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I too admire your transparency. It proves to be more effective when I feel I can relate to the message through an experience that I would not otherwise discuss with anyone. It’s like the antithesis of preaching lol. What this also teaches me is that in my own work, if I intend for my message to be received, it will be most impactful to be transparent about personal experiences and even the ugly truths that led & lead to the lessons. These jewels are EXCELlent and very special. They force me to confront and to be honest with myself about… Read more »


Brother Asad,
thank you for this podcast! It is on time…more than you know!
One of the things I admire about you is your transparency and raw honesty about YOU.
Since listening to your podcasts, I have been able to go deeper within my own self and deal with MY STUFF!

I AM The One…

Thanks again for all you do for yourself and your people!
Sending positive energy your way…