How The All-African People’s Revolutionary Party Led The Fight For African Unity

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The political philosophy of the Pan-African Alliance as a Black organization is – and always has been – a United States of Africa.

Without a Unified Africa, there can be no talk of unity anywhere else. We, the Black men and women of the world, live under the jurisdiction of European, American, and Latin land-owners. The quality of our life is dependent on the goodwill of our hosts.

This is the very antithesis of freedom and independence, and under such circumstances, there can be no political, economic, or cultural power.


Today, the possibility of a unified homeland for all Africans, both on the continent and abroad, has never been greater. Despite the efforts of colonial exploitation, political manipulation, and aggression at the hands of the West (and now the East), the spirit of African unity is has been rekindled and grows in strength.

At the forefront of this fight for the unity of the continent is the political legacy of The Rt. Hon. Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and Stokely Carmichael, The All-African People’s Revolutionary Party.

The All-African People’s Revolutionary Party

How The All-African People’s Revolutionary Party Led The Fight For African Unity

Originally founded in 1968 by Kwame Nkrumah and made famous by Stokely Carmichael, the A-APRP is a true Pan-African organization. Its one and only goal is the creation of a United Socialist African state. All other objectives are subordinated to that one goal, for – according to the organization – a unified homeland is the only way that we are to have a base of operations.

A unified Africa means a balanced use of the material resources and human potential of Africa along the lines of an integrated economy, and the elimination of all unnecessary forms of competition, warfare, and exploitation on the continent – resulting in true freedom.


It is said that the All-African People’s Revolutionary Party was formed to be a permanent, revolutionary, socialist, independent Pan-African Political party that has its roots in Africa (as opposed to in the United States or Europe). However, the AAPRP plays an integral role in the world socialist revolutionary movement.

The AAPRP is built on the concept that all Africans regardless of their current residence in the world are Africans who will always be the entitled inheritors of the homeland. All Black men and women, whether born on the continent, or within the 113 countries in the rest of the world, are still Africans that are counted as one people with a single identity, history, culture and destiny.

The AAPRP War on Capitalism

In previous articles, we have described the fallacy that is capitalism, and have also described how capitalism is in direct conflict with original values.

Again, there are 5 values that are exclusive to white culture: Individualism, ownership, conflict and control, manipulation, and consumerism. Likewise, there are 5 values that can be considered Original values. These are the values that are shared by all the Melanated peoples of the planet, and are collectivism, cooperation, common heritage, natural law, and contribution.

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We see destructive, capitalist white values in the destruction of the environment, the frenzied drive to acquire natural resources, and in the exploitation of Black working rats.


The All-African People’s Revolutionary Party agrees with the rest of the African diaspora that one of the biggest enemies we face is capitalism. In place of capitalism, a scientifically correct solution that is Pan-African in essence should serve as the ideal platform that will instigate total liberation as well as bring about unification of Africa under a new scientific socialism platform.

AAPRP recognizes how disunity, disorganization as well as ideological confusion were created by capitalists to take advantage of Africans and this institution was set up by the likes of Kwame Nkrumah to offer a new, Afrocentric solution in the form of traditional socialism.

Socialism is a form of government whereby the production of goods and services rests in the hands of the people, as opposed to a private profit entity. In its most developed form, Socialism entails the end of the use of money, and the valuation of resources based on monetary value.

Nkrumahism-Tureism Ideology

The All- African Peoples Revolutionary Party operates based on a Nkrumahism-Tureism ideology. This ideology takes its name from the principles of the Revolutionaries Kwame Nkrumah and Ahmed Sekou Toure.

Ahmed TureNKRUMAHISM-TOUREISM has been touted as being the only precise and only scientific ideology for the African revolution. This revolution derives its name from the stable revolutionary Pan-African Principles, policies and practices that are followed and were taught and were taught by Kwame Nkrumah with his counterpart Sekou Toure.

These teachings carry a significant lesson that binds Africans together, they guide and help in directing the revolution and also creates channels that lead to the achievement of Pan-Africanism and the triumph of socialism in the world.

The A-APRP Today

The AAPRP has in the years progressed its global movement by pitching camp in universities both in and outside Africa where African students are taught of the concept of a united Africa that is not divided by hate and an African continent that will bring together its people as one in order to discover its potential.

How The All-African People’s Revolutionary Party Led The Fight For African Unity

The revolution of AAPRP has continued to get stronger and now it is recruiting African members that have been born in both the African continent, the Caribbean, North, central as well as South Americas and also in Europe, to make it even better members driven from other races from all over the world have initiated this movement branding it as the best move for Africa.

The AAPRP instills unity in Africans that were born outside of Africa by teaching them that ALL Africans are both entitled to and inheritors of the legacy that is Africa – her history, resources, and culture.

There are currently very active chapters of the AAPRP across the world. These chapters consistently provide Pan-Africanists with crystal-clear assessments of the current political situation in Africa, the Americas, and Europe.

The principles of capitalism are deceit, individualism, oppression and exploitation. These principles are counter to the principles of African people and the foundations of positive human development. The African masses must formulate our own revolutionary agenda and uncompromisingly fight for the supremacy of that agenda. We must not be led into following an agenda that is counter to our development, regardless of who is the mouthpiece for the other agenda.

For more on The All-African Peoples Revolutionary Party or to find a chapter near you, visit their website at

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