The Truth About Why Thousands of Black Children Are Turning Up Dead With Organs Missing

Case #1 – The ‘Drowning’ of 14-year old Jason Smith

In 2011, 14-year-old Jason Smith was raped, killed, and found dead in an Eros, Louisiana lake.

The Truth About Why Thousands of Black Children Are Turning Up Dead With Organs Missing

However, local police ruled his death an ‘accidental drowning’. Even worse, the case was closed and a petition to then Attorney General Eric Holder to reopen the case and exhume Jason’s Remains never gained traction – likely due to the low media coverage.

The family believes they know who killed their son, and why the murder was covered up. They believe the murderer was a card carrying KKK member, and the son of an FBI agent. In fact, Jason’s father claims that the police tried to kill him and another of his sons when they were leaving town.

Since the lynching of Jason Smith, multiple stories have emerged regarding his missing organs. Originally, authorities claimed they were eaten by alligators in the body of water that Jason was found in. Later, a medical examiner claimed that the organs were in the body, but were removed before the body was sent to a different medical examiner in Arkansas – a whole State away.

We may never know the truth, since the petition to re-open the case has been closed and white supremacist media has declared his death and Black organ harvesting ‘fake news;.

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Sýed al-Maĥdi

Peace and Love,

Yo this is bugged out fam! This is so heart traumatizing and a reality check for me as a young man to see I’m a prisoner in a war who can be executed any kind of way at the will of the modern day Romans.

Thank you for shedding light on this subject. I only scratched the surface but you went all in.

Thank you sir

Jim davies

Sounds like you are using these lies
To sell your books .
Glad to see it’s not working!!

Brandy C

This is awful. What can we do besides keep a close eye on our children and surroundings. How can we bring more attention to this?


Get your gun license


You must be white


You must be trafficking !!!!