Energy Healing Techniques and Crystals Talk With Caroline Jalango – The Keys to Black Consciousness Podcast

Energy Healing Techniques and Crystals Talk With Caroline Jalango -  The Keys to Black Consciousness Podcast

In this episode of the Keys to Black Consciousness podcast, Caroline Jalango from Crystals Talk discusses energy healing techniques and creating your own reality through spiritual tools and dreamwork. She is a Certified 12th Octave Lahochi Practitioner and former lawyer who breathed new life into her existence by leaning into her lifes purpose.

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Here Is What You Will Learn

✓ Reiki, Lahochi, and how these healing modalities work
✓ Tapping into communications from other realities
✓ 3 things you should consider before starting a Black business
✓ 2 reasons why celebrating western holidays are harmful
✓ The difference between race, ethnicity, and nationality

Where you come from is determined by the womb that you come from!

✓ The relationship between ancient energy healing techniques and modern day psychosomatic medicine
✓ The roles that sacred geometry plays in ascension
✓ What happens when we put a price tag on divinity

Resources Mentioned In This Episode

Andres Notary School – Notary is an effective side hustle, especially if you land institutional clients.

✓ Our article on Building Black Wealth (click here)

✓ How to unlock the power of orgonite pyramids (here)

About The Keys To Black Consciousness Podcast

Energy Healing Techniques and Crystals Talk With Caroline Jalango -  The Keys to Black Consciousness Podcast

Hosted by Asad Malik (formerly of United Black America Radio – voted one of the best Black podcasts on iTunes), the Keys To Black Consciousness podcast is your source of education for liberation – from health and wealth to knowledge of self!

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Thank you so much King for this podcast. I’m one step closer to finding my true roots and to finding my Nia!
Knowledge is Power. ?


I really enjoyed this podcast! I collect and use crystals for physical and spiritual healing. It’s awesome to be able to receive information from a sister regarding this matter. I definitely will be following her and look forward to you having her on your podcast again!!!

Peace & Light


In 2013, I started my journey researching information about African Spirituality. While surfing the internet I came across a sister by the name of Caroline Shola Arewa. She wrote a book titled “Opening to Spirit: Contacting the Healing Power of the Chakras & Honouring African Spirituality. It was within this book that I discovered and begin to study crystals and their healing powers. I studied and referenced this book for three years. Practicing the rituals and exercises in each chapter. I have not come across another book by a brother or sister regarding crystals until listening to your podcast. I… Read more »

Kathy King

I believe you will find it to be very interesting regarding systems and techniques. Also” she speaks of the 5 elements of nature, meditation and rituals. I am looking forward to your thoughts on this book!

Kathy King

You are welcome Brother Asad.


If there is no change in your life, check yourself. Move and study with the intention to heal