Exposed: The Global Agenda To Prevent The Rise Of A Black Messiah

Exposed: The Global Agenda To Prevent The Rise Of A Black Messiah

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In the past, the white world has worked hard to prevent the rise of a unified Black movement. Any and every charismatic Black man or woman was targeted, imprisoned, discredited, deported, or assassinated.

From Patrice Lumumba and Marcus Garvey to Kwame Nkrumah and Assata Shakur, Black history is filled with examples of potential ‘Messiah’s’ who have been neutralized in very public ways.

Black spies and traitors were used to destroy movements from the inside out. And on the national level, politicians were bribed to maintain the system of white supremacy within their borders.

A watershed moment for the war on Blacks was the establishment of the Counterintelligence Program (COINTELPRO) that was formed with one primary objective: to prevent the rise of a new Black Messiah like Marcus Garvey.

This article will discuss exactly how this campaign to prevent Black unity and power evolved, and why the world is primed for the rise of a new and more powerful Black movement.

Early Wars Against Potential Black Messiahs

Early on, the United States government realized that it could not use blunt force to destroy the ideas of Black self-empowerment. After all, wouldn’t that contradict America’s own constitution?

Although the Jamaica-born Garvey might at one time have qualified as a “radical”—Hoover described him as such – he was nonetheless “the most prominent Negro agitator in the world”.

Under his leadership, the UNIA, which to this day remains the largest organization of African Americans ever assembled, grew to a membership of over 3 million souls worldwide. Hoover launched an inquiry into Garvey’s activities in August 1919. This inquiry laid the foundation for what was to become the COINTEL Program – the first preemptive war against the rise of a Black messiah.

When his investigation came up short, Hoover ordered that the investigation not only be continued but intensified. The UNIA was quickly infiltrated by operatives recruited specifically for the purpose, and a number of Black informants were used. Two years later, the best that the Bureau of Investigation could come up with was “mail fraud.” Garvey was then convicted in July 1923 by an all-white jury, incarcerated in the federal maximum-security prison, and deported in 1927. By then, the UNIA had disintegrated, and Hoover had been successful.

After his success with the destruction of the UNIA, Hoover vowed to prevent anyone from ever taking Marcus Garvey’s place as a “Negro Moses.” More than forty years later, he was repeating the same refrain, secretly instructing his COINTELPRO operatives to “prevent the rise of a ‘messiah’ who could unify and electrify…a well concerted movement” of African-Americans to improve their socio-economic and political situations.

In 1968, a document obtained via the Freedom of Information Act reveals that Hoover thought that “Malcolm X might have been such a ‘messiah’,” had he not been murdered. Elijah Muhammad is ultimately dismissed as being too old to fill the bill, King’s nonviolence as too ineffectual. Stokely Carmichael is therefore selected as the most likely candidate, and slated for top-priority neutralization”.

Discredit Them to Destroy Them

Exposed: The Global Agenda To Prevent The Rise Of A Black Messiah

You might have already been affected by their campaign to discredit leaders and movements. Have you ever heard a Black man or woman clowning conscious revolutionaries, promoting disunity, or saying “We don’t need a Black movement. “We need a spiritual movement”, etc? If so, you may be implicit in campaigns to discredit Black consciousness and Black conscious leaders.

Discrediting ones opponents is a well-known political strategy. Heres how it works:

By discrediting an individual or their reason for fighting, members of the organization begin to view their leader or their reason for fighting in a more negative or irrelevant light. Eventually, the will to fight will be eroded, and faith in the leader will be diminished.

Discrediting a leader, organization, or cause does not come directly from the individual or organization attacking it. For instance, politicians use Super-PAC’s (Political action committees that are legally allowed to raise and spend unlimited amounts of money) for the sole purpose of supporting or opposing political candidates. With a Super-PAC engaged in mud-slinging, dirty politics, and otherwise unethical behavior, a politician may keep his hands clean while discrediting his opponent.

Likewise, politicians or organizations that seek to prevent the rise of a unified Black movement will use the media, other organizations, and other influential individuals to discredit, distract, and destroy.

Real World Examples

By studying the techniques with which the counterinsurgency war against the Party was waged, we can, collectively, begin to devise the ways and means by which to counter them, offsetting and eventually neutralizing their effectiveness.

Here are three real-world examples of each technique used against Black movements and Messiahs:

1. Black Politicians

To prevent the political empowerment of the Black masses, politicians have been manipulated, bribed, or turned into puppets for white supremacist agendas.

The policies of previous American President Barack Obama – supporting the war on Libya, AFRICOM, school closings, privatizations, bank bailouts, prosecuting whistleblowers, shielding banksters, and illegally using drones and missiles to assassinate American citizens – are more right wing than many of the policies passed by his predecessor.

AFRICOM: The Secretive Military Organization Destroying Africa From The Inside Out

Barack Obama is not the only Black politician to be held liable for our political disenfranchisement. This article from the Black Agenda Report sums it up best;

The new Black politicians drape themselves in kente cloth every now and then, and they remember King’s birthday and Black History Month. They come together to celebrate and congratulate each other frequently, at occasions like the Congressional Black Caucus’s annual legislative conference. But their politics, black politics haven’t been re-invented. They’ve been compromised. Hijacked. Colonized.

Black politics isn’t about addressing black unemployment, which is at levels not seen in seventy years. It’s not about the catastrophic fall in black family wealth that has resulted from the foreclosure epidemic, also disproportionately concentrated in black neighborhoods.

Black politics isn’t about addressing the issue of black mass incarceration which has shredded our families and futures. Black politics isn’t about stopping the wave of foreign wars which King a generation ago called a demonic suction tube drawing resources away from programs for human needs. There is no room for any of these concerns in today’s black politics.

All that’s left is re-electing the black president, protecting him and the first lady from insults and shoring up the careers of black mayors and congressmen. All that, and getting paid.

Black politics is over, at least until the day when enough of us walk out of the Democratic party to build something new, something that does not yet exist.

Today we see the rise of new suspect political movements like ADOS in America and grassroots organizations encouraging Black groups not to vote in places like Guyana.

We also see suspect uprisings that lead to the overthrow of Pan-African Leaders who refuse to be used and abused. Remember Gaddafi? Mugabe? Nkrumah? Lumumba? Sankara?

2. Suspect Black Organizations

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People was actually founded by wealthy Jews and white philanthropists. For over 113 years, the NAACP has tried to control the political and social conversation of the Black population at large.

Marcus Garvey was very successful in all of his goals until he aroused jealously from the Negroes in America who wanted to integrate with Whites. Marcus Garvey’s foremost enemy was W.E.B. DuBois of the NAACP – who called Garvey “…a black gorilla…” and lead the campaign to deport Garvey – called the “Garvey Must Go” campaign.

Today, the NAACP continues to prove detrimental for the Black men and women in America. For instance, on May 19, 2012, the board of the NAACP endorsed marriage equality in a near-unanimous vote by the 64-member body (only two members voted against the resolution).

When asked if the organization is worried about backlash from African-Americans who are “religiously based,” Jealous pushed back on the notion that the movement for marriage equality excludes religious people. “I would like to point out that many of us are religiously based,” said Jealous. “We do this work because of our faith, not in spite of it. With that said, our calling as an organization is to defend the U.S. Constitution. We are here to speak to matters of civil law and matters of civil rights.” – The Root

Leaders of the NAACP have no illusions about their federally funded organization’s mission – to support the United States Constitution and its government above the advancement of colored people. But they are not the only ones. Some well known so-called Black organizations have advocated shedding blood for the same nation that places them under mass surveillance.

Exposed: The Global Agenda To Prevent The Rise Of A Black Messiah

The screenshot above was taken from guidelines that govern the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors – an organization created by the disgraced cult leader Dwight York.

3. Hijacking the Media

The use of entertainment have been well-known weapons of mass distraction. With the negro mind and body enslaved to carnal pleasures and entertainment, the soul and intellect cannot be stirred to revolution.

How Black Celebrities Became Weapons In The War on Black Culture

You may not personally listen to these cartoon characters, but your children do. These children will grow up with the seeds of ignorance planted within them, and will be ever more disinterested in participating in anything associated with Black Consciousness.

The secret psychological war on Black men and women via the media and hip hop is covered in detail in The Psychological Covert War on Hip Hop by Professor Griff. Get it, read it, discuss it, and teach it.

The weapons being used against us have grown ever-more sophisticated, our people are less willing to fight for themselves that ever before, and our conditions continue to disintegrate. Meanwhile, the FBI in the United States has launched COINTELPRO 2.0 by labelling Black Americans as Identity extremists.

And China – the same nation responsible for imprisoning more than a million Muslims in national concentration camps – is exporting its security systems to Zimbabwe so that dictators can do the same to dissident populations within their borders.

Read Also: China Will Use Millions Of Zimbabwe Citizens To Improve Facial Recognition Accuracy

We have reached the beginning of a tipping point where Black men and women the world over will unite into Garvey’s “racial hierarchy”, or be subject to the presently ascendant system of white power and Black subjugation. We owe it to ourselves to abolish the predators, here and now, or as rapidly as possible, enduring whatever sacrifice we must to achieve the visions of Marcus, Malcolm, Nkrumah, Carmichael, and Newton.

Today, a United States of Africa is possible, as is the necessary rise of a Black messiah. But rather than that messiah coming in the form of a single man or woman, if things continue – we may see the rise of an entire nation of them. If leaders of the past were able to change the world on their own, what might a million of them be able to achieve?

Conditions for Blacks today are worse than when the Black Panther Party was formed in 1966. Blacks in the main continue to live in poverty; disproportionate percentages of blacks die from AIDS and cancer, as the black infant mortality rate continues to be double that of whites.

There is a desperate need for liberation agenda. The Black Panther Party set the example, espousing principles and a history that certainly should be embraced by all those still struggling for freedom. – The Huey P. Newton Foundation

The white world has worked hard in the past to crush Black movements. Maybe if they work harder at justice and equality instead of surveillance and oppression then they would have less to fear.

A typical tactic used to defeat a potentially revolutionary movement or to prevent the rise of a Black Messiah is to discredit them.

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Bwambale jocus

We or I will be a leader

The Queen

Blessings to one and all. Let’s just keep this totally real. I feared my Granparents, raised with them from 2 years young, so I most certainly feared TMH. From I was a child my spirit told me this world is upside down, backwards and unfair to civilians in general. In all honesty, my own mind did not visualise the earth being as its was, my expectations of earth was much different and most importantly extremely Lovin. In my mind I thought LOGICALLY about everything!!! No time for ‘yeah but’s or maybe’s’ NO NO NO not in my is a… Read more »


first and foremost , we need to change the education system , and religious system , western religions and education systems kills blacks from the motherboard of our intelligence minds


Excellent Article! Informed


Educating and informative, just what the people need.


Informative and educating…just what we need is this day and time.

Lydia Rippey

Very powerful and informative. But one thing the article left out is US. Which is also typical of how we’re preceded. We’re never given credit for NOTHING WE DO. They say the best way to change is take some responsibility of the part we played! Also I hear, U CAN’T TEACH WHAT U DON’T KNOW. There’s just too many babies having babies. Cause more of the prenatal care is NOT KNOWING WHAT TO DO, TO TAKE OF U AND YOUR CHILD. Come from kids raising kids. The poverty rate in these city’s. Kids raising kids. Not listening to elder trying… Read more »

Micah Isreal

Our only way out is to keep the commandments: we are the Israelites; God chosen people aka the Black, Hispanic and Native Americans Deuteronomy 28:15-68 kjv All these curses are upon us because of breaking the covenants: Deuteronomy 30:1-6 kjv 1 kings 8:46-49 kjv No man can redeem us… that’s the reason behind the failures Deuteronomy 28:68 This shows our means of transportation and that only Christ the Black messiah: Revelation 1:14 kjv Can save us, Wake up you are the Israelites if you want to believe it or not it won’t change a thing: Romans 3:3 kjv Blessings to… Read more »


King James was black aka a Israelite…
I have the records, he ordained Greek and Hebrew translators… he could never be Esau because the Bible condemns Esau aka the whiteman.
Our people just need to wise up and Kees the commandments that’s the reason for our down fall.


?????? let me let you in on a secret baby. I was shot in the head and in a coma. Bullet still in my head alomg with fragments from the explosion of the bullet in my head! While in the coma I MET THE KING! I am DIRECTLY CONNECTED to The Creator and ALL THAT IS. ALL OF MY WISDOM COMES DIRECTLY FROM HIM AND OUR ANCESTORS. You called me dumb and said I cant even read ?????? that was hilarious I give it to you! You sir if you were a man of The Most High first of all… Read more »

Eric Harden

The Bible was NOT compiled at the Council of Nicea. That council was mostly about the nature and divinity of Christ. By that time (325 AD) the canon was pretty much already together and recognized. Deuteronomy an old testament book was written thousands of years before 325 (council of Nicea) or 1611 (King James Bible). i would encourage you to dig deeper.


To my understanding the true king james was a gay man who committed LOTS of homosexual and violent acts. Not saying the teachings from the old testament arent true or from our original scribes BUT do you really think thats a man our creator wants us to believe/follow? Anyhow the teachings he acquired and inserted into the slave bible were for us to THINK we were reading our laws and commandments. These were not the originals. Also why do you think they inserted a “new testament?” If you have interpreted your bible correctly you noticed what were our original laws… Read more »


The notion of king James being gay is a ploy to divert from the truth:( KJ was a Israelite and he was married to a woman lol

Why you think we are in the condition; we’re in: because we are under the curses of Deuteronomy 28:14-68 kjv… you said a lot of BS but I’ll stick to the Holy scriptures; thats the source of wisdom not unlearned people like your self…

You can not be a Israelite: you are too dumb, you can’t even read?


God, Christ, the angels, the prophets and the Israelites are Black:
Daniel 7:9 kjv God the ancient of days
Revelation 1:14 kjv Christ Black
Daniel 10:5 Christ Black
Jeremiah 14: 2 the Jews Black
Job 30:30 Job Black
Ezekiel 1:5-13 Angel Black
Moses Black: Exodus 4:6 kjv
Solomon Black; songs of Solomon 1:5 kjv

This can’t be a Edomite book, it have black peoples written all over their it

Jessica Nicole Wade

Powerful and informative. ✊?❤️??✊?

Sean Wyatt

Great job ,let conscious people rise.Amej