Who Are The Black Hebrew Israelites With Captain Tazaryach of ISUPK – UBARadio

Who Are The Black Hebrew Israelites With Captain Tazaryach of ISUPK - UBARadio

The Hebrew Israelites and their teachings are some of the most controversial groups in the Conscious Community.

To dispel some myths, we invited Captain Tazaryach of the ISUPK to discuss Black Hebrew Israelites beliefs and history.

Here Is What You Will Learn

✓ Who are the Black Hebrew Israelites?
✓ Are all twelve tribes of Israel Black?
✓ Are Black people Hebrews?
✓ What is the difference between Hebrew and Jew ?

Resources Mentioned In This Episode

The Black Hebrew Israelites website

This is the first article we wrote on Israel that got us more death threats than anything we have done so far.

Why Israel Is Kicking 40,000 African Migrants Out Of The Country – In defiance of the Word of God, Netanyahu declares “Get out or go to jail.” This is why we believe Israel is currently under white supremacist control. Even Black Jews are being targeted!

Sex (S.E.X.) as a means of energy exchange

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Listen To The Episode Below

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