African Astrology And The Cosmic Parental Connection

African Astrology And The Cosmic Parental Connection

The following was written by Digansela Ubuntu. Born DeAndre Fears, Digansela Ubuntu is an Alumni of Hume-Fogg Academic, and is currently a University of Memphis student of Geography. His strong Baptist Christian background and passion for the culture of our melanin-rich people leads his never-ending quest to make the truth known to masses.

Let me start by asking this question: When is the last time you have considered astrology? Most people would disregard the study, as they usually think only of horoscopes and many find horoscopes silly. But, astrology? Is there a difference between astrology and horoscopes?

Astrology is the study of the stars and their vastly unexplored effect of phenomena and events in the human world. Learning about the stars actually helps we better understand ourselves. Think of the Principle Law of Correspondence which states, “as above, so below.” Following this method, as we continue to seek knowledge about the vastness of space, we, indeed, should apply these findings to our inner self and find the similarities. Limiting perspective is limiting progress; moreover, any study of things unknown is definitely needed and should be encouraged.

In the Bible during the story of Yeshua, his birth was marked by a star and the wise men were able to interpret it and act accordingly. They were astrologers, “Where is the one who has been born King of the Jews? We saw his star in the east and have come to worship him” (Matthew 2:2).

I want to explore with this article how contemporary astrology, discussing personality characteristics of people, truly affects our relationships, especially the relationships to our parents. Under the 12 signs of the zodiac, I am a Gemini. After reading on the characteristics of my personality, they were so accurate that I decided to explore astrology deeper. Then, not too long ago, I had epiphany about how astrology ultimately affects how we are raised and who our parents are.

Some refer to the Earth as “Mother Earth.” Who is the father? Well, he shines bright all-year-round, yet seems to hide from the polar ice caps for 6 months at a time. Yes, the Sun is our celestial “father,” while Earth is the mother. To illustrate this, picture The Sun’s rays as a male’s sperm racing 93 million miles to meet Earth (the egg).

This union leads to the spawn of life here on our planet. The egg is fertilized and it begins the rapid growth, similar to the initial cell dividing of a newly impregnated egg within a woman. Doesn’t this explain urban sprawl and our non-sustainable lifestyle? We are dividing or multiplying at an exponential rate, there must be a point where all this growth ceases—the birth process.

Most everything we use and eat on a daily basis ultimately comes from The Sun’s energy. He is the protector and the provider (of energy). Whereas, Mother Earth nurtures with plants to eat, other animals to enjoy, and a constant flow of love from the universe. Again, the principle of correspondence explains that the relationship we have to our parents is similar to the relationship we have with the stars themselves—as above, so below.

How does this affect the relationship we have to our parents? Growing up, I always seemed to naturally antagonize one of my parents. As a young boy, that parent was my father. I will not go as far to say that I had the Oedipus complex, which states that a male child will have disdain for his father in favor of his mother because his mother is his “first-love.” But, I will say that as a child, my natural default was to want to be nurtured. In my childish imagination and worldview, I did not feel the threat of fear, so I did not want protection. I felt I had all I needed, and did not want a provider. So, during these years of my life my mother was my “favorite” parent.

As I grew older, my worldview began to expand and my understanding of becoming a man grew. Now, I felt a less need to be nurtured because I was ready to leave the nest and find myself. However, now, I felt more of a need to have provisions—I also felt a sense that I needed to learn to protect myself mentally and physically. Essentially, I gravitated towards my father.

My mother is a Capricorn and my father is an Aquarius. Capricorns are very methodical and practical and have strong will to work their way to the top, yet slowly. Aquarians are more free-spirited and work less efficiently with a strict schedule—they prefer to govern themselves.

My mother was always the realist, and my father was always the dreamer. And the child they had turned out to be a Gemini, a person that prefers to have this AND that. We Gemini, like to have our cake and eat it too, but sometimes this is seen as being reckless, when all along; we have things firmly under control.

African Astrology And The Cosmic Parental Connection

Does not this make sense that Capricornic energy and Aquarian energy would spawn an energy that is methodical AND free-spirited? Also, according to astrology I am naturally compatible with Aquarians, but not necessarily with Capricorns. Perhaps, one parent will always have the natural compatibility with the child and the other will struggle to really know the child.

I want to again use the principle of correspondence, to apply the conceptions above, below, where we will discuss the above. (Pardon the confusion, I find it enjoyable to play on words.) Think of how we are currently treating our planet. Remember, that the planet is our celestial mother and The Sun, our father. For generations now, human kind has been very left-brained, that is, very male dominated. We looked to The Sun for our energy and our protection and we had a lower desire for being nurtured. Because of this very calculated, capitalist thinking, we began the destruction of our Mother Earth. The industrial revolution spawned the cancerous urban sprawl that is plaguing our planet’s resources.

Gradually, we are now seeing a shift in consciousness where many people are waking up from left-brained thinking, and activating the right brain. Now, the third eye can be opened and the big picture can be seen and interpreted. One should see this is the rise of organic food, the sustainability movements, and less barriers between religions. We are turning back to our Mother.

All of our answers to life are above, yet, within—as above, so below. Astrology has helped me immensely in understanding who I am. I encourage the study of astrology, as it opens the doors for what is truly possible in the universe. Nothing is impossible, but some things cannot be explained yet, so it seems “impossible.” When we gaze at the stars, we are gazing at our higher selves. Life is all about perspective, and when that perspective is limited, then progress is limited.

We, as melanin-rich beings, must overstand that we are royalty. The more melanin a being has, the closer it is to the true nature of things. This is where the saying, “Black is beautiful,” comes from. We are naturally spiritual—take how we have influenced the world through our music. Let us not fight our inner self and embrace who we really are.

Only then can we move the consciousness of the people forward.

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