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4 Powerful Ways to Develop Your African Spirituality Now

African Spirituality is one of the most mis-understood concepts in the Black Conscious community. Ask 3 people to define it and you will get three different answers.

As confusing as spirituality can be, there are 4 easy ways to develop your spirituality, with or without religion!

If you want to listen to this article instead of reading it, check out our video below.

What Is Spirituality?

Spirituality is the state of your soul, emotions, beliefs, mindset, and connection to the infinite. These factors make up your spiritual anatomy called your ‘light body’. Just like your physical body, your light body can grow stronger or weaker based on your actions.

What is the Difference Between Religion and Spirituality?


If you want to get into a debate in the Black Conscious community, bring up the difference between religion and spirituality! Religion and spirituality are indeed two different things – despite what some will tell you! Religion is a system designed for spiritual development. Some systems are better than others at achieving this goal.

Today, some religions have become so corrupted that they do nothing for spiritual development. Instead, these religious have become systems of indoctrination that create divisions between “believers” and “non-believers’.

Instead of getting caught up in the dogmas taught by Christianity, Islam, Judaism, return to your African roots.

Study the Yoruba, Kemetic, and Vodun traditions. Your new found knowledge- along with other spiritual practices like meditation and fasting – will put you on the fast track to spiritual enlightenment.

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I fast regularly….. I want to get back to meditation in the morning,,,,, but I never knew is there one specific system I should choose over the others? since I did find my link to Yoruba and I find I an connected to Ubantu…. I just don’t know …. I have also been practicing Kwanzaa and finding that majority of the diaspora are speaking swahilii…. maybe I should look at that system….?


what if you are already from a tripe, im nigerian and yoruba . why is there a need to learn swahili


What if you are battling illness that hold you back from fasting? I am lost in this world. I don’t know what to believe and is sad. I am going to try with African Spirituality hoping I find myself

ruttaskhi maahes

Greetings, I just listened to the information about Afrikan Spirituality and received it well. The path that I’m traveling is more on Dogon as well as KMT. I know they are interrelated and I’m looking for the balance within them. Thank you for sharing

Geneva Connors

Asked myself a question yesterday after being confronted about what do I know believe after leaving “Christianity” practices. My answer was simple,
“I don’t know…” Ran across this article and it peeked my curiosity to know more… Thank you!


I thought fasting was going to be easy because I wasn’t at work, but nope I ended up breaking the fast and eating more than I normally do. I felt like I was starving and weak ?.


I started the fast on Saturday. For breakfast I drank 12 oz of water and throughout the morning I was sipping on herbal tea and it was torture. All I could think about was food. Than I ended up eating two big meals. I will continue to try. Practice makes perfect.


This is Jennille Dublin l am at this learning stage in my life ,seeking the truth about this peculiar nation that was redeemed from Egypt.

Tyrone Anderson

I need to know how can we blk men and blk woman and blk children can use our energy? Like to light a light bulb? Please dont laugh or think im special but it right in us…electricity brings us back to life….we get shocked went playing with it but we can’t use it at all… way….we need this answer Gods and Earths.

Donza Stanley


Clemencia Thomas

Peace. Where is the link to the step by step guide to meditation? ‘Click here’ was not a hyperlink. Thanks King.


I’m very excited about this connection. Earlier today, I was asking myself some questions, such as , what is spirituality and/or spirit? What is African spirituality? I came across your video on YouTube about African spirituality and the 5 parts of the kemetic soul that I thoroughly enjoyed and decided to check out this website. This experience is confirmation that I am on the right path. I love the fact that you share books for me to purchase and read. I will be sharing this information with my friends and family!


Just received the handbook of Yoruba Religious Concepts today! Looking forward to reading it.
Thank you for sharing your list of 12 books to read regarding african spirituality and consciousness.