons and experiences when sharing and curating content.


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