How To Start A Black Owned Clothing Line With Less Than $100 [Ultimate Guide]

Step 7: Sale Or Bail

Objective: Remove yourself from the business

Having a good exit strategy in place ensures that you get the payoff that you deserve for all your hard work. No project lasts forever. Even if it does, life challenges may require you to cash out or bail out.

Why You Might Sell Your Company

Some entrepreneurs build companies for the sole purpose of selling them for a nice payday down the line. Others come across a competitor that they just cant beat, and decide to surrender by letting the competitor buy them out.

You might come to realize that the fashion game no longer interests you, or you want to move into real estate. Whatever your reason, selling is a solid exit strategy.

I am not an expert in business finance, but when I sold my previous companies, I asked for a 12x multiple. That means the buyer would take my earnings for the current month and multiply that number by 12. That would be my selling price.

So if your store is making 3,000 per month and you are looking to sell it at a 12x multiple, you would get a $36,000 payday. You can increase your asking price if you have a big email list, special software, or a system that will keep running on its own with no maintenance well into the future. And if you have followed this guide, you are set up to command a higher than average asking price for your clothing line because it is a system that wont require much work or maintenance from your buyer. They can just buy your system, change bank account info, and they are good from day one. ?

How To Start A Black Owned Clothing Line With Less Than $100 [Ultimate Guide]

If you followed my advice and built your clothing line using Shopify, then it is easy to sell your store. Shopify has a huge marketplace that you can search through by clicking here that lets you buy and sell whole companies.

You can also reach out to competitors and offer to sell to them. They may be willing to offer much higher prices just to clear the field of a competitor and increase their market penetration.

How To Bail Out Of Your Company

If you cant stand to part with your baby, you can hire a General Manager to run the day to day business while you ‘bail’ for a few months or years. There are two things that need to be in place to make your bail out successful:

1. You need to generate enough revenue to grow the business, pay yourself, and pay a General Manager. Until you reach that level of revenue, bailing out wont be feasible.

2. You need to have written systems in place (for more on systems, click here). This is the ‘bible’ that you use to run your business, and includes all your login information, a step by step guide to creating designs, contact information for your sources, how to maintain the website, and anything else anyone would need to keep your business running in your absence. You are going to turn this system into a manual for your General Manager. Even if you dont hire a GM, you will need to hand this SOP over to your buyer if you are selling your company.

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So I’ve actually been applying your very resourceful bits of info and just wanted to share blue host actually does not offer monthly payments on a majority of their plans. What you are going to have to do is pay an annual fee and from what I understand you will have the option to pay monthly after the initial renewal. With that being said the best deal that I found for me, was the Pro Choice package for businesses and the total was $116 and some change. I personally was caught off guard, so I felt the need to share.… Read more »

Kyia Mobley

Can you provide the link for a copy of your business plan to start a clothing line? The above download link isn’t working. Thanks


Loved the advice. However I am looking more for businesses that are already started that are having a bit of a slug, growing their business. Being “clairvoyant” does not make a person psychic, it just means you sense things ahead of time. Free service to black owned businesses.


This is very informative. May I please get it sent via mail ?

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Peace! This article was well written and very informative. Thank you for taking the time to uplift the people with needed info!

I’m looking to start a unique, custom textile / apparel line that will NOT include T-shirt’s. So in my case, manufacturing is a vital initial component to my business. Do you have any resources to share to find (black) manufactures?


Well written article!
Can you please send me a business template and all materials you may think might help in starting an african POD business
Thank you ever so much

Darias Jones

can you send Business template please really enjoyed post!

Devon Holley

This was amazing. This article work, every single detail brought my website to life. I would recommend this article to any person looking to get a better understanding about supply and demand while also looking to get their start. I was able to develop my website within a week. Thank you so much.


Can you send me steps please

crystal carter

hi, thank you for this article! i am new to this and i just launched my website with godaddy. They have web hosting – go central. I wanted to know if i could use GoCentral instead of Bluehost? They did not offer a monthly option, Go daddy – Go Central may be a more affordable option. They seem to be similar except for the wordpress offer. Thanks

crystal carter

thank you. i’m going to enroll in the membership program.