BPA: The Gay Chemical?

This article was originally written by Joshua Cain – a United Black America Regent. Infection – the voluntary or involuntary consumption of harmful substances is a well known weapon of white supremacy. This article exposes one such tactic used to socially engineer populations and was not written to disparage those who may disagree with our policies regarding homosexuality.

Homosexuality has become rampant throughout the Black/African community as of late.

Homosexuality was largely forbidden in antiquity and currently Africa, with good reason. However, in the Western world it is now being welcomed as a persons “right” to do so and it is seen as perfectly normal now.

Foundations of Homosexuality Lie in the West

Since we live in a Western Culture we should identify its roots and we would better understand why the West operates in this manner. The foundation of Western Cultures i.e. Greece, Rome, Europe, America welcomed homosexuality.

In fact, the Greeks/Romans viewed the naked male body as the prototype for beauty, not the woman. From its inception, the Western World has always been anti-woman and homosexual, amongst other things, not much has changed.

BPA: The Gay Chemical?When we look in retrospect at the Greco-Roman era they openly accepted the male sexual promiscuity of the homosexual type with various edifices decorated with the older males courting other males or even penetrating young boys. This behavior coupled with their aggression and propensity for conflict and blood-shed has left the Caucasoid’s, who is already the weakest genetically speaking, fight for survival.

Some European nations are begging or even paying their people to have children to boost the population to no avail. Once again homosexuality in the Western World was widely accepted until the advent of the monotheistic Christian religion. Views on homosexuality fluctuated for most of the Medieval times in Europe because of religion, however it never ceased.

I am not the religious type. However, I am based in the sciences that MY Ancestors passed down through the ages. If we were to look at Nature (Neter) we will find that it NEVER BREAKS ITS OWN LAWS!!! Now I am not being “homophobic” or “gay-bashing” in any way, with all due respect. But I cringe when I hear a brother or sister defend homosexuality in our community by reason of “being born that way” or “the Good Lord made me this way”. Let me reiterate once more, Nature never breaks its own laws.

If Nature (Neter) intended it to be so it would be so.


As mentioned previously we know that there is not a gay “gene”. But what if there is a gay chemical? Possibly something being put into our environment manipulating our male/female nature?

There is a widely used chemical called “Bisphenol A”, or BPA. BPA is a carbon-based synthetic chemical that has been used since the 1950’s. BPA is used mainly in plastic products, canned goods, CD’s, DVD’s, baby bottles, receipts, and some clothing. Some European countries, along with China and Canada have conducted tests that have led them to banning commercial usage of BPA.

BPA: The Gay Chemical?So what does this have to do with homosexuality?

For starters 93% of Americans have BPA present in their urine according to the CDC. Besides causing diabetes, [breast] cancer, obesity, hyperactivity (ADHD), poor immune systems, impaired female reproductive development etc. BPA is still widely used and is deemed safe by your oppressors.

But the most damaging effect BPA has on the human body is its estrogen mimicking, gender bending properties. BPA is an estrogen endocrine disruptor. This has proven to be very harmful on developing fetuses or growing children, especially on the male gender. Every fetus starts out as a female during the first weeks of gestation. The female fetus has a head start on their male counterparts.

The male fetus, on the other hand, has to develop and grow a penis to become a male. When BPA is ingested by the mother it can “stunt the growth” of the penis and testicles which produces testosterone thus inhibiting it and making the male more “feminine” because of lack of testosterone coupled with unhealthy doses of estrogen mimicking BPA.

Still not convinced?

A study on lab mice proved that the second generation of lab mice that have been exposed to levels of BPA show low sperm count, breast cancer, prostate cancer, and less reproductive ability. And what’s even more eye opening is the female’s unwillingness to mate with the male mice, although the male mice exposed to BPA actually behaves more like female mice to begin with. These mice were given “safe levels of BPA” according to the FDA. These mice developed harmful and potentially fatal symptoms despite being given the FDA’s approved level of BPA.

Still not convinced about the gender bending properties of BPA?

Here is an excerpt from one study conducted in 2006 by Endocrinologists B.S. Rubin, J.R. Lenkowski, CM Schaeberle, LN Vandenberg, PM Ronsheim, and AM Soto:

“… The finding that developmental exposure to low doses of BPA eliminates or even reverses sex differences in brain morphology, function, and behavior is consistent with a number of other reports…” (Rubin et al. 2006)

To sum this study up – BPA feminizes the male and masculinizes the female.

In 1994, The United States Air Force Research Laboratory, formally known as the Wright Laboratory, conducted research in a three page proposal to develop a “Gay Bomb“. The “non-lethal” bomb would make soldiers irresistible to each other and be preoccupied with having sex with each other rather than fighting a war. But the United States insist that it was only preliminary.

Nature vs Nurture

Our ancestors believed in the cycle of Sunrise and sunset and sunrise and sunset. Meaning time, life, and the universe works in an a cycle that never ends, i.e. Reincarnation. How could an elder that passed on to become an Ancestor be reincarnated within his tribe if the tribe is engaged in homosexuality? Simple. He can’t. Our ancestors understood this.

Homosexuality is counterproductive to the African way of life. Male and Male cannot produce life. Female and Female cannot produce life. That is why every non-European culture upheld Ma’at (Balance) in their society. You cannot have male with out the female and vice versa.

And you see remnants the European view of homosexuality in the Monotheistic religions, i.e. Father, Son, Holy Ghost or the women being cursed, unclean or pictures and statues depicting a male god without his female consort, contrary to what you find in Kemet and other African cultures alike.

We are not dealing with emotions here. We are dealing with nature, science, and social engineering.

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Fascinating article, and reference section. Biologically, we know there is NOT a gay gene. Also, there are no sequence of genes to express homosexual behavior. Therefore, is it unreasonable to posit there is a synthetic chemical that alters hormone production and obscures gender/sex development, which given the appropriate environment, would give way to conditions that promote deviant sexual behavior? I think if you respect and understand the human endocrine systems, then your accept that hormone imbalance can cause rapid physical and emotional changes. Great article!