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Brother Asad!
As always, this podcast is definitely on point as to where I am in my journey of defining what my nia is. i am moving in the right direction and I am experiencing all the emotions you addressed as I push through the difficult lessons. Thank you for sharing these podcasts and remember someone is always listening!


Never that! I listen to these podcasts every morning between 7am and 9am before my meditation and yoga practice. Right now resistance, vibrations, clarity and alignment are the ones that speak to my daily situations. I am learning so much about myself and others since joining this community. I started a self-care workshop for women based on the 5 elements of life and I tell everyone (sisters & brothers) who will listen about your website. I look for a new podcast every week!!! lol I am currently reading the book Know Thyself by Ni’am Akbar too. So whenever you start… Read more »