The Greatest Story Never Told: Ausar, Aset, and the Battle For Kemet

The Greatest Story Never Told: Ausar, Aset, and the Battle For Kemet

The story of Ausar is one of the most important stories in Black Consciousness. As new members of the community begin to study African spirituality, we always begin with the fable of the Ausarian Drama.

Much of the story below was taken from The Pert Em Heru – or Book of Coming Into The Light. If you have never read this valuable scroll, you can add it to your library using the link below.

Egyptian Book of the Dead: The Book of Coming Forth By Day- The Book of Enlightenment
142 Reviews
Egyptian Book of the Dead: The Book of Coming Forth By Day- The Book of Enlightenment
  • Ashby, Muata (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 386 Pages - 11/09/2005 (Publication Date) - Sema Institute (Publisher)

This story is important for Black men and women because it clearly demonstrates the African origins of Christianity. More importantly, this story promotes the virtues of order, temperance, and justice over jealousy, envy and hatred.

Who Is Ausar?

Ausar and his Co-Regent, Aset. Two of the most important Neteru in Kemet

Ausar (Osiris) is not only a merciful judge of the dead in the afterlife. He is also the lord of life who yielded vegetation and the fertilizing floods of the Nile River.

That last point is important, because Ausar does not represent death alone. He represents life and the rebirth that comes as a natural revolution of the process of death.

Ausar is described as the “Lord of love”, “He Who is Permanently Benign and Youthful”  and the “Lord of Silence”.  The Suten (Kings) of Egypt were associated with Osiris in death — as Osiris rose from the dead they would, in union with him, inherit eternal life.

Osiris was widely worshiped as Lord of the Dead until the the Christian era, when old Kemet traditions were destroyed.

The Story of Ausar, Aset and Heru

The story of Ausar begins in Kush, an ancient kingdom to the south of Kemet (Egypt) in what is presently called Sudan. Ausar was an early leader of Kush, and genius who developed the written word (called medu neter, or the language of the gods), agriculture, and theology.

Armed with knowledge that had the power to civilize mankind, Ausar left Kush to spread his teachings along the Nile Valley and around the world.

On his travels, he met a beautiful Nubian woman named Auset (Isis), whom he married shortly thereafter. Isis then served as his co-regent (not his subordinate, an important indicator of the position of women in Kemet).

Auset remained in her homeland while her husband continued in his travels as a missionary.

The Greatest Story Never Told: Ausar, Aset, and the Battle For Kemet
A depiction of Aset (Isis)

Ausar gained fame and admiration throughout Kemet as a unifier, a man of order and virtue, and an exemplary scholar. This fame provoked the envy and hatred of his brother, Set (Seti).

As Ausar traveled across Kemet unifying the wild and scattered tribes into the worlds first nation state, his brother followed behind him in an attempt to undo his brothers accomplishments.

Set stirred up animosity among those who had come under Ausar’s rule. “Who is he that you should listen to Ausar?” Set would proclaim.  “Let each man do as he pleases!”

Lawlessness exploded across the region, and the order that Ausar brought to Kemet began to deteriorate. But Set was not satisfied with the chaos that he wrought – he wanted his brother dead.

Set followed behind Ausar, caught up to him, and murdered him while he slept. He dismembered Ausars body into 14 pieces and spread them across Kemet so that they couldn’t be found.

When Auset learned of the murder of her husband, she fled into hiding and then went searching for the missing parts of her husbands body. She found every piece, except for Ausars penis. It had been cast into the Nile and eaten by a crocodile.

She cleaned each piece of her husband’s body, anointed it with oil, and wrapped him in linens. She grieved over her beloved, not only because he was murdered but because they hadn’t consummated their marriage – Auset was still a virgin.

The spirit of Ausar heard her cries and visited her in the night. Nine months later, Auset gave birth to Heru. It was the first “immaculate conception” recorded in any spiritual system.

The Destiny Of Heru

Heru, endowed with the spirit of his father, was given the mission of defeating his wicked uncle Set and restoring order to his father’s kingdom on Earth as the rightful heir to a unified Kemet.

Heru grew up in hiding to prevent Set from discovering that Ausar had an anointed son, but all the while preached of his fathers kingdom and preparing his disciples for the day of battle. The battle between the forces of Set, in the North, against the forces of Heru, in the South, was apocalyptic.

In the end, it was Horus and his righteous armies that was victorious.

Once the battle was over, instead of killing his uncle Set Heru bound him in chains and cast him into an abyss. At the moment of his victory, Heru was transformed into a falcon and was called up into heaven to stand before his father and give testament.

Ausar was well pleased, blessed him, and sent him back down to Earth to rule as the legitimate Pharaoh of a unified Kemet. Once Heru assumed his throne on Earth, Ausar was also able to be at rest and assumed his throne as the Lord of the Underworld.

The Greatest Story Never Told: Ausar, Aset, and the Battle For Kemet
The Heru Bedet

To commemorate the victory of Heru, every temple and royal house carved a winged sun – the heru bedet – above its entrance. The heru bedet served as a reminder of the virtues of order and a warning against the dangers of intemperance and jealousy.

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Zuhirah Rasulalah

I would like to first Thank Brother Assad Malik, for being my Motivation and Inspiration for continuing to follow this
Channel, I am in Awe of all of the wonderful well-rounded knowledge and information available to Us By Us. Thank you for providing much of this Tree of Life Knowledge for me.


I can appreciate everyone’s perspective. however, we are but victims because we find ourselves in the position of those who came after the “fact(s) In this position one is powerless to avoid; what those who came before you put in (y)our paths to find. This is the great disadvantage of human being created with a brain that doesn’t invent. it can’t create. it can only mimic what it has been exposed to, shown, or taught. Therefore the human brain is incapable of “making Sh*T up!” There is an original story. but the only way a human could retell the story… Read more »


I get what you are saying and agree with most of it, especially that people mimic things theyve been exposed to. But i have one question, how you know ausar is the father god and real? werent there already humans when he walked the earth? of course there were! and what about the connection to nimrod? i always thought about where does all that stuff from jesus to krishna to mithras to osiris come from. i once believed in jesus when i was a kid, then i realized its plagiarizm of ancient myths and the sun,, then i realized what… Read more »

Jerome Moore



All of the above is interesting but has gaping holes. Your postulation…. i just want to point out that the possibility osiris/horus/krishna/mithras/jesus/moses/ninus/gilgamesh etc are nothing more than a mystified and deified retelling of nimrod, the first god-king who established the first one world order…not convincing. Jesus Christ (and others) are not a retelling of Nimrod. Indeed Christ existence is accepted by secular historians and has more documentation than several ancient philosophers combined. But Christianity has been infiltrated by the children of the Prince of this world. What is now accepted as the “Church” is of mans making not God’s. So… Read more »


what about the theory of nimrod? have u heard of it? nimrod was a babylonian king, actually the first king on earth by biblical definition. (i know, bible stuff cant be trusted fully but wait, read on). by biblical definition he was a wicked and evil man who created the first cults, mystery religions and was the inventor of idoltry. there is a story of him and abraham where abraham survived the fiery furnice in which nimrod threw him. when nimrod died, his wife/sister semiramis/ishtar perfomred a ritual and bore a son, tammuz, of which he claimed it was the… Read more »


These are actually the same story told from the reverse perspective. The Bible gives the accurate account. Noah had 3 sons who survived the flood with him. One was Shem, Ham, and Japheth. Ham had a son named Kush and Kush had a son named Nimrod. Ultimately, Shem followed God’s will and Ham’s son did not follow God at all. Instead Kush and his son Nimrod (Ausar) along with his wife set themselves up as idols and taught the people wicked things. Shem caught Nimrod and killed him for disobeying God’s laws. The African version changes a few of the… Read more »


I’ve heard that theory very often but i never saw ANY source of this story. I dont know what truth is but i stick to my gut feeling because the story of Ausar is so deep and holds a great message to humanity. It sounds very plausible, that all ancient stories are retellings of one original story but the real question is, what is the original story? Ausar? Nimrod? Orion and the stars? I was raised a christian (and i dont mean the usual christian, i mean very very faithful jesus freaks) and i always loved the allegories of jesus… Read more »


The Bible is not complicated, if you read it yourself. We’ve set under pastors so long who don’t go into great detail about the Bible, or should I say we need a Geneva Bible. That bible is the closest to the original scrolls. Ancient kemet took from Ethiopia, this is why Ethiopia couldn’t be swayed to practice what they practiced. Ethiopia is the oldest civilization, older than Egypt. The story was taken from nimrod. Kemet didn’t come about until AFTER the flood. And the only reason why it sounds better or “deeper” is because ham(kem) had certain knowledge his brothers… Read more »


Heard of Gilgamesh? Noah is based from it.

Big Dxnna

Nope, about to research right now. #thanks

Big Dxnna

Cant copy the bible if it predates the bible. Jesus was created in 325 a.d. by the council of nicea… research if u want proof because it is there


Do we really know that it predates it? Also, the story is found in the old testament, not the new.. The new testament ist astrotheology 100%


The council didn’t “create” Jesus, they simply manipulated all the empowering knowledge written by the disciples to be overlooked, such as the Gospel of Thomas and so on, while also deciding what else would be included in the new Testament and what would not, of course for the purposes of maintaining control over future Generations of Christians who had absolutely no idea how much Priceless teachings of Christ that were left out, which of course is the reason for all the confusion centered around the Bible today. You know something is wrong when people who aren’t even Christians are deciding… Read more »


Not so, he was there. The messiah was there before any of that, they just added to and took from the Bible. They didn’t make HIM up, the just decided what they were going to put in the King James Bible. This is why ppl are deceived, everyone hears council of nicea and think He was made up, the name may have been “translated” but HE did/does exist (lives) and it is true. there are historians who have solid proof, pre council of nicea, this was just more efforts to deceive ppl. Scriptures and scrolls were forced to be translated.… Read more »


It is, ancient kemet took from Ethiopia, the rulers of kemet tried to get Ethiopia to convert to their beliefs, but they held fast to the scriptures. Of course, who would convert to a religion which took principles from them and mock the HEAVENLY FATHER ??‍♀️Nimrod is the one who started that and he wasn’t even Egyptian(Mizriam) he was nubian(cushite) two different nations. Ethiopia is where civilization started the whole continent was Ethiopia, not kemet. Ethiopia was never colonized and not because they converted to Christianity, They been practicing Christianity since bible days, they know the truth