Escape America In 2020 With These 5 Best Places To Vacation In Africa

Every African-American has at least considered visiting the Motherland, and since America is becoming a prison colony some of us have even thought about leaving for good.

Thats because the American Dream is still possible, just not in America.

With life in the United States becoming increasingly more difficult, Africa has become the new promised land. Here are 5 African cities you should consider visiting that will help you see for yourself.

How We Came Up With These Cities

In deciding which cities would make the list, we surveyed the community on our Twitter and Facebook pages, and we researched the best expat websites online.

We also asked these 5 questions:

Is English one of the primary languages spoken?

English is the primary language of most Africans in America, and while we encourage everyone to learn an African language, starting off in an English speaking country will make the transition that much easier.

Can money be made with a reasonable amount of effort?

A healthy economy is usually the next most important factor for anyone moving overseas. A healthy economy means opportunities for starting and growing a business or getting a job that pays the bills.

With that being said, it is easier to come up in some countries because of their poor economies. An entrepreneur with connections to resources and an established network and income can do well in nations with weaker economies.

We took both factors into account to find countries with just enough underdevelopment to make them appealing to entrepreneurs, but with a strong enough economy to make it worth the effort.

Is there a strong infrastructure?

There are some things that we have gotten used to in the United States that may not be a given in some African countries.


How reliable is the electrical grid? Is there reasonable internet access? Are the roads easy to navigate? Are the airports reliable, safe, and accessible? Will there be clean running water when you need it?

Infrastructure can make the difference between a successful and a failed transition.

Is the Culture Easy to Integrate Into?

In surveys that we have done, more Americans say that the culture of the country that they are considering matters just as much as its economy and infrastructure.

It would be much harder integrating into say, the Masai culture than the city culture of Nairobi. Likewise, it would be ‘uncomfortable’ at best for a Christian to migrate to a Muslim country.

How Legitimate is the Government?

Most of the atrocities that take place on the continent come from corrupt governments. The government of the United States is far from perfect, but finding yourself in the middle of a coup is not our idea of a come-up.

We looked at countries with the least likelihood of political turmoil, and countries where the turmoil that happens is either short-lived or relatively non-violent.

The Top 5 Best Places To Vacation In Africa

Escape America In 2020 With These 5 Best Places To Vacation In Africa

Considering the 5 factors above, African American expatriates (expats) have some great options in borders of Ghana, Kenya, Botswana, Tanzania, and Rwanda.

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Boaz Mwenje

Am a Kenyan and wish to invite fellow Africans from America to come and stay here since no one will discrimenat u based on your color as we are all black. Also Mombasa people are so friendly and those who are Muslims are moderate and the communities here coexist. Don’t scare away from this coastal City because life here is cheap and u r going to enjoy