How To Start A Black Owned Clothing Line With Less Than $100 [Ultimate Guide]

The Summary

I gave away all my secrets in this post, so you have no excuse not to get started! Oh, and here is a checklist and cost recap of everything to prove you can do this with $100.

?? Click here to go to Fiverr and create a logo for your clothing line = $5

?? Click here to go to Fiverr and find a graphic designer to create your first 5 shirt or accessory designs = $25

?? Click here to go to Godaddy and buy a domain name for 99 cents with our discount link = $1

?? Click here to go to Printing Now to buy flyers that will go inside the package  (Optional – But adding this to your shipments is a sign of professionalism and strengthens your brand perception.) = $20

?? Click here to go to Mailchimp and buy your autoresponder = $20

?? Click here to go to Shopify and get a Lite plan to process your orders = $9

?? Click here to go to Bluehost to get hosting for your website with our discount link = $8 or less

?? Click here to go to Fiverr and hire a WordPress customization gig to make changes to your WordPress theme = $5

?? Click here to get to manage social media campaigns = $10

Grand Total = $93

In a world of so few options and so many resources, the world needs your Black owned clothing line. I have given you all my secrets, and I will even support you on your journey! Join our newsletter below to get a notification when our group challenge starts. You can also post your questions (or a URL for your clothing line) below and I will answer them personally. Finally, you can get a step by step “drip feed” by clicking the button below.


How To Start A Black Owned Clothing Line With Less Than $100 [Ultimate Guide]

Download A Free Copy Of The Ultimate Guide To Starting A Black Owned Clothing Line!

No experience necessary. PDFs, Videos, and Podcasts Included.

I show you how to outsource, automate, and profit from your own clothing line for less than $100!

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So I’ve actually been applying your very resourceful bits of info and just wanted to share blue host actually does not offer monthly payments on a majority of their plans. What you are going to have to do is pay an annual fee and from what I understand you will have the option to pay monthly after the initial renewal. With that being said the best deal that I found for me, was the Pro Choice package for businesses and the total was $116 and some change. I personally was caught off guard, so I felt the need to share.… Read more »

Kyia Mobley

Can you provide the link for a copy of your business plan to start a clothing line? The above download link isn’t working. Thanks


Loved the advice. However I am looking more for businesses that are already started that are having a bit of a slug, growing their business. Being “clairvoyant” does not make a person psychic, it just means you sense things ahead of time. Free service to black owned businesses.


This is very informative. May I please get it sent via mail ?

Many Thanks


Peace! This article was well written and very informative. Thank you for taking the time to uplift the people with needed info!

I’m looking to start a unique, custom textile / apparel line that will NOT include T-shirt’s. So in my case, manufacturing is a vital initial component to my business. Do you have any resources to share to find (black) manufactures?


Well written article!
Can you please send me a business template and all materials you may think might help in starting an african POD business
Thank you ever so much

Darias Jones

can you send Business template please really enjoyed post!

Devon Holley

This was amazing. This article work, every single detail brought my website to life. I would recommend this article to any person looking to get a better understanding about supply and demand while also looking to get their start. I was able to develop my website within a week. Thank you so much.


Can you send me steps please

crystal carter

hi, thank you for this article! i am new to this and i just launched my website with godaddy. They have web hosting – go central. I wanted to know if i could use GoCentral instead of Bluehost? They did not offer a monthly option, Go daddy – Go Central may be a more affordable option. They seem to be similar except for the wordpress offer. Thanks

crystal carter

thank you. i’m going to enroll in the membership program.