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The Keys to Black Consciousness Podcast
The Path Of The Hidden Light With Dr. Phil Valentine
The Keys to Black Consciousness Podcast The Path Of The Hidden Light With Dr. Phil Valentine

This is one of the fundamentals for all of you entering the Black Conscious Community! In this remastered podcast, we roll out the Red, Black, and Green carpet for one of the Fathers of our movement, Baba Phil Valentine!

Dr. Phil Valentine Biography

Dr. Phillip Valentine,DCN; DHS; DMpS whose living name is Hry Snw Djhwty Sa Khw-Ra Mhtp, holds the Title Hm Ntr-Nb Hr Ssht; Npw Ndjty Sbk is a Doctor of Classical Naturopathy-Hygienic Science and Grand Master of the KeMetaphysical Sciences. He is truly a Founding Father of the “Conscious Community”; as well as a Meta-Historian, Clinical Hypnotherapist, and the founder, director and pastor of the Temple of the Healing Spirit—Self-Healing Education Center, co-Founder of the University of Kemetian Sciences – Institute for Self-Mastery, and just recently, Whole Wellness Live.

For five years, Dr. Valentine served as co-director of the original Heal Thyself Natural Living Education Center in Brooklyn, and helped create, format, refine and teach the 21-Day Therapeutic Fasting /Juice Feasting Program — the first of its kind to become widely popular with New York’s African American community. He also inspired, co-created and helped develop the now popular “Sacred Woman” philosophy—protocols of life, health and metaphysical well-being for women, which led to the publishing of a wonderful book by the same name by Queen Afua.

Dr. Valentine established the former School of Arcane Sciences for advanced studies in metaphysics and the occult, and is best known for his ability to decipher and teach the subtlest principles of metaphysics and its application to health, healing, and everyday life, in ways that may be understood by both the advanced student and the beginner-apprentice.

Reverend Doctor Phillip Valentine has been an honorary guest speaker to the United Nations by invitation of the then Pan-African Congress of Azania (South Africa), where he spoke briefly on the future of health for Autochthones Americans and Africans at home and in the Diaspora. He was a committee member and advisor to the Pan-African Review for Scientific Research and Political Studies where he served as an honorary health consultant to its membership.

What You Will Discover In This Episode

  • The Sacred Decad (of which the Hebrew Tetragrammaton (YHWH-4) and ten spheres of emanation in the Tree of Life are based on), the decryption of the Solomon code, and the significance of numerology
  • How auras serve as a template for the conscious properties of our existence
  • The fundamental nature of creation and the ‘Creator’
  • The three phases of enlightenment

…and how YOU can observe and correct miseducation within yourself!

Resources Mentioned In This Episode


Dr. Phil Valentine’s Website (Click here)


Dr. Phil Valentine Books

The only book written by Dr. Phil Valentine is the Wounded Womb. While copies are becoming scarce, you can purchase one for yourself below.

The Wounded Womb
20 Reviews
The Wounded Womb
  • Phillip Valentine
  • Hardcover
  • Edition no. 0 (01/01/1970)

Written by Asad Malik

Asad is the Executive Officer of The Pan-African Alliance, and the Founder of United Black America.

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