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The Beginning and The Ending [The Jewels Podcast]

It begins with you and it ends with you. Right knowledge corrects wrong behavior. This is an unreleased, Member only podcast. I don’t publish these jewels anywhere else. I don’t have anything to sell you here, and there are no ads. No crazy giveaways. Nobody coming on here to sell you their shea butter (lol). […] More

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Neely Fuller Jr. And the Nine Major Areas of People Activity

For this week’s show, we decided to do a follow up on one of our most successful shows to date. Hear 2 Help will once again tackle Neely Fuller Jr’s work, The United-Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept Textbook and what he describes as the 9 Major Areas of People Activity. Today’s focus will solely be on the […] More

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African Creation Myths – Hear 2 Help You

source Today’s show take me back to my days as an African history student in a local community class. Sitting in the back with my notebook on my lap, listening and taking notes. Out teacher, Brother Derrick would always mention that the various creation stories on the continent have similarities. That no matter the tribe, […] More

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