[Graphic Content Warning] Black Children Are Being Found Dead With Missing Organs

The stories of Jason Smith, Kendrick Johnson, and Sadaria Davis received little to no news coverage.

[Graphic Content Warning] Black Children Are Being Found Dead With Missing Organs

⚠️ Warning – Graphic Content not intended for minors. ⚠️

Why are Black men, women, and children DISAPPEARING? Why are Black abortions being ENCOURAGED? Is there a secret agenda behind the Black children being murdered and found missing their organs?

Consider this:

Today, the need for human organs is prevalent. According to the American Transplant Foundation, 123,000 people in the United States were on the waiting list to receive an organ and every 12 minutes a new name is added to the list with an average of 21 people dying each day due to lack of organ availability.

The high demand and low supply makes organ harvesting a ripe field for exploitation. So much so that it has become a well-oiled international racket that features prominent politicians, business people, doctors, nurses and the police.

There are many stories of Blacks being persuaded to sell their organs, being tricked into having abortions, or waking up with a kidney missing.

But in the cases of 14-year-old Jason Smith, 15-year-old Sadaria Davis, 9-year-old Gloria of Ghana, and and 17-year-old Kendrick Johnson, they did not live to tell their stories.

Here are 4 gruesome stories, and the truth behind Black organ harvesting.

Case #1 – The ‘Drowning’ of 14-year old Jason Smith

In 2011, a 14-year-old boy named Jason Smith was raped, killed, and found dead in an Eros, Louisiana lake.

[Graphic Content Warning] Black Children Are Being Found Dead With Missing Organs

Despite mountains of evidence that suggest foul play, local police ruled his death an ‘accidental drowning’.

Even worse, the case was closed and a petition to then Attorney General Eric Holder to reopen the case and exhume Jason’s Remains never gained traction – likely due to the low media coverage.

The family believes they know who killed their son, and why the murder was covered up. They believe the murderer was a card carrying KKK member, and the son of an FBI agent. In fact, Jason’s father claims that the police tried to kill him and another of his sons when they were leaving town.

Since the lynching of Jason Smith, multiple stories have emerged regarding his missing organs. Originally, authorities claimed they were eaten by alligators in the body of water that Jason was found in. Later, a medical examiner claimed that the organs were in the body, but were removed before the body was sent to a different medical examiner in Arkansas – a whole State away.

We may never know the truth, since the petition to re-open the case has been closed and white supremacist media has declared his death and Black organ harvesting ‘fake news’.

Case #2 – Who Is 15 year old Sadaria Davis?

Sadaria Davis was a young victim of organ harvesting.

From NewsOne:

On April 25, 15-year-old Sadaria Davis was last seen leaving her East Garfield Park neighborhood in Chicago. Her friends and family had not heard from her since. Sadly, on May 11, Davis’ body was found six blocks away from East Garfield Park in an abandoned building, according to the Chicago Sun Times.

Little else was known about the teen’s death but reports on social media said Davis was mutilated and some of her organs were missing.

“Autopsy results were inconclusive,” According to “A police spokesman says there were no indications of how Davis died.”

There were also reports that Davis was a friend of Kenneka Jenkins, another Chicago teenager whose body was found in a walk-in hotel freezer at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Rosemont, Illinois, in September. Jenkins was 19 years old.

Case #3 – Black Organ Harvesting Beyond The United States

According to Face2Face Africa,

Matthew and Grace Huang, an Asian-American couple, were convicted of starving their adopted daughter to death in an effort to sell her organs once she had died.

[Graphic Content Warning] Black Children Are Being Found Dead With Missing Organs

The Huang family adopted Gloria from Ghana and have two other adopted children also from Africa.

Mr. and Mrs. Huang were arrested in Qatar’s capital city, Doha, back in January 2013, after the death of 9-year-old Gloria (pictured above with her two brothers). The Huang family adopted Gloria from Ghana and have two other adopted children (pictured) also from Africa.

Shockingly, this is not the only case dealing with organ harvesting. In 2011, Catholic Online reported on African refugees, attempting to relocate to Israel, having their kidneys and livers removed while they were alive and then being left to die.

Then a Somali girl was reportedly smuggled out of her country to Britain for her organs, according to the New York Post, last October. Her case was of particular significance because it was the first time that authorities saw a child being trafficked specifically for her organs.

Another high-profile organ-harvesting, kidnapping case involved the “humanitarian organization” Zoe’s Ark. Back in 2007, Chad’s President Idriss Deby accused the organization of trying to kidnap 103 children and take them to France for illegal adoptions and organ-harvesting.

At the time President Deby told NPR, “Clearly, their goal was to kidnap and steal these kids from their parents, and sell them to pedophile organizations in Europe, or kill them and sell their organs.”

In another story, back in 2013 a young Somali girl was smuggled out of her country and into the United Kingdom. She thought she was headed for a better life. Instead, she would risk giving up her young life so a white European could live.

From The Telegraph:

The unnamed girl was brought to the UK from Somalia with the intention of removing her organs and selling them on to those desperate for a transplant.

Child protection charities warned that the case was unlikely to be an isolated incident as traffickers were likely to have smuggled a group of children into the country.

The case emerged in a government report which showed that the number of human trafficking victims in the UK has risen by more than 50 percent … and reached record levels.”

A total of 371 children were exploited, with the majority of them being used as slaves or sexually abused. They included 67 children from Nigeria and many others from other parts of Africa and the rest of the world.

Case #4 – Kendrick Johnson’s Double Mystery

The mystery of Kendrick Johnsons death started when the 17-year-old was found dead and rolled up in a gym mat at his high school.

The first official reports were that Kendrick had died by suffocating after falling headfirst into a rolled-up gym mat at his high school on January 11, 2013.

How could Kendrick Johnson, a three-sport athlete, fall into an upright mat while reaching for his shoe and not get out, as investigators said? It was an accident, police said, as there were no bruises on the body and no signs of foul play.

Later, a new autopsy and investigation would reveal the truth:

That autopsy, conducted June 15, found blunt force trauma to the right neck and soft tissues, “consistent with inflicted injury.” It was conducted by Dr. William R. Anderson with Forensic Dimensions in Heathrow, Florida.
“This is unexplained — most very, very likely inflicted, as opposed to something he caused himself, inflicted by another — and therefore needs to be investigated as an open homicide investigation,” Anderson said.
“I’ve never had a case that I can recall where the prosecution actually was told that this may well be a homicide — the prosecution being the state, the police and so forth — and then they didn’t bother prosecuting. It’s mystifying,” he added.

But that was only one part of the mystery. When his body was returned from examination, Kendrick’s parents made a gruesome discovery:

His body was missing almost all of his organs and was stuffed with newspaper.

Not only had Kendrick been killed by blunt force trauma and rolled up in a mat at his high school, he was also yet another young, Black victim of organ harvesting.

Why would anyone remove the organs of a Black child? And what would they do with those organs once they were removed?

Black men, women, and children are the most targeted because they are the least powerful.

When a white child goes missing, the entire world knows it. The white controlled media picks up the story. White supremacist law enforcement officers divert resources to solve the case. And white communities come together to for search parties and raise reward money.

The Black community is so divided that it is incapable of creating media companies, investigation networks, and community based efforts that would give missing Black children the same magnitude of scrutiny.

And since Black wealth is substantially lower than that of other groups, loved ones of the missing and the deceased struggle to raise funds for new investigations, autopsies, and searches.

Black bodies are targeted for their genetic makeup.

[Graphic Content Warning] Black Children Are Being Found Dead With Missing Organs

There is a reason why the greatest athletes in history have all been Black – and it has everything to do with differences between our physiology and that of other racial groups.

The following comes from Live Science:

Since 1968, all of the world record holders in the men’s 100-meter dash have been Black athletes. And since 1912, when the International Association of Athletics Federations started keeping track of the record holders in that event, only 10 non-black athletes out of 38 individuals have held the title.

“There is a whole body of evidence showing that there are distinct differences in body types among Blacks and whites,” said researcher Edward Jones, who researches adolescent obesity, nutrition and body composition at Howard University. “These are real patterns being described here. Whether the fastest sprinters are Jamaican, African or Canadian, most of them can be traced back generally to Western Africa.”

As another example of our superior genetic makeup, take the case of Henrietta Lacks. She is the most valuable woman alive today. The thing is – she died in 1951.

After her death, her ‘immortal’ cells lived on in laboratories, where white Doctors from around the world have subjected the cells to more than 74,000 studies, grew more than 20 tons of them, and filed 11,000 patents worth billions of dollars.

All this was done in secret for 20 years. It would take another 40 years for the family to so much as be asked for their permission. But by then, the precedent was set.

The exploitation of Henrietta Lacks has opened a Pandora’s box for medical exploitation. Companies spend $23 Billion on biological samples used to develop for-profit drugs. While these samples come from a number of places, one of their prime sources are abortion clinics. And Black bodies frequent abortion clinics disproportionately more often than other groups.

Back in 2016, Panned Parenthood was busted for profiting on the sale of the organs of fetuses they aborted. Clinics had been charging women for abortions and then make even more selling that tissue to drug companies.

Medical Apartheid – A History of Black Bodies Being Sacrificed For White Lives

One of the oldest weapons of white supremacy is infection – exposure to disease. There are three ways that infection has been used as a weapon in the past: quarantine, direct infection with weaponized diseases, and experimental infection.

While we have discussed quarantine and weaponization in the past, for the purpose of this article, we will go deeper into the third tactic – Experimentation for Extermination.

Historically, medical experimentation on Black plantations and colonies was frequent, widespread, and common place.

White physicians faced few, if any, obstacles in consuming black corpses and taking advantage of colonial or slave subjects for medical education and research. The plantation and the colony functioned as an experimental site conveniently hidden from public view and scrutiny.

It was on these plantations that J. Marion Simms – the so-called Father of Modern gynecology – experimented on Black women and children with no anesthesia.

Later, hospitals and private government facilities were used to experiment on Black bodies.

For instance, In 1927 when Vertus was five-years old, he and several other black children from Lyles Station Elementary in Indiana were deceived by the local county hospital to take part in radiation experiments. Vertus’ parents as well as the other Black parents were told that their children were going to be part of study that helped to cure wing worm scalp infections.

However, what they ended up being a part of is the testing of radiation on the human body and mind. As a result of the experiments, Vertus was left with a hole in his head that exposed his brain for the rest of his life. He was lucky – the other children didnt survive.

An image of Vertus Hartiman from the documentary
Vertus Hartiman – A Victim of medical experimentation in the United States.

Prisons got in on the game, too.

For example, in Acres of Skin we learned that between 1965 and 1966 a white Dr. Kligman exposed approximately seventy-five Black prisoners at Holmesburg in Pennsylvania to high doses of dioxin, the contaminant responsible for Agent Orange’s toxicity.

His experimentation on Black prisoners led him to develop a compound called Retin-A that earned Kigman and his family millions in royalties. He died in 2010.

Finally, with the first successful organ transplantation in 1954 Black bodies became targets for the valuable organs they held.

The Big Business Behind Black Organ Harvesting

[Graphic Content Warning] Black Children Are Being Found Dead With Missing Organs

The World Health Organisation estimates that the illegal organ trade, christened ‘the red market’ is worth over $1 billion each year. Africa continues to be a lucrative market for the international buyers due to weak laws and enforcement, porous borders and poverty. Stories abound of agents to international buyers in pitching tents in conflict zones of Africa targeting vulnerable people.

Everywhere there are poor people, there are organ brokers. An organ buyer spends on average $150,000 for vital organs like kidney, liver or heart. A willing donor will usually get $5,000 with the middleman equally getting their share.

Such lucrative offers drive desperate Africans to freely trade their organs. But there are other harrowing tales of thousands of people tricked or drugged and their organs harvested without their knowledge.

Kidneys remains the most trafficked organ world over because a patient or donor can survive with only one of them. It is estimated that approximately 7,000 kidneys are harvested and trafficked illegally each year. Indeed in 2010 the World Health Organization obtained some 11,000 illegally harvested organs most of them from countries involved in conflict.

Child protection charities warned that criminal gangs were attempting to exploit the demand for organ transplants in Britain.

While there is a black market for organs such as hearts, lungs and livers, kidneys are the most sought after organs because one can be removed from a patient without any ill effects.

"Traffickers are exploiting the demand for organs and the vulnerability of children. It's unlikely that a trafficker is going to take this risk and bring just one child into the UK. It is likely there was a group."

Bharti Patel, CEO of Ecpat UK Tweet

The process involves a number of people including the recruiter who identifies the victim, the person who arranges their transport, the medical professionals who perform the operation and the salesman who trades the organ.

There are thousands of untold children, men, and women who have been victims of Black organ harvesting.

The more of these stories we bring to light, the sooner we can end this gruesome and horrific practice. So if you know of any stories of Black women, men, or children who have died under mysterious circumstances missing their organs, post the details in the comments below.


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