4 Quotes From Dr. Phil Valentine That Will Change Your Life

These 4 Dr Phil Valentine Quotes Will Change Your Life

Dr. Phil Valentine may be well knowninside the Black conscious community (thanks to this must-see documentary), but outside of our circles he remains largely unknown. Dr. Phil Valentine has expressed decades worth of wisdom to collective consciousness of our people, and his words have personally enhanced my development as a man and member of the movement.

Here are 4 quotes from Dr. Phil Valentine that will change your life. I know because they changed mine.

Dr. Phil Valentine Quotes on Metaphysics

“You are not the body. You are not your thoughts. You are the observer of your thoughts…When you begin to see [your thoughts] for what they are and you remove yourself from judging your thoughts, you are no longer attached to them.”

A Young Black Child MeditatingWhat makes this one of the most profound of Dr Phil Valentine quotes is that this is the true essence of meditation. If you are new to African spirituality, you overstand the purpose and importance of meditation.

But when new initiates start to practice meditation, they tend to struggle with distracting thoughts. Even after years of practice, the initiate who does not understand the relationship that (s)he should have with their thoughts is just thinking with their legs crossed.

Dr. Phil Valentine’s quote raises important questions that should be contemplated by new initiates:

  • If you are not your thoughts, who are you?
  • What are your thoughts if not an extension of you?
  • If the observer is separate from the observed, then what is the nature of reality?

You could  spend the rest of your life looking for the answers to those questions. And it would be worth it.

Dr. Phil Valentine Quotes On Law

“If you look today at the books of law they can cover a whole city block and go ten stories high. When you have to write that many laws to regulate the people that means the people have become stupid and you have created a sense of ignorance in them and a sense of morality in them so that right and wrong have been bred out of them.”

Some would argue that laws regulate societies and prevents us from descending into chaos. However, history has shown us that an increase in the powers of the state have been the primary tool used to enslave the masses. A government that can tell its people the difference between right and wrong can program them to accept their own oppression.

Dr. Phil Valentine Quotes On The Media

“When you want to stop the progress of a people, you gain control of all the perception making apparatus of a society: movies, television radio, and all form of communication. Images are very important when you want to mold the subconscious, and so images of butlers, images of mammies, images of  dysfunctional overweight women [and] Brothas with guns all this dysfunction is what you continue to rain down on the people and now everyone is looking for their 15 minutes of fame through dysfunctional behavior.”

It is interesting to note that once upon a time the media portrayed Black men as thugs, and that’s what Black men became. The media portrays Black men as homosexuals and that’s what Black men are becoming. The same can be said of Black women.

Images are shown to children and young adults before their senses of judgement and boundaries are set, thus influencing what they believe to be acceptable behavior. Even worse, the targets of these destructive memes start to believe that even if they dont agree with the images being shown, the only way to succeed or be accepted is to imitate what they see.

Dr. Phil Valentine on Hypocrisy in Hollywood

4 Quotes From Dr. Phil Valentine That Will Change Your Life
Actor Chiwetel Ejiofor , Star of 12 Years A Slave

“In 12 Years A Slave, three of the main characters have white women or men. How do you legitimize what you are doing by playing a part in what it was that destroyed you and brought you and your people to the state you are in, and then you come out on the red carpet and show the world just how much a slave you really still are.”

This quote speaks to much deeper issues than what we see on the big screen, or even in the images above. The true message behind the movie is that the white race has the power to both enslave and liberate us.

Consider this: Solomon Northup (played by Chiwetel Ejiofor) was only saved when his white homeboy heard of his condition. What happened to all the other slaves? They remained on the plantation without hope.

You would think that after all these years we would stop looking at white sex partners as a measure of success. We see this meme repeated with professional athletes and other high-paid public figures marrying outside their race.

And lets not play the ‘love has no color card’. When it comes to Black folks seeking non Blacks, its less about love than it is about rejection. Those who reject their own Blackness and suffer from low racial esteem naturally seek out white standards of beauty and acceptance.

Dr. Phil Valentine’s ongoing effort to expose the psychological warfare being waged against our subconscious in movies like 12 Years A Slave has given us a framework for understanding how the battle is fought.

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