7 Super Food Recipes That Will Help You Eat To Live

7 Super Food Recipes That Will Help You Eat To Live

Months ago, I wrote How To Eat To Live: 107 Foods That Will Feed Your Melanin and received a lot of positive feedback. The problem with the whole concept is practical application: its hard to adopt different eating habits!

But by using delicious and visually appealing recipes, the transition can be made a lot easier. With that, I give you 7 recipes that you can try today. These recipes will help you to:

– Eat better
– Live longer
– Become more intelligent
– Prevent cancer and degenerative disease
– Be happier

Sounds ridiculous? Medical research has proven that foods like salmon, pomegranate, moringa, cacao, and sea moss support all of the above claims.

All of the recipes are either vegetarian or pescatarian – that means they include fish. Fish is the only meat condoned for melanin diets, and it was an important part of Ancient Kemetic diets, too. If you are a vegan, feel free to modify some of the recipes to suit your needs.

And if there is any group of people in America that need those benefits, its we Black Men and Women!

I encourage you to pick up some ingredients and try these recipes for yourself.

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