AFRICOM: The Secretive Military Organization Destroying Africa From The Inside Out

AFRICOM: The Secretive Military Organization Destroying Africa From The Inside Out

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  Instead of helping Africa, the United States is currently engaged in secret missions to keep African Nations destabilized. Uganda, Somalia, Sudan, Nigeria, and Mali are primed to be the sites of the next major genocides. For 400 years, our ancestral homeland has been bled dry, and with the rise of China as a new colonial competitor, things are about to get much worse for our people and our Motherland.

Clean Gloves Hide Dirty Hands

The United States and other white powers use good facades to mask their despicable motives. These powers must pretend to support a noble, humane cause or serve a purpose to benefit the people, but behind the facade, white powers (including the United States) prove to be as demonic as ever before. One of these facades is AFRICOM. AFRICOM, or The United States Africa Command, is responsible for U.S. military operations and military relations with all 54 African nations. After becoming operational in 28 September, 2007, AFRICOM became a tactically organized arm of American colonialism. Ironically, AFRICOMs first commander was a Black man (General William E. Ward.) Courtesy: The Black Alliance For Peace According to Theresa Whelan, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for African Affairs, AFRICOM will work in partnership with African nations and aid organizations to further issues concerning stability and threats from terrorism. “(AFRICOM) represents an opportunity to strengthen and expand U.S. and African security relationships in such a way that our combined efforts can help generate more indigenous and therefore more sustainable peace and stability on the continent,” Whelan said in a statement. Another military planner responsible for the creation of AFRICOM is quoted as saying “As a military organization, we do not create policy. Rather, we support those policy decisions and coordinate our actions closely with the State Department, U.S. embassies in the region, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), and other U.S. government agencies that have been trusted partners in Africa for decades.” You know what other Aid organization claimed to be a “trusted parter” in Africa? King Leopold’s International African Society – a private holding company disguised as an international scientific and philanthropic association whose actions included the effective enslavement of the native population, savage beatings, widespread killing, and frequent mutilation when the unrealistic quotas were not met. So by using the phony threat of terrorism in Africa (like the recent reports of Muslim extremists in Nigeria, and al-Qaeda operating in Kenya), and by posing as yet another “trusted partner” in Africa, AFRICOM stands ready to take full advantage of the continent.

The Truth About AFRICOM

AFRICOM: The Secretive Military Organization Destroying Africa From The Inside OutOne of the founding members of AFRICOM, Robert Moeller, doesnt deny that AFRICOM is in Africa to impose and advance America’s will on the continent. In a Foreign Policy article (JULY 21, 2010), he wrote; “Starting with just a handful of people sitting around a table nearly four years ago, we built an organization dedicated to the idea that U.S. security interests in Africa are best served by building long-term partnerships with African nations, regional organizations, and the African Union.” He goes on to say “Let there be no mistake. AFRICOM job is to protect American lives and promote American interests.” This statement should be well understood to mean AFRICOM is not in Africa to help Africans. The command is there to take resources, assassinate anti-Western leaders (Gaddafi), and establish a permanent military presence on the continent. The Center for Research on Globalization wrote: AFRICOM is a smokescreen behind which America wants to hide its means to secure Africa’s oil and other natural resources, nothing more. African leaders must not forget that military might has been used by America and Europe again and again as the only effective way of accomplishing their agenda in ensuring that governments in each country are run by people who toe their line. By virtue of its being resident in Africa, AFRICOM will ensure that America has its tentacles easily reaching every African country and influencing every event to the American advantage. By hosting the army, Africa will have sub-contracted its military independence to America and will have accepted the process that starts its recolonization through an army that can subdue any attempts by Africa to show its own military prowess.
The major question is: who will remove africom once it is established? By what means? By its origin africom will be technically and financially superior to any african country’s army and will dictate the pace for regime change in any country at will and also give depth, direction and impetus to the us natural resource exploitation scheme. There is no doubt that as soon as the army gets operational in africa, all the gains of independence will be reversed. If the current leadership in africa succumbs to the whims of the us and accept the operation of this army in africa, they will go down in the annals of history as that generation of politicians who accepted the evil to prevail.
AFRICOM actually promotes conflict in Africa – rather than preventing it – by acting as the puppet master behind fragile African governments. AFRICOM makes “suggestions” as to who the threats are to African governments, and then arms those countries to remove that threat. And while these countries fight phantom threats, the U.S. ships in corporate contractors to “help rebuild” the war-torn countryside. Since the days of King Leopold and the Berlin Conference, the nations of the world have looked upon Africa as a resource to be used up, regardless of the detrimental effects of their activities on the people there.

AFRICOM Under The First Black President of the United States

As part of his legacy, President Obama continued the colonialist policies of the Bush Administration by expanding the powers available to AFRICOM. When he initially deployed Marines into Uganda to supposedly stop Kony, Obama didn’t bother to consult Congress or abide by the Constitution. He just sent congressional leaders a letter announcing he would again violate the national sovereignty of yet another country. “Obama’s announcement represented a highly unusual intervention for the United States,” reports the Associated Press. “Although some American troops were based in Djibouti [at the $6 billion AFRICOM mega-base] and small groups of soldiers have been deployed to Somalia, the U.S. traditionally has been reluctant to commit forces to help African nations put down insurgencies.” Uganda is a strategic asset for the United States. Back in 2005, investigative journalist Wayne Madsen reported that the U.S. had major communications and listening stations in Uganda’s Ruwenzori Mountains. Since then, AFRICOM has set-up a sprawling operation there. Libya was its first “engagement.” Moreover, the genocide in Rwanda was not simply blood lust between Tutsi and Hutu tribes, as dramatically depicted by the media at the time, but was ignited by several causes, most notably the intervention of the IMF in central Africa’s economy and its standard debt serving schemes resulting in famine and armed conflict, thus allowing the globalists to consolidate power. “While the new loans [distributed to Rwanda] contributed to releasing money for the payment of debt servicing as well as equipping the armed forces, the evidence would suggest that a large part of this donor assistance was neither used productively nor was it channeled into providing relief in areas affected by famine,” writes Michel Chossudovsky. In what is now a well-established pattern, the global elite exploited tensions created by the disastrous economic impact of its loan sharking operation and moved to establish a sphere of influence in a region historically dominated by the former colonial powers of France and Belgium. Update: Since this article was first published in 2009, Air Forces Africa spokesperson Auburn Davis told The Intercept that the Air Force recently completed 21 construction projects in Kenya, Tunisia, Niger and Djibouti and currently has seven others underway in Niger and Djibouti. These projects are part of an explosion of new military activity across the African continent. AFRICOM is just getting started.
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