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How To Build A Black Dropshipping Business In 2022 And Beyond

Start a profitable side hustle with these affordable Black Freelancers

How To Build A Black Dropshipping Business In 2022 And Beyond

In 2022 it has never been easier for Black entrepreneurs to start an online business.

Thats because (whether we like it or not) Pandemic lockdowns forced all of us to turn to the internet to get what we wanted and needed.

As devastating as the Pandemic was, internet entrepreneurs made mode money than ever before.

And even after lockdowns ended, online shopping continued to break records, and dropshippers have found new life on platforms like Shopify, Amazon, and WordPress.

So if you are thinking about your next online business, dropshipping is still one of the best options.

How Does The Drop-Shipping Business Model Work?

How dropshipping works

Drop-shipping is a straight-forward business model: suppliers take care of making and shipping products, while drop-shippers take care of marketing and collecting payments.

This business model benefits suppliers since they dont need to build websites or do marketing to sell their products. Instead, they can focus on making and shipping the products.

And drop-shipping works well for entrepreneurs since they can offer a wider variety of products to their audience, without having to carry inventory or ship products.

Another benefit to drop-shippers is they keep a percentage of every sale made through their websites. That makes this the perfect business model for anyone who has the time to create a drop shipping brand.

To take advantage of this business model, you should be able to:

  • build websites
  • install payment processors
  • write sales copy,
  • and create SEO, PPC, and marketing campaigns

The good news is that if you dont have these skills, you can hire them. And even if you do have the skills above, the only way to scale a business is by building systems that put other people to work.

That is why I am such an advocate of using freelancer websites to find Black entrepreneurs who have the skills I want in places where my dollar goes farther than it does in the west.

If you want to build a successful business of your own, I encourage you to do the same.

Black Freelancers are often overlooked by entrepreneurs looking to hire quality talent.

The reasons can be their low fees, their location, and questions about their skill level..

The surprising news is that Black Freelancers can be diamonds in the rough. Here is why:

  1. Affordability – You can take advantage of the difference in currency when you hire Black Freelancers from abroad. You can hire above average talent from Ghana, Nigeria and Jamaica for far less than you can find in the West..
  2. Time Savings – You can spend years learning how to build a site by yourself, or you can hire an expert who can finish in days. Which would be a smarter choice?
  3. Scale – Expert Black gig workers can help you grow your business, get organized, create systems for your business, and so much more. Its like having your own team of workers dedicated to finishing your project.
  4. Trust – You can read reviews and see examples of work the freelancers have done for actual clients.And once you get started, you can request as many revisions as you need until you are happy with their finished work. If things dont work out, the websites that these workers are listed on makes it easy to get refunded if you need to.

Step 1 - Develop and brand your idea

If you have an interest in natural healing, technology, or anything else, you can turn your interest into a brand. This is especially true if you have specialized skills like barbering, jeweling, and designing.

Before you begin, validate your idea with research that lets you know your idea is worth pursuing. Here is an affordable service you can leverage to get it done.

How To Build A Black Dropshipping Business In 2022 And Beyond

Craig can help you validate your idea with in-depth market research

Location: Nigeria

Turnaround Time: 1 day

Experience: More than 400 jobs completed over 7 years using proven methods. Also does graphic design

Rating (390+ Reviews)

Step 2 - Set Up Yor Website

One of the biggest wastes of your time is trying to build you own website. It takes months – if not years – of practice and learning to understand what makes a good website work.

Your time and energy is better spent growing your business and letting affordable professionals take care of building your site.

The two Black freelancers below can get you started in as little as 2 days.

You may need to have a Shopify account if you dont already, but both of these providers can also build on other platforms. Contact them below and let them know the details of your project.

How To Build A Black Dropshipping Business In 2022 And Beyond

Hire Tosrael to build and market your Shopify dropshipping store

Location: Nigeria

Turnaround Time: 2 days


  • Facebook Ads Marketing
  • Google Ads Marketing
  • Klaviyo Sales Funnel and Workflow Automation
  • Shopify Sales and Marketing, Pinterest Ads Marketing
  • Snapchat Ads Marketing
  • Tiktok Ads Marketing

Gig includes:

  • Stunning And Responsive Shopify Store Design
  • Payment Gateway Setup
  • Direct Checkout
  • Klaviyo Sales Funnel Setup
  • Social Media Integration
  • Lifetime Support
  • Eye-catchy Design which can convert visitors
Perfect 5 Star Rating
How To Build A Black Dropshipping Business In 2022 And Beyond

Get a logo and website done for you in 2 days

Location: Nigeria

Turnaround Time: 2 days


  • 6+years Shopify designing experience
  • Over 75 completed  stores
  • Shopify Certified

Gig includes:

  • Unlimited revisions until you are100% satisfied
  • Logo included
  • Premium Theme included
  • Fully Responsive Website included
  • Up to 20 products added to your store for you
Perfect Rating

Step 3 - Add products to your website

Once you know that there is a demand for your idea and you have a website, the next step is adding products to meet that demand.

When it comes to building a good drop-shipping store, there are only three things customers care about:

  1. Getting the lowest price possible,
  2. getting the fastest shipping possible, and
  3. having the biggest selection possible.

That means you need to build your business on those three truths.

So having an experienced freelancer who can quickly add products to your store selection meansyou can focus on growing your business and becoming profitable much sooner.

Here are some services to help you do that.

How To Build A Black Dropshipping Business In 2022 And Beyond

Donald will find and add up to 300 products from US suppliers to your store

Location: Cameroon

Turnaround Time: 3 days


  • Computer Science (B.Sc.) Degree
  • 5+ years experience in Web Dev, Shopify and Online Marketing
  • Level 2 Seller with 150+ 5 star reviews

Service includes:

  •  Adding up to 300 products to your store
  • including clean images for each of the products added
  • setting prices for your products according to your specifications,
  • and optimizing your store for SEO.

Donald’s diverse skill set is a great one stop service for dropshippers. Highly recommended.

Perfect Rating
How To Build A Black Dropshipping Business In 2022 And Beyond

Hire Anny To Find and Upload Products For You

Location: Nigeria

Turnaround Time: 2  to 7 days

Experience: Anny has 6 years as a virtual/online assistant for big companies and businesses ranging from startups to established businesses in the UK and USA managing their promotions, marketing, website development.

Service includes:

  • Uploading up to 30 products for you
  • setting up your payment gateway for you
  • writing product description that convert visitors into customer
  • installing responsive and professional website themes to your site for you.
  • Speed and SEO optimization.

Her diverse skill set makes Anny a great all in one service for you to hire.

Perfect 5 Star Rating

Step 4 - Use Titles and Descriptions That Speak To Your Visitors

Adding the right titles and descriptions to your products can make your store more competitive – especially if your competition is not taking the time to speak to visitors in their language.

Copyrighting is a skill that takes years to develop, and there are professionals who offer their skills to store owners.

These professionals are able to write titles and descriptions for your products that help your visitors appreciate the benefits of supporting your store.

How To Build A Black Dropshipping Business In 2022 And Beyond

Hire Amber to be your professional copywriter

Location: United States

Turnaround Time: 4 days

Experience: Amber is a 25-year-old copywriter, professional editor, and content creator who specializes in writing blogs, press releases, website content, captions, and product descriptions for companies.

Gig includes:

  • SEO optimization
  • creative product titles
  • organized bullet points with your product’s strengths
  • Keyword research
  • Proofreading and editing
  • Concise, to-the-point copy
  • Competitor analysis and research
Rating (100+ reviews)

Step 5 - Add clear Product Images - Even if you don't have the products in hand

How To Build A Black Dropshipping Business In 2022 And Beyond

Hire a 3D artist to create product mock-ups

Location: Kenya

Turnaround Time: 4 days


  • 6+ years
  • Skills include Product Rendering fit for Marketplaces like Amazon, 3D Environments, and Image Editing
  • Level One seller with 350+ orders delivered

Service includes:

  • 360 degree turntable of your product
  • exploded view
  • adding text (labeling parts)

Step 6 - Finish and audit your project

Once you have your site set up and all your products uploaded,it is a good idea to make sure that you take advantage of every every opportunity for sales.

This is something you should do regularly as time goes on. New technologies will come along and customer preferences change, so you want to audit your project regularly.

Even here, you can leverage the skills of an expert to stay effective. Here is a service I recommend to keep you profitable over the years.


How To Build A Black Dropshipping Business In 2022 And Beyond

Hannah will make sure your store is set up to maximize your sales

Location: Ghana

Turnaround Time: 2 days


  • 275+ completed orders
  • 10 years experience

Service includes:

  • Plans to fix issues holding your sales back
  • Full audits of your Shopify site
  • Apps to boost sales added to your site

If you leverage your time and the skills of the freelancers above, you can build a profitable drop-shipping website system that you can replicate for years to come.

As always, comments, questions, or suggestions are welcome below.


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