“No Blacks Allowed”: Racist Chinese Are Attacking Blacks Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Reports are coming in from across the African diaspora that amid the COVID-19 outbreak the Chinese government and businesses are unleashing racist attacks against Blacks.

Blacks living in China describe conditions there like Apartheid South Africa or the American South before the Civil Rights movement.

“I’ve been sleeping under the bridge for four days with no food to eat… I cannot buy food anywhere, no shops or restaurants will serve me,” said Tony Mathias, an exchange student from Uganda who was forced from his apartment on Monday.

“We’re like beggars on the street,” the 24-year-old said. Mathias added that police had given him no information about testing or quarantine but instead told him “to go to another city”.

Bloomberg reports that “a U.S. Embassy security alert on Saturday said that “police ordered bars and restaurants not to serve clients who appear to be of African origin,” and local officials have launched mandatory testing and self-quarantine for “anyone with ‘African contacts.’” (Source)

Black Twitter users exposed Chinese racism during the coronavirus under the trending hashtag #ChinaMustExplain

Of course this is not the first time that Chinese racism against Blacks has been on display. In the same place that the Coronavirus appeared, a museum in Wuhan China was blasted for racist so-called artwork that depicted Africans next to animals.


"No Blacks Allowed": Racist Chinese Are Attacking Blacks Amid Coronavirus Pandemic
From a museum in Wuhan, China – the city where the Coronavirus first appeared.

Chinese are not shy about their racism and xenophobia either…

Medical Experimentation On Africans Is Real


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Tuskeegee experiments. Henrietta Lacks. Eugenics. Should they be surprised we dont trust em ?#blackhealth #corona #staywoke #panafrican #blackconsciousness #panafricanalliance


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One of the scariest reports to come out of the Black community in China is that experimental vaccines are being forced onto Africans without their knowledge or permission.

We already know that minorities in Chinese detention camps are gang raped and subjected to torture and medical experiments. (Source)

We also know that Black populations have been victims of medical experimentation for centuries. Originally, whites were the primary culprits and their willingness to abuse Blacks still exists. If you need evidence, look no further than comments made by French doctors during the pandemic.

According to Africa News, Professors Jean-Paul Mira of Cochin Hospital in Paris and Camille Locht of INSERM (France’s national medical research centre) were debating possible COVID-19 cures on French television channel La Chaine Info when Mira asked: “If I may be provocative, should this study not be done in Africa?”

Locht then replied: “You are right. We are currently thinking similarly about a study in Africa regarding the BCG vaccine. There is a proposal that has gone out — or will. We will seriously consider it.” (Source)

So given Chinese treatment of minorities and a global precedent for using Black groups as guinea pigs, its no surprise that Africans in China are being used to test potentially dangerous vaccines.


“You Have No Friends”


"No Blacks Allowed": Racist Chinese Are Attacking Blacks Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Its time for Black people around the world to wake up to the fact that we have no friends anywhere. Europeans, Arabs, and the Chinese work for their best interests.

They may play friendly with Africans when times are good, but when bad times come they will not hesitate to take their frustrations out on Black populations.

Africa has everything it needs to take care of herself and her people. The Creator blessed African soil with all the wealth of the planet. All the nations of the Earth come to Africa and take from us for this very reason.

So why do we believe we need other nations to take care of us? Why are Africans sleeping on streets in China, suffering racism around the world, and fighting to be accepted in foreign lands?

If there is one lesson that we can learn it is this: no people will respect the Black man until the Black man respects his own people. And until Blacks wake up to our greatness, we will continue to be victims of racism and abuse no matter where we go.



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