Dr Malachi Z York And The Nuwaubian Nation of Moors – Everything You Need To Know

Dr Malachi Z York And The Nuwaubian Nation of Moors - Everything You Need To Know

Fast Facts

  • Dr Malachi Z York (born June 26, 1945) is the founder of the Nuwaubian Nation of Moors
  • In 1998 he established ‘Tama-Re’ on 470 acres of land in Putnam County, Georgia
  • In 2004, he pleaded guilty to more than 100 child molestation and RICO charges and sentenced to 135 years in prison
  • The Nuwaubian Nation still exists today in parts of New York and Georgia

The Nuwaubian Nation – founded by Dr Malachi Z York – is one of the most difficult Black organizations to understand – let alone write about.

When we first approached this subject, we had some very serious questions that needed answers:

  • What did the Nuwaubians teach?
  • Was the Nuwaubian Nation inspired by God in the form of Dwight York, or was it a cult that used religion as a matter of convenience??
  • Was Dwight York – the group’s leader – a pedophile, or was he a target of a government conspiracy?

Here is everything we discovered in pursuit of the truth about Dwight York and the Nuwaubian Nation.

The Early Life of Dr Malachi Z York

We cant have a discussion about the Nuwaubian Nation without first understanding the man behind the movement: Dr Malachi Z York.

Many are unaware of the fact that at age 19, Dwight York was convicted of statutory rape. At the age of 19, he pleaded guilty to raping a 13-year-old girl and was given probation. However, he was imprisoned for 3 years after violating his probation for unrelated charges.

Dr Malachi Z York And The Nuwaubian Nation of Moors - Everything You Need To Know

Whether it was an attempt to turn his life around or an attempt to manipulate those around him, York started preaching under the name “Imam Isa Abdullah Ibn Abu Bakr Muhammad” in 1967 – making him 22 years old at the time.

As his congregation grew, he organized his followers into the “Ansar Pure Sufi″ community. He  published his first book entitled Bible Interpretations and Explanations that taught biblical theology from a skeptical point of view.

“Christianity is merely a tool used by the Devil (Paleman) to keep you, the Nubian (Black) man, woman, and child blind to your true heritage and perfect way of life (Islam). It is another means of slavery.” — Dwight York, “Santa or Satan? The Fallacy of Christmas,” undated essay

When he founded the Ansar Pure Sufi community, he changed his name – the first of many changes –  to “Amunubi Rahkaptah,” an Egyptian/Semitic hybrid name (Amun=Faithful, Nubi=Informer, Rah=Soul, Ka=Spirit, Ptah=Opener).

Around that time, Dr. York wrote a four-part series called The Nine Ball, published in 1971, that he credited to three divine incarnations or avatars called “Wu Nupu, Asu Nupu and Naba Nupu.”

The Nine Ball’s subtitle was “Liberation Information for the Woolly-Haired People called the Ethiopian Race.”  In later lectures, Dr Malachi Z York says that his initial attempts at reaching his people through this teaching failed, and so he decided to adopt a more mainstream religious form, ultimately changing his name, title, and the name of the organization.

His more than 50 names and titles would include:

  • Imam Isa Abdullah Ibn Abu Bakr Muhammad
  • Amunubi Rahkaptah
  • Chief Black Eagle
  • Dr Malachi Z York
  • Issa al Haadi al Mahdi
  • Nayya Malachizodoq-El

In the 80s, he launched his own record label, Passion, and recorded himself as the solo artist “Dr. York.”

You can listen to his full 1985 album below.

Dr. York’s accomplishments in the 1980s and 90s included…

  • Being awarded The Keys To The City by mayor Ed Koch after  cleaning up the slum and drug infested Bushwick Avenue community in New York.
  • Being named one of the state’s 50 Most Influential Men by The Georgia Informer.
  • Generating millions of dollars for himself through four entrepreneurial ventures

The most notable accomplishment of Dr Malachi Z York’s Nuwaubian movement was the construction of Tama-Re, an Egyptian styled theme park that also served as a place of residence for nearly 2000 Nuwaubians.

Other accomplishments include a successful petition to then President Bill Clinton resulting in the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act of 2000.

Of course we know that as our story goes on, all these accomplishments would be wiped out by shocking allegations and a subsequent conviction.

The Birth And Teachings Of The Nuwaubian Nation

From what we have found by doing research for this article, whenever Dr. York found a popular movement with the potential for either financial gain or an expansion of his membership numbers, he adopted and adapted that movement to fit his own.

For instance, when Dr. York visited Sudan he encountered the religious Umma Movement. He then convinced members of the movement to finance a ‘western branch’ that Dr Malachi Z York himself would oversee.

One those financial agreements were in place, Dr. York changed the name of his organization from the Nubians to the Ansaaru Allah Community in the West.

Once the Indigenous Movement gained popularity, Dr Malachi Z York became known as Chief Black Eagle and changed the name of the organization to The Yamassee Native American Moors of the Creek Nation.

“We are the Indigenous people of these shores, before the settlers from Europe came to these shores spreading their way of life, their filth and religion.” —

No matter what the underlying doctrine of the movement was, Dr Malachi Z York absorbed it into his “teachings”. At different times, his organization was a Hebrew Israelite, Sufi, Christian, Kemetic Science, and Orthodox Islamic movement. You can see by the pseudonyms that the organization operates under that include:

  • The United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors
  • Yamassee Native American Moors of the Creek Nation
  • Ansaarullah
  • The Ansar Pure Sufi Community
  • Ansaaru Allah Community in the West
  • Sons of the Green Ligh
  • Nubian Islamic Hebrews
  • Nubian Hebrew Mission
  • The Holy Tabernacle Ministries
  • The Egyptian Church of Karast
  • The Nuwaubian Grand Lodge
  • The Supreme Grand Lodge
  • The International Supreme Council of Arab Shrinedom
  • The Ancient Mystic Order of Melchizedek
  • The Ancient Egyptian Order

With each new philosophy that the Nuwaubians claimed as their own, their name and teachings changed to suit.

An image of the flag of the Nuwaubian Nation
An image of the flag of the Nuwaubian Nation

York also assumed several different personae – Muslim imam, Hebrew rabbi, Native American chief –, throughout which he maintained a core teaching centered on the superiority of the Black race. These facts in themselves created much controversy around the Nuwaubian leader.

Even their constitution incorporated elements from the United States Constitution, the Magna Carta, and other assertions that are copied and pasted from other movements.

You can read the Constitution of the Nuwaubian Nation by clicking here.

Despite the changes in ideology, one element of Nuwaubianism that has held constant was a rejection of the white race.

“White people are the devil. They say the Nuwaubians are not racist – bullcrap! I am…White people are devils — always was, always will be.” — Dwight York, from his lecture “Egipt [sic] and the Mask of God”

In a letter dated November 2004, Dr. York wrote:

“The Caucasian has not been chosen to lead the world. They lack true emotions in their creation. We never intended them to be peaceful. They were bred to be killers, with low reproduction levels and a short life span. What you call Negroid was to live 1,000 years each and the other humans 120 years. But the warrior seed of Caucasians is only 60 years old. They were only created to fight other invading races, to protect the God race Negroids. But they went insane, lost control when they were left unattended. They were never to taste blood. They did, and their true nature came out. … Because their reproduction levels were cut short, their sexual organs were made the smallest so that the female of their race will want to breed with Negroids to breed themselves out of existence after 6,000 years. It took 600 years to breed them, part man and part beast.”

The core beliefs of the Nuwaubian/Nuwaupu philosophy are many and can be found in the “Holy Tablets” – written by Dr Malachi Z York himself. These tablets are considered the guidebook of the organization.

The Battle For Tama-Re

Armed with an ideology and a group of about 200 loyal followers, Dr Malachi Z York purchased 476 acres at 404 Shady Dale Road (Eatonton, Georgia) for $975,000 in 1993. Followers from the Ansaaru Allah Community migrated to what would be called ‘Tama-Re’ or the Egypt of the West.

The project was impressive. Celebrities, media outlets, and followers of ‘the teachings’ made pilgrimages to Tama-Re to experience the birth of a new culture.

But the growth of the Nuwaubian Nation didn’t sit well with the white Georgia locals.

Dr Malachi Z York And The Nuwaubian Nation of Moors - Everything You Need To KnowWhen they saw a March 9, 1998 Atlanta television news report about the Nuwaubian Nation, local fire marshals began a campaign to bankrupt the project with fines and zoning code violations. Local Magistrate Judge Sylvia Huskins presided over the hearings and found the organization guilty (of course) of zoning and fire code violations, imposing fines of $45,750 on Dr. York himself.

The already bitter battle between the State and the Nuwaubian Nation erupted when Putnam County Attorney Dorothy Adams and law partner and husband Frank Ford file lawsuit 99-CV-1-1, seeking to prevent the Nuwaubians from using the property for anything other than residential or agricultural purposes.

Under the lawsuit, Dr Malachi Z York and others are named as defendants, along with 1 to 200 John Does and 1 to 200 Jane Does, representing unnamed Nuwaubians.

As the battle played out on the public stage, celebrities who sympathized with Dr. York’s fight against white supremacy came to the aid of Tama-Re.

On Sept. 15, 1999, American Civil rights leader Al Sharpton gave a speech at Tama-Re to rally the spirit of the Nuwaubian Nation. Shortly after that, the brother of actor Wesley Snipes committed to plans to purchase more than 200 acres adjoining the Nuwaubian village in order to build a “security guard training facility.”

Of course, the county would shoot down permit requests that would have cleared the way for the sale of the land.

And in 2001, Rainbow/PUSH Coalition leader Jesse Jackson made a visit, pledging solidarity with Nuwaubians in their land struggle.

While the legal battle over land played out, Dr Malachi Z York wight York took extraordinary measures to legitimize himself and his organization by establishing international ties with Liberia’s then-Dictator Charles Taylor.

During his visit, Taylor made York a Liberian citizen, and was duly appointed as a Consular on December 15, 1999.

But Dr. York’s appointment was in name only. Later, members of the Nuwaubian Nation would attempt to have Dr. York repatriated to Liberia on the grounds of human rights violations.

But their appeals were met with a negative ruling by the Courts of the Economic Community of West African States.

You can read the full ruling here.

The Crucifixion of Dr Malachi Z York

Back at home, the trouble on the land was just the start of Dr. York’s problems.

Starting in the year 2000, several women came forth with paternity claims and child support actions in both New York, and in Georgia. These allegations – along with rumors that Dr. York had raped both girls and boys as young as 5 years old – led to Dr. York’s last stand.

On May 8, 2002, FBI agents and Putnam County sheriff’s officers raid the Nuwaubian village. Dr Malachi Z York was arrested and charged with over 100 counts of child molestation.

York was not helped by his bizarre behavior in court, where he appeared alternatively in full Egyptian, Masonic, or Native American regalia and claimed to be outside the U.S. jurisdiction either as a leader of a sovereign Native American nation, as a Liberian diplomat (a claim the Liberian authorities did not confirm), or simply as God or the Messiah.

Regalia and bizarre claims where interpreted by the media as an unsuccessful plot by York to persuade the court that he was mentally insane.

He would later plead guilty without a fight. You can watch the proceedings below.

Dr Malachi Z York has been incarcerated ever since, and is currently serving a 135 year sentence.

When his followers asked why he did not just use the powers that he has claimed to have for decades, he replied;

On August 12, 2004, just days before court, 3 visitors came to me, Crlll, Alomar, and Saad, they healed me. They came from Zeta Reticuli. I had not seen them since I was a child in Teaneck, New Jersey. They don’t age at all. Anyway, they told me the game is almost over. Those that truly love you are coming together for you. They are passing the great test. I asked them why I could not just walk out? They said, “because there is an order to the kosmos that must never be altered” … many inmates have seen me float. That is why they keep moving me away. It is because people Canaanites as well are converting inside – A letter from prison written by Dwight York

Eve though their leader is gone, the Nuwaubian Nation endures.

The Nuwaubian Nation After Dr Malachi Z York

The Nuwaubian Nation is still in operation today, with many members working to clear their leader’s name. After all, they claim, there was no record of child abuse or molestation. No evidence presented to the public. Just unproven victim testimony.

A global chain of bookstores called All Eyes on Egipt still carry Nuwaubian literature. They can all be found below.

New York
717 Bushwick Avenue
Brooklyn NY 11221

New Jersey
292 Orange Street
Newark NJ 07103

Atlanta (Distributor) 

18971 Livernois Ave
Detroit, MI 48221
Orders: 248-812-7358

7002 Hodgson Memorial Drive Suite 206
Savannah GA , 31406


7851 S Ridgeland Ave
Chicago, IL 60649

248 Farmington Ave
Hartford, CT 06105

1860 Barnett Shoals Road Suit 103-525
Athens GA 30605

5147 West Gerrod Ave
Philadelphia PA 19103

Pittsburgh (Distributor)

South Carolina
1418 Remount Rd
Charleston SC 29406


2024 Rhode Island Avenue
North East DC


Telephone #: 011 44 7548 647335

Lp #9 Sixth Company Circular Road Indian Walk via Princess Town



1796 Eglinton avenue west 
Toronto Canada 


It is rumored that Dr Malachi Z York authored thousands of books.

If you are interested in learning more about the beliefs of Nuwaupu, we created a list of books for beginners. You can find our list of Nuwaubian Nation books by clicking here.

Was Dr. York The Truth?

Dr Malachi Z York And The Nuwaubian Nation of Moors - Everything You Need To Know

Dr Malachi Z York was considered a Prophet by his followers. Here is one of his boldest prophesies…

“There will be an alignment of seven planets on 5 May 2000 would cause “Catastrophic Earth Changes, Polar Ice Cap Movements, Huge Tidal Waves, 500-2,000 Mph Winds, Earthquakes So Massive That Richter 12 Or More Could Be Possible”

He also claimed that a space ship will arrive in 2003 to collect 144,000 true Nuwaubian Nation followers and take them to another planet.

It is 2018 and I can confirm neither of these prophesies came to pass.

Dr Malachi Z York predictions and the doctrines of the Nuwaubians closely resembled that of the Heavens Gate cult in that both groups believed “aliens planted the seeds of current humanity millions of years ago, and have to come to reap the harvest of their work in the form of spiritual evolved individuals who will join the ranks of flying saucer crews. Only a select few members of humanity will be chosen to advance to this transhuman state. The rest will be left to wallow in the spiritually poisoned atmosphere of a corrupt world”.

On a side note, the Heaven’s Gate Cult no longer exists, as all but 1 member committed suicide. Likewise, though Nuwaubianism still remains a popular belief system amongst many, the movement was severely disrupted with the arrest of it’s leader and the seizure of the Ansaaru Allah Community land and property by Georgia courts.

Do you have first hand knowledge of the Nuwaubian Nation, Dr. York, or are you a member?

Do you believe Dr. Malachi Z York is guilty of molesting hundreds of children over dozens of years?

Do you believe the teachings of the Nuwaubian Nation are the truth, or is this just another cult?

Leave a comment below!

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