Discovering African Spirituality Through Your Ancestry With Dr. Kwasi Konadu

We are entering a dark age of censorship that I call ‘algorithm oppression’. Black voices are being silenced on social media. Technology is being used to quietly suppress voices like ours while promoting intersectional movements.

Meanwhile, the world is on the cusp of a global recession that the Black community is not ready for.

In today’s episode, we go in on both the subjects above, while Dr. Kwasi Konadu gives you a new perspective on studying African spirituality and Black history.

Dr. Konadu is a Colgate University John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Endowed Chair and Professor of Africana Studies. He is a healer and descendant of the Jamaican Maroon community of Accompong. And he is a prolific publisher of scholarly books about African world histories and cultures through the Diasporic Africa Press, Inc.

Here Is What You Will Learn

  • Simple rituals that will allow you to communicate with your Ancestors
  • How Facebook, Google, and Youtube are waging a quiet war of oppression against Pan-Africans
  • The most important thing you can do to prepare for an economic downturn as a Pan-African

Resources Dr Kwasi Konadu Mentioned In This Episode

Dr. Kwasi Konadu’s website

Prepare and Profit: How to Financially Succeed in A Global Recession

Here is more information on the Ajami script mentioned by Dr. Konadu during this interview: The term Ajami (Arabic: عجمي‎ ʿajamī), or Ajamiyya (Arabic: عجمية‎ ʿajamiyyah), which comes from the Arabic root for foreign or stranger, has been applied to Arabic alphabets used for writing African languages, especially those of Hausa and Swahili, although many other African languages were written using the script …

Discovering African Spirituality Through Your Ancestry With Dr. Kwasi Konadu