Creflo ‘$65 Million Jet’ Dollar Wants You To Pay Him To Study The Bible

Creflo Dollar ‘s scamming ways haven’t stopped. Because he wasn’t making enough money as a televangelist and a megachurch pastor in Georgia, Dollar, whose original name is Michael Smith , was asking people to pay him to teach online Bible study sessions.

In a YouTube video, he babbled,

“I would like to take this opportunity to share a practical example of how to empower your life with an understanding of the grace message.”

Of course, he went right to the money.

“Let’s use an example you all are familiar with…You have a bank account. A need arises so you access the funds in that account to pay for dinner or to pay for something nice for yourself. We know in order to access the account, you need a couple of things. You either need the bank account information or the bank card. Without the account information or the bank card, you will not be able to access the funds contained within it.”

He continued:

“So many of us are living our lives with unmet needs, although God has already freely given us access to his heavenly accounts to make those withdrawals.”

Yep, and Creflo Dollar wants you to withdraw $19 a month from your heavenly account to “receive all of the abundant provisions, resources and promises that are available through Jesus’s finished work on the cross.”

He encouraged people to “Become a student of grace and join me and thousands of others in the Grace Life Academy.”

Watch the foolishness below:

Sadly, Dollar might make even more millions off of this stunt. This is the same man who said he needed a $65 million jet and actually got it via donations from his congregation.

Written by Asad Malik

Asad is the Executive Officer of The Pan-African Alliance, and the Founder of United Black America.

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