• Igbotic started the topic Your new social network in the forum Introduce Yourself 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    Peace and Power to all the Family,

    I just want to encourage everyone to continue building up this resourceful website. Make this your new homepage, and ditch FB for the time-wasting, surveillance tool that it has shown itself to be.

    It’s easy. If you spend as much time (or more) on the Pan-African Alliance site as FB/IG whatever, you will be rewarding yourself instead of poisoning yourself.

    Since beginning this journey, I have left (was kicked off) the plantation. Unfortunately, because the timing was bad, I had to return to the plantation, but only part time. In the meantime, I have been building side businesses, and will only remain there for 1 year while my “4 Years to Freedom” plan continues.

    Hope to see you all positively contributing to your own social network right here.

    Shukrani sana much love,