Survive Anything: An Interview With The Asafo Gun Club – UBA Radio

Survive Anything: An Interview With The Asafo Gun Club - UBA Radio

In this remastered podcast episode of United Black America Radio we roll out the red, black, and green carpet for Montu and the Asafo Gun Club.

Survive Anything: An Interview With The Asafo Gun Club - UBA Radio

He dropped jewels including this one that I meditate on frequently: “Nature will not permit anything to stand still. Nature will punishes things that try to rest. If you are going to be in nature, you are going to have to stay in motion. If you rest too long, you open yourself up to being preyed upon and you open yourself up to being compromised.”

The white man will not allow somebody to enslave him. He will go to the grave first. They take pride in dying for what they believe in and that’s what makes them a powerful people.

Here Is What You Will Learn

✓ The difference between race, ethnicity, and nationality
✓ Why you should know wilderness survival skills, especially in urban environments
✓ How companies take advantage of disasters to steal wealth from investors and from you
✓ How the world’s first drug war started (according to Brother Malcolm X)
✓ How natural law relates to the warrior mindset

…and the survival mindset versus the surrender mindset!

Resources Mentioned In This Episode

✓ Jasiri X’s organization, 1Hood (
✓ The Asafo Gun Club main website (

Show our media break artist some support by streaming his album below.

Like a Thief in the Night
  • Audio CD – Audiobook
  • Uprising Records (Publisher)

And here is the audiobook version of the Autobiography of Malcolm X mentioned in the Do The Knowledge segment.

The Autobiography of Malcolm X: As Told to Alex Haley
Get this Audiobook plus a second, free with audible trial

About United Black America Radio

Survive Anything: An Interview With The Asafo Gun Club - UBA Radio

From 2013 until 2018, UBA Radio served as the voice of United Black America. The podcast won the ‘Best Black History Podcast on Itunes’ in 2016, earned more than 90 5-star reviews, and more than 300,000 downloads.

Unfortunately, in 2018 social media platforms and iTunes began systematically oppressing Black content creators and all episodes of United Black America Radio were erased.

Today, we are re-uploading remastered episodes on our Black owned servers to ensure the information contained in these episodes are never destroyed again.

Listen to the Show Below

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