6 Black Owned Brands That Make The Best Shampoo For Black Hair

Best shampoo for Black Hair

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If you are looking for the best shampoo for Black hair, there are several important considerations to take into account. Is the brand right for your hair type? Is the product Black owned? Will it work with my natural hair?

The good news is that we have done the hard work of evaluating hundreds of brands to find the ones that work with Black hair types.

These shampoos are part of our monthly ‘Replace and Rebuild’ Initiative.

The Replace and Rebuild Initiative works for three reasons:

  1. Instead of supporting Black owned businesses with one – off purchases, you are providing them with repeat business each month.
  2. The money that you spend with Black businesses gives them the resources to hire other Black men, women, and children.
  3. You are more likely to get products that are natural. Mass manufacturing creates products filled with industrial chemicals, but Black owned companies typically avoid these toxins.

Each month we are asking all of you to pledge that you will support a Black owned business and replace just one item that you use regularly with a Black made product, and repeat this process until all of our household consumables come from Black businesses.

We all take care of our hair a daily basis, so this month swap out cheap store bought shampoo for all-natural Black owned brands.

The Difference Between Black Hair and Other Hair Types

All hair types are not the same. The majority of the African race has Type 3 to Type 4 hair. Both type 3 and 4 hair are defined as tight curls or coils that look like corkscrews shown below.
Both type 3 and 4 hair has been defined as tight curls or coils that look like corkscrews.

Each strand of African hair type grows in a tiny, spring-like helix shape – a direct adaptation to both heat and sunlight present in our indigenous environments.

Off the shelf shampoo use harsh chemicals that can strip away the natural oils produced by the scalp. For Black hair, that can lead to excess frizz, thinner and weaker hair strands, and breakage.

That is why we encourage or members to swap out off the shelf shampoos for one of the natural, small batch brands below.

Best Shampoo For Black Womens Hair: Hairfinity Biotin Gentle Cleanse Shampoo

Hairfinity Biotin Hair Growth Shampoo

If you are looking for a safe, affordable, and Black hair friendly brand, Hairfinity checks more than all the boxes. Combine this shampoo with the hair growth products we mention here and you will experience the fastest and healthiest crown of your life.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Hairfinity Hair Growth Shampoo.

Is Hairfinity Black Owned?

Tymeka Lawrence is the African American CEO of Brock Beauty, the parent company of the Hairfinity brand.

Tymeka was working as an electrical engineer until, in 2006, she and her husband started the company with a vitamin supplement that promotes hair growth. Hairfinity’s success led them to develop other natural hair and skin care beauty products which are now distributed around the world and enjoyed by celebrity clientele including Meagan Goode and Keshia Knight Pulliam. She earned both her Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of New Orleans. 

In this interview with Beautifully Brown, she discusses how she created the multi-million dollar product line:

“I was pursuing several business ventures with my husband. I was actually doing the hair care research for myself. I did not think of it as a business idea at first. I had a problem, I looked for a problem, and then I found other women who had the same problem. I am naturally a problem solver, so I started putting out information about healthy hair techniques.”

Is Hairfinity Shampoo Safe?

Most off the shelf shampoos use sulfates that strip Black hair of natural oils and can lead to breakage and clogged pores.

According to their website, Hairfinity Gentle Cleanse Shampoo is safe and free of sulfates, silicones, parabens, phthalates, mineral oil and petroleum.

Using natural ingredients means softer hair that keeps its natural oils, promotes stronger hair strands, and reduces breakage by up to 84% (source).

Can You use Hairfinity on fully natural hair?

Since Hairfinity shampoo uses natural ingredients that remove dirt while supporting natural hair oils, this product is excellent for natural hair.

You can support Hairfinity using the link below.

Where To Buy Hairfinity Biotin Gentle Cleanse Shampoo

Best Shampoo For Black Mens Hair: Nubian Heritage Indian Hemp Vegan CoWash

Indian Hemp Vegan CoWash is our pick for mens Best shampoo for Black hair

There is a huge difference in the way Black men want to smell and treat their hair. That is why we have a separate category for men when it comes to the best shampoo for Black hair.

Specifically, men are less likely to have salon treated hair, tend to get dirtier, and are less likely to favor floral or sweet scents.

Nubian Heritage has a subtle and masculine scent, works well, and uses vegan ingredients to get the job done.

Another bonus: this product is a shampoo and conditioner in one. Save a step and pick up a bottle of Nubian Heritage.

Is Nubian Heritage Black Owned?

We have featured the Nubian Heritage Brand in our article titled All Natural Deodorant Brands From Black Owned Companies that you can find here.

In that article, we mentioned that Nubian Heritage is sold under Sundial Brands, but the owners – Nyema Tubman and Richelieu Dennis – both own and control the brand.

Is Nubian Heritage Indian Hemp Vegan Shampoo Safe?

Nubian Heritage claims their shampoo is 100% vegan. Here are some of the ingredients listed in the shampoo:
– Tamanu Oil
– Tiare Flower
– Hemp Seed Oil
– Garlic bulb extract
…and a number of other fair trade ingredients.

Can You use Nubian Heritage Shampoo on fully natural hair?

Yes. However, if your hair is dry or brittle, you will need to add a second conditioner to your routine.

Where To Buy Nubian Heritage Indian Hemp Vegan CoWash

Overall Best Shampoo For Black Hair: Qhemet Biologics Egyptian Wheatgrass Cleansing Tea

Or pick for best shampoo for Black hair

Qhemet Biologics was featured in our article titled 8 Of The Best Black Hair Products For Fast Hair Growth. The company has one of the most authentic and affordable lines for Black hair care online, making this our pick for the overall best shampoo for Black hair.

Is Qhemet Biologics Black Owned?

Yes. The owner of Qhemet Biologics is Felis Butler – a Black woman historian with natural hair. She created the company in 2004, and has since earned a place on store shelves from Kiyo Beauty to Sephora.

Is Qhemet Biologics Egyptian Wheatgrass Cleansing Tea Safe?

According to their website, Qhemet Biologics is sulfate‑free, paraben‑free, and organic. This product is also 100 percent vegetarian, meaning no animal products or testing were used to manufacture the shampoo.

Can You use Qhemet Biologics Egyptian Wheatgrass Cleansing Tea on fully natural hair?

Absolutely. In fact, Qhemet products are specifically formulated to address the hair needs of conscientious naturals with thick, dry and/or natural hair. 

Where To Buy Qhemet Biologics Egyptian Wheatgrass Cleansing Tea

Best Shampoo For Black Hair Honorable Mentions

If you dont see your favorite brand on our list it may not have met one of the three criteria above. If it does, feel free to leave a comment below.

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