The Keys To Black Consciousness Course 1: Education, Miseducation, And Knowledge of Self

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Johnray Winstead

This here is the basics I try to explain to people. What is Knowledge of Self, I point them to this, our platform.


Habari Gani Brother Asad! I love this Keys to Black Consciousness course. But, I wasn’t able to download any of the PDF attachments. Is there any other way i can receive them? Maybe through email?


Brother Asad, All I can say right now after listening to the “Developing Your Life Mission” podcast is WOW!!!’ This podcast made me nervous and excited about going deep within myself to discover what my life mission truly is. I have been thinking about many of the things you discussed in this podcast and I am definitely afraid of leaving certain things and people behind. This will be difficult, but not impossible. I am already setting goals and building a team of mentors around me to assist me in the transition. I am grateful to discover Pan African Alliance. Thank… Read more »